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Virtual Reality (VR),
system that enables one or more users to move and react in a computer-simulated environment. Various types of devices allow users to sense and manipulate virtual objects much as they would real objects.

This natural style of interaction gives participants the feeling of being immersed in the simulated world.

Virtual worlds are created by mathematical models and computer programs.
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Virtual reality is a computer simulation of a real or an imaginary system that enables a user to perform operations on a simulated system and shows the effects in real time. The essence of VR is the inclusive relationship between the user and the virtual environment. Further in this section we have seen the working of virtual reality system, we have also seen the hardware devices used and the applications of this system in day today life



The term 'Virtual Reality' (VR) was initially coined by Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research (1989). A computer simulation of a real or imaginary system that enables a user to perform operations on a simulated system and shows the effects in real time or it can also be defined as a hypothetical three dimensional visual world created by a computer, user wears special goggles and fibre optic gloves etc and can enter and move about in this world and interact with objects as if inside it.


Virtual Reality is the name applied to one of the latest trends in high technology research. This reality exists only in digital electronic form in the memory of a computer or several computers. Hence it is described as ‘virtual’. Originally the term ‘Virtual Reality’ was referred to as ‘Immersive Virtual reality’. In ‘immersive Virtual Reality’, the user becomes fully immersed in an artificial, three dimensional word that is completely generated by a computer
If one were to ask for a demonstration of Virtual Reality, one would probably be asked to wear a strange looking helmet. Inside this helmet would be a number of small screens on which pictures are project and implimentationed immediately in front of the wearer’s eyes. One might also be asked to wear one or more ‘data gloves’ or similar devices. The function of data glove is to transmit, as accurately as possible, the movements of the wearer’s hand. These movements are fed into the computer, where they are translated into ‘virtual actions’.


Computer simulations that use three dimensional graphics and devices such as data glove to allow the user to interact with the simulations. Computer graphics today have such a high degree of realism that the sharp images evoke the term Virtual Reality. The realism of simulations applies to sound as well.


Some people consider Virtual Reality any electronic representation with which they can interact. Cleaning up our computer desktop, we see a graphic of a trash can on the computer screen and we use a mouse to drag a junk file down to the trash can to dump it. The desk is not a real desk, but we treat it as though it were, virtually, a desk. The trash can is an icon for a deletion program, but we use it as a virtual trash can. And the files of bits and bites we dump are not real files, but function virtually as files. These are virtual realities. Illusion is not the issue. Rather, the issue is how we interact with the trash can as we go about our work. The trash can is real in the context of our absorption in the work, yet outside the computer work space we would not speak of the trash can except as a virtual trash can.


In the example illustrated below, three networked users at different locations (anywhere in the world) meet in the same virtual world by using a BOOM device, a CAVE system, and a Head-Mounted Display, respectively. All users see the same virtual environment from their respective points of view. Each user is presented as a virtual human (avatar) to the other participants. The users can see each other, communicated with each other, and interact with the virtual world as a team.
The CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) was developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago and provides the illusion of immersion by project and implimentationing stereo images on the walls and floor of a room-sized cube. Several persons wearing lightweight stereo glasses can enter and walk freely inside the CAVE. A head tracking system continuously adjusts the stereo project and implimentationion to the current position of the leading viewer.


There are number of hardware devices that have been used for virtual reality applications.


One hardware device closely associated with virtual reality is the head mounted device (HMD). These use some sort of helmet or goggles to place small video displays in front of each eye, with special optics to focus and stretch the perceived field of view. Most Hades use two displays and can provide stereoscopic imaging. Others use a single larger display to provide higher resolution, but without the stereoscopic vision.

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