Wireless Electricity
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Can we imagine the life without electrical wires? From now answer to this question is Yes. The method proposed in the present paper called Witricity will facilitate to Transfer power without using wires. The efficient midrange power can be transmitted to any device which uses that range of power by the technique used in this Witricity concept.
Now a days there is a Rapid development of autonomous electronics like Laptops, Cell-phones, House-hold robots and all the above devices typically rely on chemical energy storage(Battery) .As they are becoming daily needs to present generation, Wireless energy transfer would be useful for many applications as above and they need midrange energy. This is the main reason to prepare this paper.
When two Magnetically Resonating objects at Strongly coupled regime tend to exchange energy efficiently by transfer of power in the non-radiating fields. This is the basic principle involved in it. By taking two coils having same magnetic resonance and one is coupled to source and other is coupled to Device. So that the energy transfer is efficient even the air gap between them is high.
This paper describes the basic history of wireless power transmission, what are Magnetic resonance and Strongly coupled regime, Experimental design, Range and rate of coupling (coupling calculations) and Design of parameters and Simulation for variation of power with and without the external object between source and load.
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Is wire less power transmission possible in present system replacing the existing system which uses transmission lines,generating and sub stations. Is it possible to transfer the power through large distances.[/font]
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1. Wireless power transmission can be possible only in few meters.
2. Efficiency is only about 40%.
As witricity is in development stage, lot of work is done for improving the efficiency and distance between transmitter and receive

read topicideashow-to-witricity-full-report and topicideashow-to-wireless-electric-system-full-report for getting more information regarding the idea Wireless Electricity ,if you want again more "information"/"specific details" then please relply (with details) in that page , hope our friends like you may add their thought to help you

i hope you enjoyed it
if yes,i welcomes you to make an active participation in seminar and presentation/project and implimentation/technical discussions here for helping other students issues , or hope you next time come with a good idea and will apreciate everyone

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Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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plz send me the report of wireless elecricity
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first i download 4 ways of wireless electricity
now iam not able to find that
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.ppt   WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY.ppt (Size: 720 KB / Downloads: 288)

Microwave Power Transmission And Reception Technique.
Current Design of Rectenna.
Advantage of Using Microwaves For Wireless Electricity Transmission.
System Losses Of Wired Electricity Transmission.
Advantages Of Wireless Electricity Transmission.
Disadvantages Of Wireless Electricity Transmission.
Issues And Conclusions.

Wireless Electrical Transmission as the name shows is the Transmission of Electrical Energy without wires to any place on Earth. Even to the most remote areas.
The Electrical energy is first converted into Microwaves then beamed to a Geosynchronous satellite and Beamed back on Earth where needed and converted back to electrical energy. Where it can be used to power Electrical Equipments.

Alternating Current.
Wireless Power Transmission Experiments at Wardenclyffe.
In 1899 Nikola Tesla was able to light lamps over 25 miles away without using wires. Also the high frequency current of tesla coil, could light lamps filled with gas (like Neon).
1940s to Present
World war II developed ability to convert energy to microwave using magnetron but no method to convert microwave back to electricity.
In 1964 William. C Brown demonstrated a Rectenna which would convert Microwaves Power to Electricity.

Wireless Electricity Transmission And Reception Using Microwaves
Microwaves generated using the Magnetron from the base station can be received at any location on Earth with the help of Geosynchronous Receiving and Transmitting Satellites. Advantages of Low Orbit And Geosynchronous Satellites: * These satellites will use microwaves to beam power to the receiving station and mobile power receiving devices. * Since The low Orbit Microwave Beam Would spread less, the ground based Rectenna could be smaller.
Microwave Power Transmission And Reception Technique
Rectenna Design
5000 Mw Receiving Station (Rectenna). This station is about a Mile and Half long.
The Rectenna Would be Visually Transparent so that it would not interfere with Plant life.
Advantages of Using Microwaves for Wireless Electricity Transmission
High Efficiency Up to 85% .
Power Level is Well Below International safety standard.
Beam is far below the lethal levels of concentrations even for a prolonged exposure.
Frequency is up to 2.45 GHz of the Micro Beam.
Retro-directive Beam Control capability.
No Air Or water Pollution is Created.
During Generation power can be Beamed to the location Where it is needed.
We don’t have to invest in a large Electrical Grid.
If Microwave Beams Carrying power could be beamed uniformly over the earth they could power cell phones, but the antenna length should be 25-30 cm square.

System Losses Of Wired Electricity Transmission
Advantages Of Wireless Electricity Transmission
Power Loss is very less as compared to Wired Electricity Transmission.
There is no need of Transmission Lines.
Health and Environmental Experiments claim that Wireless Electricity Transmission Using Microwaves and laser is safe.

Disadvantages of wireless Electricity Transmission
The Size of Rectenna will be Massive.
Would Require a Network of hundreds of satellites.
The Cost of this Prototype Project Will Be $74 Billion approx.
Interference with other Electronic Devices will be there.

More Reliable Than Ground Based Solar Power Generation.
More Reliable Than Wired Electricity Transmission.
In Order To Have Wireless Electricity Transmission To Become a Reality, Following Things Have To Happen:
#Government Support.
#Cheaper Launch Prices.
#Involvement Of The Private Sector.
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23-12-2010, 06:41 PM

sir i want to know about wireless electricity
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please go through the following threads for more on wireless electricity

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.ppt   Wireless Electricity.ppt (Size: 2.25 MB / Downloads: 117)
Wireless Electricity
Radiation methods

• Perhaps the best known example is electromagnetic radiation, such as radio waves.
Directed electromagnetic radiation, such as lasers, but this is not very practical and can even be dangerous.
In contrast, WiTricity is based on using coupled resonant objects.
Intuitively, two resonant objects of the same resonant frequency tend to exchange energy efficiently,
Midrange power transfer implemented in this way can be nearly Omni directional and efficient.
Magnetic resonances are particularly suitable for everyday applications.
The investigated design consists of two copper coils, each a self-resonant system.
Instead of irradiating the environment with electromagnetic waves, it fills the space around it with a non-radiative magnetic field oscillating at MHz frequencies.
• The resonant nature of the process ensures the strong interaction between the sending unit and the receiving unit, while the interaction with the rest of the environment is weak.
Resonant magnetic coupling
WiTricity Technology
WiTricity power sources and capture devices are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field
Technology Benefit
High Efficiency Over Distance

. Cuts the Time Spent On Charging Safe for People and Animals From Milliwatts to Kilowatts
Pros And Cons
• Significant decluttering of office space
• No need for meter rooms and electrical closets.
• Reduction of e-waste by eliminating the need for power cords
• Need more light in your office, no need for electrician. Simply place the lamp where ever you need it.
• Need for standardization and adaptation. So no overheating occurs because of different voltages.
• Retrofitting old equipment or purchasing new equipment could become a very expensive endeavor.
• Possibility of “energy theft”. Wi Fi, someone can be using your internet or your power.
Consumer Electronics
Automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics (phones, laptops, game controllers, etc.)
Eliminating expensive custom wiring, unsightly cables and “wall-wart” power supplies.
Direct wireless power and communication interconnections across rotating and moving “joints” (robots, packaging machinery, assembly machinery, machine tools) … eliminating costly and failure-prone wiring.
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to get information about the topic wireless electricity transfer full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow











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