Wireless Transmission of Electricity – Development and Possibility
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Wireless Transmission of Electricity – Development and Possibility
Abstract –In the present paper the various technologies
available so far for wireless transmission of electricity and the need for a Wireless System of Energy Transmission is being
Discussed to find its possibility in actual practices, theiradvantages, disadvantages and economical consideration. This paper is mainly concentrated on : i) The most popular concept known as Tesla Theory, ii) The microwave power transmission(MPT) called Solar power satellite, and iii) The highly efficientfibre lasers for wireless power transmission. Many concepts, research papers, patents are available on wireless transmission of electricity but the commercial technologies are yet to be materialized. The paper also discusses the possible ways to get useful and practical results out of all research carried out so far elsewhere. Microwave oven magnetron with electronics to control the output power. The output microwave power ranges from 50 W to 200 W at 2.45 GHz. A coaxial cable connects the output of the microwave
source to a coax-to-waveguide adapter. This adapter is connected to a waveguide ferrite circulator which protects the microwave source from reflected power. The circulator is connected to a tuning waveguide section to match the waveguide impedance to the antenna
input impedance. The slotted waveguide antenna consists of 8 waveguide
sections with 8 slots on each section. These 64 slots radiate the power uniformly through free space to the rectenna. The slotted waveguide antenna is ideal for power transmission because of its high aperture efficiency Key words – Wireless transmission, Tesla theory, Microwave power transmission, Fiber lasers, Collaborative research.
In our present electricity generation system we waste more than half of its resources. Especially the transmission
and distribution losses are the main concern of the present power technology. Much of this power is wasted during transmission from power plant generators to the consumer.
The resistance of the wire used in the electrical grid distribution system causes a loss of 26-30% of the energy generated. This loss implies that our present system of electrical distribution is only 70-74% efficient. We have to think of alternate state - of - art technology to transmit and distribute the electricity. Now- a- days global scenario has been changed a lot and there are tremendous development in every field.
If we don’t keep pace with the development of new power technology we have to face a decreasing trend in the development of power sector. The transmission of power without wires may be one noble alternative for electricity transmission.
In this remarkable discovery of the "True Wireless" and the principles upon which transmission and reception, even in the present day systems, are based, Dr. Nikola Tesla shows us that he is indeed the "Father of the Wireless." The most well-known and famous Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) was
designed and constructed mainly for wireless transmission of electrical power, rather than telegraphy [1]. The most popular concept known is Tesla Theory in which it was firmly believed that Wardenclyffe (Fig.1) would permit wireless transmission and reception across large distances with negligible losses [2]. In spite of this he had made numerous experiments of high quality to validate his claim of possibility of wireless transmission of electricity (Fig.2). But this was an unfortunate incidence that people of that century was not in a position to recognize his splendid work otherwise today we may transmit electricity wirelessly and will convert our mother earth a wonderful adobe full of electricity. Fig.1. the 187-foot Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower) in 1903. This was to be the first broadcasting system in the world. Tesla wanted to transmit electricity from this Tower to the whole globe without wires using the Ionosphere. The source of the transmitted electricity was to be the Niagara Falls power plant [1].
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to get information about the topic "WIRELESS ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow


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