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The project and implimentation name is Virtual Desktop. This project and implimentation is for communicating different people from distance. We can chat with one another. Not only chatting options but also some useful options available here. There would be a free white space on the screen, if we draw anything on that space then a person on the other side can see it, vice versa. Whatever the diagram which we draw on the screen it will be displayed on the other personâ„¢s window. We can send the photo also through it. If we donâ„¢t want to chat with some specified user then we can ignore it.
We can have any number of members for chat. We can create groups. There are three modules the first module is Admin Module which would have the administration purpose. The second module is the userâ„¢s module which has many options. We can create any number of new users; we can change font size, style, color. Design module has many options. This module is for presentation purpose. This project and implimentation is developed for electronic learning for Training institutions. This project and implimentation makes use of cheap communication media through internet. This product can use for online Training and online seminar and presentations. It makes the institutions to provide quantity of education to door steps. It avoids the unnecessary infrastructure and unnecessary time. It makes Trainers available 24/7 if required.

These are Two Modules:
1) Admin Module:
The web application allows students and trainers to register if they want to interact with each other with their software .

This application acts as administrator in between the student and trainer applications.
Our Admin module helps you plan, organize, and manage an event.
Admin module takes care of ownership for all logistics and project and implimentation management activities including registration setup, evaluation forms, and confirmation of registration and attendance reports.

2) Client Module (User Module)

The Client side software module is used to prepare client side application.
The client (student) can interact with trainer application by using this application .
This application is used to grab the trainer desktop screen and hear the voice of t


Project includes the following details:

This particular project and implimentation is a solution developed to communicate between the users
across worldwide through Internet using VPN.

A message or information can be sent via many medias such as it can be telephonic, telegrams, fax etc to the recipient. Each such information requires a high level of security.

The entire process has been automated using JAVA technology to smoothen the flow of information in a highly secure environment across the network.

We can send both the text based and graphical images so. While designing the system, care has been taken in efficiency, maintenance and reusability of the software for the present and future changes in the system.

We can have any number of members for chat. We can create groups.

There are two modules the first module is Admin Module which would have the administration purpose.

The second module is the userâ„¢s module which has many options. We can create any number of new users; we can change font size, style, color. Design module has many options. This module is for presentation purpose.

S/W And H/W Requirement

Hardware Requirements
Development hardware
For Implementation
Processor : Pentium III 800MHz
Memory Size : 128 MB RAM
Storage : 20 GB Hard Disk
Display : EGA/VGA color Monitor
Key Board : Any with minimum Required keys
Mouse : Any

Minimum Recommended
System type IBM compatible PC with 1GHz IBM compatible PC with 2GHz
RAM 256 MB 512 MB
Cache 256 KB 512 KB
Storage 40 GB 120 GB
(Convenient for Backup)
Disk Drive Floppy or CD-RW
(Back up purpose) Floppy or CD-RW or DAT
(Back up purpose)
Display 15™™ VGA 17™™ SVGA (LCD)
User Interface Key Board and mouse Compatible keyboard and mouse
Output media DMP Printer Laser Printer (For reports)

Software Requirements
Server side:
Operating System : Windows 2000 Server
Languages used : Core JAVA and Socket

Problem Analysis

The first step in designing a system was to identify the underlying cause behind the problems in the existing system. For this purpose, the information was gathered and checked for the completeness and accuracy of the data. Analyzing the information involved, identification of components of the system and their interrelationship is made. Information is collected from the existing machine.

The problem is thoroughly analyzed and a test is done on the technical, social and economic feasibility of developing the proposed system. The data needed to develop the system was collected from all these documents and discussing with the authorities for changes needed to the proposed system. The requirements are drawn on the basis of the needs of the users through an expert and the developers experience on the system.

Existing System :

The existing is full of manual one where one individual has to communicate with the
other manually. Pass the files manually, have to chat with one another physically etc.
In an IT world the things must go faster for that efficient means of communication is

Drawbacks of the Existing System

Have to communicate manually.
Have to transfer the files physically.
Have to record the information manually.
Have to go to another person manually to contact.
The above things cause problem when it is a peak time.

Limitation of existing system :

Virtual e-learning limitations can be categorized as technological limitations,
limitations compared to traditional campus, and personal issues. Limitations that do not
fit into these categories are considered as other limitations.

Students need necessary hardware for Virtual e-learning such as desktop or notebook computers and printers . Therefore, one of the major technological limitations of e-learning is the necessity of computer hardware and relevant resources.

Virtual e-learning comes with benefits such as unlimited access 24 hours, 7 days a week, this privilege does not seem to be feasible for some people in rural areas due to the inability to access Internet services.

Although Virtual e-learning provides 24 hours and 7 days of unlimited access, this may not be advantageous to some individuals. Difference in time zones is another problem in online e-learning, as it is accessible for learners from all over the world. It is rather hard to schedule an online class to accommodate different students from different time zones.

In order to be successful in e-learning one has to learn new skills and
technologies. Another technological Limitation is bandwidth. Some problems related to bandwidth are Internet connectivity, busy Internet lines and Internet traffic problems.

Apart from technological limitations, poor writing skills may hinder communications. Other limitations in e-learning are:

Difficulty in ensuring academic honesty in an online environment.

Unlimited learning stresses both learners and tutors, as there are too many online source.

Difficulty in conducting synchronous learning due to different time zones .

Concern about the reputation and accreditation status of an e-learning institution.

Learners may still have a negative perception of e-learning .

Proposed System:

Virtual e-Learning will look like an e-class or virtual class where its design will be based on instructor led courses taken place in a classroom. Pedagogical methodologies, subject curriculums, artificial intelligence and human computer interaction will be considered while designing those e-classes for broader and faster adoption of the system. The target audience could be individuals ranging from 7 years of age until 65+ which will be divided into the following groups: 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-44, 45-64 and 65+. Our aim is to focus on the first three groups which concentrate on primary, secondary and higher education.

In the primary and secondary education data needs to be gathered and processed which will build the foundation of an individual to help him/her decide on which field to follow in higher education. During the higher education period the system will continue to build on the information gathered in the previous years with data from the individuals higher education studies and degrees with an aim to help the individual continue his/her professional career. The system will focus on the different fields and subjects of Health Studies education where the content of each subject will also be based on a number of factors such as nationality, accessibility etc.

When a user joins an e-class will be able to personalize the environment based on his/her nationality and will also be able to choose the desired language (multilingual support). Initially, the target language of the system will be English but the design will enable multilingual support.

Advantage of Proposed System:

Enable students a uniform access to all teaching materials at one place 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

Direct students toward other learning resources on the internet.

Improve and accelerate communication between students and teachers / trainers.

Improve and accelerate communication among students.

Stimulate studentsâ„¢ team work.

Enable students to adjust place, speed and way of learning according to their needs and capabilities.

Provide students with self evaluation mechanism.

Facilitate teachers monitoring studentsâ„¢ progress.

Simplify and speed up the procedure notifying students.

Track student's response, their initiative, suggestions and needs.

Automate monitoring system of student progress.

Ensure privacy and security.

Implant netiquette in studentsâ„¢ and teachersâ„¢ minds.
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seminar ideas
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to get information about the topic virtual classroom project and implimentation in java full report,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow




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