Sky Bus
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Sky Bus

The new technological solution, in terms of Sky Bus Metro is based on theconcept of Sky Wheels presented in 1989 at World Congress for Railway Research. The technologies used are: Well proven rail guided bogie system commonly used for normal railway system. Linear Induction Motor Technology or3 phase AC asynchronous electrical motive units– well proven and widely adopted abroad as well as in India. Light weight coaches called `Sky Buses’ which are suspended from bogies and travel below rail guides, the physics of which can be engineered very easily – shells of coaches and suspension links well proven. Prefabricated latest construction technologies, which save time and money resulting in easy execution of the project and implimentation in busy urban areas without disturbing the existing traffic pattern. These structural engineering methods are well proven which do not have any project and implimentation execution risk attached.

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The Skybus project and implimentation was envisioned while looking at the pathetic road condition created by the metro infrastructure put in place on the wide roads which has caused enormous hardship and delays, traffic jams for the daily road users. The concept of metro as the solution to the city traffic jams as well as to handle large people movement from one area of the city to the other end seems very bright when looked upon from the surface level, whereas in reality people who owned the cars as well as the public transport bus system operated by the government will not evaporate overnight on the inauguration of metro.
The government may reduce a few number of buses in specific routes to accommodate the metro. Whereas private car owners under no circumstance would like to part with their personal cars, viewing this scenario traffic congestion in metro routes is not going to reduce substantially. Whereas installation and commissioning of metro has eroded road space by placing pillars along the road to run the metro overhead on the elevated platform. This concept of eroding road space will under all circumstances create narrow spaces on the important roads for car and bus utility. If the metro was put in place at least a decayed ago many city dwellers would have not gone in for purchase of personal four wheelers. With this in mind we thought about to build a system where the space erosion by a mask rapid transport system should provide extra road facility to improve the traffic condition as well as provide alternate transport system as metro.
This type of system has been successfully implemented in certain countries, where road has been added along with introduction of metro type transport system. These systems are called as Sky Bus or Air Bus in high density metro polis cities in advance South East Asian countries.
The under-frame with standard railway wheel-set running on railway track..Evolve into Skybus an improved railway.The under-frame remains same, railway wheels run on the same track, the coach is firmly attached to the under-frame positively.
The basic concept of Sky Bus Metro is derived from the concept of Sky-Wheels presented in 1989 at World Congress for Railway Research.
In the Sky Bus technology, as can be seen in Fig.2.1, the median in the middle of road is used to raise columns to support 9.4 m wide concrete box 2.4 m high, which houses sky-guides and a powered bogie and can run on the sky-guides at speed upto 100 Kmph .The coaches are suspended from the bogie frame running overhead and thus are designed for lighter crush loads as compared to normal railway coaches. Tremendous savings are achieved in systems design.
The system Sky Bus Metro consists of several conventional and some new proven technologies, which makes the Sky bus more efficient. These are designed so that to keep the sky bus moving without any defect and to give the passengers the ultimate comfort along with other luxurious facilities which they can not get in the local buses or in trains.
The components used in this are,
Sky way
Sky bogies
Sky coaches
Sky stations
Switching arrangements for change of tracks
2.1.1 Sky Way
The sky way consists of a concrete box structure carried over a series of piers at a height of about 10 m above existing road level. In the middle of roadway pile foundations support columns spaced at 15-25 m along the roadway in the median of the road. Two rails fixed with appropriate fastenings within the concrete box support and guide the sky bogie. There are no points & crossings.
2.1.2 Sky Bogie
Standard two axle bogies as used in Metros for speeds up to 100 Kmph are used (but can have higher speeds, if required up to 160 Kmph)- of Standard Gauge. 3 Phase AC motors with regenerative power capability.
a) Disc brakes (Planned for series production) b) Emergency mechanical brakes
2.1.3 Sky Coaches
Double walled light shells with wide large windows are suspended from the sky bogies.Air conditioned and with automatic doors. Audio visual information to passengers. Special 4m or 2x2m wide sliding doors for quick entry and exit of passengers. Each pair can carry up to 300 passengers.
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.pptx   skybus seminar ppt.pptx (Size: 1.91 MB / Downloads: 326)

This type of system has been successfully implemented in certain countries, where road has been added along with introduction of metro type transport system.
Skybus technology
Components of skybus
The components used in this are:
Sky way
Sky bogies
Sky coaches
Sky station

Traversers arrangement at terminals
Proven technologies used in skybus metro
3 Phase AC motor technology.
prefabricated and pre-stressed concrete technologies .
Konkan railway’s anti-collision device technology.
Working principle
Ssff Standard railway
coach running on
railway track.

The under –frame
with standard railway
wheel set running on
railway track.
The railways wheels
remains same,they run
on same track,the coach is
F firmely attached.
Salient features
Capacity of 20m long train unit.
Signal and train control.
Route capacity.
Security and safety.
Easy access.
Power requirements.
Safety measures
Dynamic safety is improved.
In skybus wind cannot topple.
Derailment arresters which prevents the wheel from jumping of the rails.
Safety air bags are provided with each coaches.
Fast transportation.
Minimal land acquisition problems.
No vandalism.
No capsizing.
No interference with road traffic.
No pollution.
No traffic jams .
The Sky Bus metro is one single technology which can change the face of our cities, take out almost 10 million road vehicles in the cities and make the cities liveable, improving quality of life and attract and sustain economic activity to generate wealth.
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that is fantastic....
thanx thanx thanx........
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