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.doc   3 TIER ARCHITECTURE.doc (Size: 318.5 KB / Downloads: 133)
Three- tier


Three- tier is a client–server architecture in which the user interface, functional process logic ("business rules"), computer data storage and data access are developed and maintained as independent modules, most often on separate platforms. It was developed by John J. Donovan in Open Environment Corporation (OEC), a tools company he founded in Cambridge, MA. The three- tier model is software architecture and a software design pattern. Apart from the usual advantages of modular software with well-defined interfaces, the three- tier architecture is intended to allow any of the three tiers to be upgraded or replaced independently as requirements or technology change. For example, a change of operating system in the presentation tier would only affect the user interface code. Typically, the user interface runs on a desktop PC or workstation and uses a standard graphical user interface, functional process logic may consist of one or more separate modules running on a workstation or application server, and an RDBMS on a database server or mainframe contains the computer data storage logic. The middle tier may be multi-tiered itself (in which case the overall architecture is called an "n- tier architecture ").
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3-Tier Architecture

.ppt   3Tier.ppt (Size: 110 KB / Downloads: 64)

File Sharing Architecture

Server downloads files from shared location to Desktop environment
Job is run at the desktop environment
Works if
Shared usage is low
Data transferred is low
Contention is low

Client/Server Architecture

Database server to replace File server
Query based approach
Reduced traffic, since required content is only transferred
Improves multi-user updating
RPC or SQL typically used

Two-Tier Architecture

Performance deteriorates if number of users is greater than 100
Restricted flexibility and choice of DBMS, since data language used in server is proprietary to each vendor
Limited functionality in moving program functionality across servers

3-Tier with a TP Monitor

Online access through
Time sharing or Transaction Processing
Client connects to TP instead of DB
Monitor accepts transaction, queues it and takes responsibility until it is completed
Asynchrony is achieved

Key services provided by the monitor

ability to update multiple different DBMS in a single transaction
connectivity to a variety of data sources, including
flat files
non relational DBMS
more scaleable than a 2-tier approach
ability to attach priorities to transactions
robust security
For large (e.g., 1,000 user) applications, a TP monitor is one of the most effective solutions.

Messaging Systems

Designed for robustness
Independent from underlying technologies (wired or wireless protocols)
Use store& forward logic and provide message delivery after and around failures
Don’t require persistent connection between Client and Server
Easier to move to ORB-based 3TAs

Advantages to Application Designer

Less software on client, hence less to worry about security
Application is more scalable
Less software maintenance cost
Easier to design the application to be DBMS-agnostic
Allows “after the fact” application partitioning


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