Smart dust
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Smart dust is tiny dust size device with extra-ordinary capabilities. Smart dust combines sensing, computing, wireless communication capabilities and autonomous power supply within volume of only few millimeters and that too at low cost. These devices are proposed to be so small and light in weight that they can remain suspended in the environment like an ordinary dust particle. These properties of Smart Dust will render it useful in monitoring real world phenomenon without disturbing the original process to an observable extends. In this discussion we will discuss about the techniques which can be employed in communication between the Smart Dust motes and the base station and their pros and cons
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please read topicideashow-to-smart-dust--4294 topicideashow-to-smart-dust-full-report and topicideashow-to-smart-dust-technology-seminar and presentation-report and topicideashow-to-smart-dust-download-full-report-and-abstract for getting more information of smartdust seminar and presentation report and presentation
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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Smart Dust
What is Smart Dust?
A tiny dust size device with extra-ordinary capabilities. Often called micro electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS).
Combines sensing, computing, wireless communication capabilities and autonomous power supply within volume of only few millimeters.
Useful in monitoring real world phenomenon without disturbing the original process.   
so small and light in weight that they can remain suspended in the environment like an ordinary dust particle.
the air currents can also move them in the direction of flow.
It is very hard to detect the presence of the Smart Dust and it is even harder to get rid of them once deployed.
Key Features of these electronic particles
Survive for extended amount of time
What is really behind the race? Computer Science!
Data Fusion
An efficient semantic to diffuse data in the network
Interpretation of multimodal sensing
Power: Lithium Battery
Big Problem
Low capacity per unit of mass and volume
Needs support by sleep mechanism and low power techniques
Not really so much innovation after Volta!
Acoustic noise
Thermal conversion
Nuclear Reaction
Fuel Cells
Computation: ATMEL91M404000
Micro Controller
Core and variety of different functions
Flash , SRAM , E2PROM
GPIO , ADC , PWM ,Comparator
Embedded serial Buses
Ex: Microcontrollers Atmel , Microchip, Motorola Microprocessors Intel Strong-Arms ,Motorola
Motion Sensing
Study 3 Element of Earth Magnetic field (Compass)
To measure Local vertical (tilt switch) or measure motion vectors
Environmental Sensing(Weather Monitoring)
Acoustic Communication
Power Hungry
High Background Noise
Large Size (proportional to harmonics of sound)
Fast Attenuation Curve
Low communication baud rate
Low power receiver
Good for event driven wake up systems
RF Communication
New low power techniques
Not robust (No fancy Spread Spectrum)
ISM Band
For practical frequencies large ANT Size(~λ)
It may have a tail!!
Only one RF front end
MCU acts as base band controller
CRC,Encoding(Manchester),DC Balance,Header
Optical Communication
High power laser source
Transmission of modulated laser beam
MEMS Corner Cube Reflector
Emit modulated ambient light
Extremely low power
It is a special class of sensor network
Fine sensing granularity
Applications :
Forest fire warning
Enemy troop monitoring
Large scale Biology or Geology
Smart office spaces
Defense-related sensor networks
Inventory Control
Future Work
Design of multi hop network
Autonomous network configuration
Data Fusion
Network Decision making
Large Scale Distributed Processing 
There are many ongoing researches on Smart Dust, the main purpose of these researches is to make Smart Dust mote as small as possible and to make it available at as low price as possible. Soon we will see Smart Dust being used in varied application from all spans of life.

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