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13-05-2010, 05:15 PM

hi i want the details of the project and implimentation on BSNL administration system
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15-05-2010, 10:30 PM

Human Resource (or personnel) management administration
Human Resource (or personnel) management, in the sense of getting things done through people,
is an essential part of every managerâ„¢s responsibility. many organizations find it
advantageous to establish a specialist division for the purpose of ensuring that human resource function is performed efficiently. People are our most valuable asset is the motto.
The main functions are:
1. Recruitment:
manpower requirements are determined in terms of quality and quantity through job analysis and forecast planning.Then the selection process begins.
2. Selection:
The selection is the process of ascertaining whether or not candidates possess the requisite
qualifications, training and experience required
3. Induction:
a new employee is rehabilitated into the
changed surroundings through this technique and also introduced to the practices, policies and purposes of the
4. Performance Appraisal:
It is the process of assessing the performance and progress of an
employee or a group of employees on a given job and his / their potential for future development.
5. Training & Development:

for more details, refer this pdf:

.pdf   Performance-Appraisal-System-at-Bsnl.pdf (Size: 115.33 KB / Downloads: 240)

also visit this thread for an IV report in BSNL:
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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07-10-2010, 12:54 PM

.ppt   Presentation1.ppt (Size: 2.49 MB / Downloads: 172)
About BSNL

It is a public private organization formed in October , 2000 & is 4th largest telecommunication company in Asia and 7th in world.
Various services in BSNL are :
Wire line
CDMA mobile
GSM mobile
It has about 47.3 million line basic telephone capacity, 4 million WLL capacity, 20.1 Million GSM Capacity.
Presently BSNL has 2.5 million WLL subscribers
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30-06-2012, 10:47 AM

to get information about the topic "BSNL" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow




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16-08-2012, 12:57 PM


.pdf   1BSNL.pdf (Size: 183.31 KB / Downloads: 33)


On October 1, 2000 the Department of Telecom Operations, Government of India
became a corporation and was christened Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).
Today, BSNL is the largest Public Sector Undertaking of India and its responsibilities
include improvement of the already impeccable quality of telecom services, expansion of
telecom network introduction of new telecom services in all villages and instilling
confidence among its customers.
At present the BSNL is the World's Largest Seventh and India's First Telecommunication
Responsibilities that BSNL has managed to shoulder remarkably, definitely. BSNL is the
largest telecom operator in India and is known to everybody for Basic Telephony
Services for over 100 years. Presently the plain old, countrywide telephone service is
being provided through 32,000 electronic exchanges, 326 Digital Trunk Automatic
Exchanges(TAX), Digitalized Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) all
interlinked by over 2.4 lakhs km of Optical Fiber Cable, with a host of Phone Plus value
additions to our valued Customers. BSNL's telephony network expands throughout the
vast expanses of the country reaching to the remotest part of the country.


The use of visible optical carrier waves or light for communication has been common for
many years. Simple systems such as signal fires, reflecting mirrors and, more recently
signaling lamps have provided successful, if limited, information transfer. Moreover as
early as 1880 Alexander Graham Bell reported the transmission of speech using a light
beam. The photo phone proposed by Bell just for years after the invention of the
telephone modulated sunlight with a diaphragm giving speech transmission over a
distance of 200m.
However, although some investigation of the optical communication continued in the
early part of the 20th century its use was limited to mobile, low capacity communication
links. This was due to both the lack of suitable light sources and the problem that light
transmission in the atmosphere is restricted to line of sight and severely affected by
disturbances such as rain, snow, fog dust and atmospheric turbulence.
A renewed interest in optical communication was stimulated in the early 1960s with the
invention of the laser. This device provided a coherent light source, together with the
possibility of the modulation at high frequency.


An optical fiber communication system is similar in basic concept to any type of
communication system. A block diagram of a general communication system in fig.a.
The function of which is to convey the signal from the information source over the
transmission medium to the destination. In electrical communication, the information
source provides an electrical signal, usually derived from a message signal which is not
electrical, to a transmitter comprising electrical and electronic components which
converts the signal into a suitable form for propagation over the transmission medium.
The transmission medium can consists of a pair of wires, a coaxial cable or a radio link
through free space down which the signal is transmitted to the receiver where it is
transformed into original electrical information signal before being passed to the


The idea of fiber optics is use to light, instead of current or voltage, as the energy which
carries the signal, with the light as a carrier that is turned on and off, with binary
amplitude modulation. The problem is to direct the light from the transmitter to the
receiver. The solution is to use a hair-thin fiber of glass as a light pipe. If a light source is
put at one end, any light that enters the fiber stay in that fiber end travels through the
fiber to the other end. The light does not pass out of the walls of fiber as it travels. This is
because of a property called total internal reflection. If a light wave is traveling through a
material with a high refractive index compared to an adjacent material, and it hits the
interface between them at certain low angles, the light does not cross the boundary but
completely reflects back (Fig.1).


The fusion splicing – of single fibers involves the heating of the two prepared fiber ends
to their fusing point with the application of sufficient axial pressure between the two
optical fibers. It is therefore essential that the stripped (of cabling and buffer coating)
fiber ends are adequately positioned and aligned in order to achieve good continuity of
the transmission medium at the junction point. Hence the fiber are usually positioned and
clamped with the aid of an inspection microscope.
Flame heating sources such as micro plasma torches (argon and hydrogen) and oxhydric
microburners (oxygen, hydrogen and alcohol vapour) have been utilized with some
success. However, the most widely used heating source is an electric arc. This technique
offers advantages of consistent, easily controlled heat with adaptability for use under
field conditions. A schematic diagram of the basic two fibers are welded together. Shows
a development of the basic are fusion process which involves the rounding of the fiber
ends with a low energy discharge before pressing the fibers together and fusing with a
stronger arc. This technique, known as perfusion, removes the requirement for fiber end
preparation which has a distinct advantage in the field environment.


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