Water-Level Controller
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Water-Level Controller
In most houses, water is first stored in an underground tank (UGT) and from there it is pumped up to the overhead tank (OHT) located on the roof. People generally switch on the pump when their taps go dry and switch off the pump when the overhead tank starts overflowing. This results in the unnecessary wastage and sometimes non-availability of water in the case of emergency. The simple circuit presented here makes this system automatic, i.e. it switches on the pump when the water level in the overhead tank goes low and switches it off as soon as the water level reaches a pre-determined level. It also prevents ‘dry run’ of the pump in case the level in the underground tank goes below the suction level. In the figure, the common probes connecting the underground tank and the overhead tank to +9V supply are marked ‘C’. The other probe in underground tank, which is slightly above the ‘dry run’ level, is marked ‘S’. The low-level and high-level probes in the overhead tank are marked ‘L’ and ‘H’, respectively. When there is enough water in the underground tank, probes C and S are connected through water. As a result, transistor T1 gets forward biased and starts conducting. This, in turn, switches transistor T2 on. Initially, when the overhead tank is empty, transistors T3 and T5 are in cut-off state and hence pnp transistors T4 and T6 get forward biased via resistors R5 and R6, respectively. As all series-connected transistors T2, T4, and T6 are forward biased, they conduct to energise relay RL1 (which is also connected in series with transistors T2, T4, and T6). Thus the supply to the pump motor gets completed via the lower set of relay contacts (assuming that switch S2 is on) and the pump starts filling the overhead tank.
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For the supply of water it is very common method to use an overhead tank to which water is pumped from a ground level tank. Generally a person has to manually switch on the water pump when the overhead tank is running low of water. Also when the tank is filled a person has to switch off the water pump manually. This process is inefficient because the person has no idea about the current water level in the tank. Therefore it cannot be known when the water is going to run out and when the tank is filled up, until the actual thing occurs. This may cause unexpected cut off of water supply. Also when the water is being pumped up the person has to wait until water overflows and then switch off the water pump. To improve this to certain extent sensors can be placed in the tank to measure the water level. Then the person can monitor the water level in the tank and can take necessary actions. In this system sensors are used to measure the water level in the tank and the water pumped is automatically switched on and switched off as required. This system minimizes human intervention and eliminates the inefficiencies described above.


 The system should minimize user intervention.
 The water level of the overhead tank should be monitored using sensors and when water level drops below a threshold level the water pump should be turned on. When the level of water is above a predefined level the pump should be turned off.
 When the pump is turned on the water level in the ground tank should be monitored. If that level drops a below a defined value the pump should be turned off.
 A user should be able to disable the whole automatic system and switch on or switch off the pump manually.
 A display system should be used to indicate the water level in the tanks. However for the convenience of the user the display system should not display the level of water in the overhead tank when the pump controlling system is operating in the automatic mode. Otherwise the user will become confused. In the automatic mode only the level of water in the ground level tank should be displayed.
 Sometimes the levels of water in both the overhead tank and the ground level tank will be below their lower thresholds. At this situation the pump should not be turned on and the system should indicate that the water level is low in both the tanks.
 In the manual mode the water level in both tanks should be displayed so that the user can operate the motor by observing the indications of the display.

For the supply of water it is very common method to use an overhead tank to which water is pumped from a ground level tank. The controller is primarily used where water is stored in an underground tank & then lifted to an overhead tank. It automatically control water level of both the tanks. Auto starts the motor/pump when water in upper tank reaches low level provided water is available in lower tank. Auto switch off when upper tank becomes full or lower tank gets empty. It is suitable where water is stored in an underground tank & then lifted to an overhead tank. Automatically controls water level of both the tank simultaneously.

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This project and implimentation aims at building a water level controler which controls the level of the water in a field. The major components used in the project and implimentation are PIC microcontroller, motor, sensor etc. Th elevel of water is sensed by the sensor and communicated to the PIC which then produces the control signals to run the motor to control the level of the water. If no water is present in the field, the microcontroller turns the motor on so that it is run for a particular period of time till the water is filled in the field. When sufficient amount of water has been filed, the controller turns the water off.

two conductors placed in the field detects the level of water in the field.

The microcontroller employed in the project and implimentation is Pic16c73s. The control signals are sent to the motor according to the input from the sensors. Teh controller also enables the LCD display. The motor
is controlled by a relay mechanism.

The microcontroller switches the motor on or off using the relay. A DC motor with a high starting torque is employed in the system

It is used to display the current stste of the motor. The 16x2 LCD display is used.

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to get information about the topic Water level Controller full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

seminar and presentationproject and implimentationsattachment.php?aid=8590





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