Wireless Sensor Network System Based on ZigBee Technology for Greenhouse
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Presented By:
Y W Zhu, X X Zhong and J F Shi
The Engineering Of Optical And Electronic College
ChongQing University

Wireless sensor network is a new research field. It can be used in some special situation for signal collection, processing and transmitting. Zigbee is a new Wireless sensor network technology characteristic of less distance and low speed. It is a new wireless network protocol stack of IEEE 802.15.4. Lately traditional system to collects parameters for Greenhouse is widely used in agriculture. The traditional system adopts wired way wiring, which makes the system complex and expensive. Generally modern Greenhouse has hundreds of square meters and they may plant variety of plants depending on different seasons. So we need to adjust the sensors which collect parameters for Greenhouse to a better place to work more efficient. Adopting wireless way wiring is convenient and economical. This paper developed a wireless sensor network system based on ZigBee technology for greenhouse. It offers flexibility and mobility to save cost and energy spent on wiring. The framework hardware and software structure, related programming are also discussed in this paper. Comparing the system which uses ZigBee technology with traditional wired network system for greenhouse, it has advantage of low cost

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.docx   ZigBee Wireless Based Sensor Networks.docx (Size: 17.54 KB / Downloads: 115)
ZigBee Wireless Based Sensor Networks
Concept Peer Review Pre-Read
Team Members: Jared Titus (EE), Nick Yunker (EE), Brandon Good (EE),
Justin Thornton (CE), Ryan Osial (CE)
Coordinator: Dr. Reddy (CE)
Mentor: Dr. Hu (CE)
Sponsors: National Science Foundation (NSF), SensorCon
Introduction to ZigBee
• The ZigBee Alliance is a consortium of more than 70 companies that are working
towards a standardization of ultra low power wireless personal area networks
• Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol, the same IEEE protocol as
• Low cost: money and power
• Low data rate and low duty cycle connectivity
• Works on 2.4GHz(Global), 900MHz(US), and 868MHz(Europe) bands
• 10kbps-115kbps data rate
• 10-75m coverage (at 2.4GHz 30m indoors and 100m outdoors)
• 2 years of battery life on alkaline batteries. Even more power savings can be implemented so that the shelf life of the battery will expire before the power stored in the battery.
Comparison of ZigBee to other Wireless protocols
Table 1: IEEE Wireless Communication Protocols
Table 2: Comparison of ZigBee to Bluetooth
ZigBee Device Definitions
• Coordinator:
– Maintains overall network knowledge
• Full Function Device (FFD):
– Full 802.15.4 Functionality
– Additional memory and computing power allowing for ZigBee router
– Can also be used as a Reduced Function Device
• Reduced Function Device (RFD):
– End Devices in the network
– Less functionality than a FFD
Figure 1: Star Network Topology
Figure 2: Mesh Network Topology
Project Requirements
• Sensors shall employ a single data out pin, referenced to ground.
Star Link
• Sensors must operate on a voltage equal to that of the Mote if being powered by the ZigBee Mote; otherwise, Sensor shall be powered by it's own power supply external to the Mote
• Sensors shall output analog voltages
• An Enable line shall be supplied to the Sensor
• The Sensor/Mote interface shall supply voltage to the Sensor Board
• The Mote shall have an maximum physical footprint of 9 square inches
• In volume production (>5000), the cost of individual Motes shall be less than $20
• Motes shall operate on a 3-3.3 volt battery power supply
• Motes shall have the capability for a minimum of 3 months autonomous operation on battery power supply
• Motes shall have numerous Power Management profiles.
• Motes shall have a minimum of 30 ft range indoors
• ZigBee network shall employ security to prevent cross-talk among various networks of the same operating frequency
• ZigBee network shall support star, multihop and mesh networking
• Network topology shall be dynamically configurable in autonomous operation
• ZigBee network shall allow for bi-directional communications
• A GUI shall communicate with a local mote coordinator
• A GUI shall display current sensor readings of entire network
• A GUI shall display network topology
• A GUI shall be used to send commands to remote motes
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Concepts
Table 3: GUI Concept Languages
Java C Python
Pros -Large starting API to
work from
-automatic memory
-easily perform exact
operations required for
hardware interfaces
-Standardized for many
-Easy to prototype code
-Coding GUI is simple
-Built in memory
Cons -Can be excessively
-Requires many
external libraries
-Difficult to create
-Lacks memory
-Lacks compile-time
type checking
-Interpreted language
Real Time Operating System (RTOS)
There are two possibilities. One concept is to use a proprietary operating system specific to an individual Microcontroller (MCU) or System on Chip (SoC) design. The second concept is to use TinyOS’s open architecture.

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