Valvetronic Engine Technology
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Valvetronic Engine Technology

One of the latest and interesting innovations in the field is the Valvetronic Engine Technology from BMW. The 316ti compact is the first production car in the world featuring an engine controlled by VALVETRONIC air supply. Accordingly, the VALVETRONIC engine no longer requires a throttle butterfly, which has quite literally restricted the free ventilation of the internal combustion engine ever since its invention. Now VALVETRONIC replaces this conventional function by infinitely variable intake valve lift, offering a quantum leap in technology quite comparable to the changeover from the carburetor to fuel injection.

And at the same time clearly proves the outstanding competence and innovative power of BMW's engineers, VALVETRONIC going back to a BMW patent and manufactured exclusively on BMW's own machines and facilities
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The full report of valvetronic engine technology is available in this thread:
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Valvetronic Engine

.doc   VALVETRONIC.doc (Size: 147.5 KB / Downloads: 95)


The automobile has been providing individual mobility for more than 100 years. This mobility is made possible first and foremost by combustion engines drawing their power from fossil energy carriers, which, even today, provide the foundation in generating mechanical drive power in the automobile. The primary objectives in developing drive systems are to curb fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. In an effort to meet this challenge, the automotive industry is developing suitable new engines. The voluntary commitment assumed by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) is to reduce the fleet emission average of all newly introduced cars to 140g of CO2 per kilometer by 2008 .
The first objective is to minimise emission components such as hydrocarbon, CO2 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) subject to specific limits. At the same time, manufacturers are seeking to minimise fuel consumption and, accordingly, CO2 emissions. All of this should be achieved with a maximum standard of comfort and safety on the road. In the homologation of motor vehicles, Europe, Japan and the US apply different driving cycles to determine emissions and fuel consumption. However, it is the individual customer who ultimately decides on his/her particular style of motoring and up to 30% of a car’s fuel consumption depends on how it is driven and the style of motoring that is preferred by the driver. Clearly, the development engineer is unable to influence these external parameters – all that he/she can do is change the basic functions and control factors in the car and its drivetrain. The amount of energy required for driving a vehicle also drops with decreasing driving resistance provided by, for example, a reduction in roll and air resistance.
To make more efficient use of the energy in fuel, the actual process of using energy must reach a higher standard of efficiency.

What Is Valvetronic

The Valvetronic engine is the world's first engine without a throttle butterfly. Valvetronic allows the engine to run without a throttle butterfly, the cylinder charge being determined under part load as a function of the valve-opening period. The intake and outlet camshafts are driven by variable cam adjustment, BMW’s Vanos technology. A further advantage of this concept is that it allows worldwide use of the proven three-way catalyst for emissions management, thus meeting even the strictest emissions standards in the US.
Innovative technology was essential in order to reach the demanding objectives and functional requirements desired. However, at the same time, this concept demanded the utmost of the electronic control and management systems in the engine.

Valvetronic Technology

Accordingly, the Valvetronic engine no longer requires a throttle butterfly, which has quite literally restricted the free ventilation of the internal combustion engine ever since its invention. Now Valvetronic replaces this conventional function by infinitely variable intake valve lift, offering a quantum leap in technology quite comparable to the changeover from the carburetor to fuel injection.
Its most important feature is that it is able to save at least 10 per cent fuel throughout the entire operating range relevant to the customer, with a corresponding reduction in exhaust emissions, regardless of fuel quality. And a further important point is that the efficient operation of Valvetronic does not require any unusual types and grades of oil possibly difficult to obtain.
As a result of these particular features the 85 kW/115bhp BMW 316ti compact with its top speed of 210 km/h or 125 mph consumes a mere 6.9 liters of premium fuel on 100 kilometers in the European test cycle, equivalent to 40.9 mpg Imp. This is a significant 0.7 liters less than the former 77 kW/105 bhp compact and well over a liter less than all competitors in this class.

Working Of Valvetronic Engine

Compared with conventional twin-cam engines with finger followers, Valvetronic employs an additional eccentric shaft, an electric motor and several intermediate rocker arms, which in turn activates the opening and closing of valves. If the rocker arms push deeper, the intake valves will have a higher lift, and vice-versa. Thus, Valvetronic has the ability to get deep, long ventilation (large valve lift) and flat, short ventilation (short valve lift), depending on the demands placed on the engine.


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