building management system full report
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project report tiger
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Building Management System (BMS)

.ppt   Building Management System (BMS).ppt (Size: 816.5 KB / Downloads: 924)

All Buildings have some form of mechanical and electrical services in order to

provide the facilities necessary for maintaining a comfortable working environment.

These services have to be controlled by some means to ensure comfort conditions.

Basic controls take the form of manual switching, time clocks or temperature

switches. Here if Building Management System (BMS), is introduced, we are able to get

a comfortable working environment in an efficient way.

What is BMS ?

central controlling facility
automate and take control of various operations
manage all the systems
coordinate the various systems
provide a comfortable working environment in an efficient way.
Its purpose is to control, monitor and optimize building services
e.g., lighting; heating & cooling; security ; audio-visual and entertainment systems;

ventilation and climate control; time & attendance control and reporting


With the usage of various building automation techniques the energy efficiency is

With the help of occupancy sensors provided in various areas of the building, the

service plants can be brought into operation only when needed and also to the

optimum, thereby leading to huge energy savings


BMS improves quality of built environment, efficiency of workstations, while

allowing great savings in energy consumption
Security and Life safety systems
With the introduction of the various security and life safety systems like

Smart Access control, Smoke detector, Fire alarm and Fire sprinkler, the environment

can be made much easy and fear free to work with
Mechanical systems
*Provide an acceptable level of temperature and humidity and safe guard

against odours and indoor air pollutants.
*Create a sense of habitability through air movement, ventilation and slight

temperature variation.
*Allow the occupant to control and modify conditions to suit individual



Life safety factors involved in Intelligent Buildings are:
Closed-circuit television
Card access control
Smoke detection
Emergency control of elevator, doors ,HVAC system

ËœData accessâ„¢ security


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a

signal to a specific, limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television

in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point wireless

links. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas, which need security, such as

banks, casinos, airports etc¦. Modern CCTV cameras use small high definition color

cameras that can not only focus to resolve minute detail, but by linking the control

of the cameras to a computer, objects can be tracked automatically

Controlling access to any premise is of vital importance at present, whether it is

a high security area such as a Hospital, Airport, Bank, or any common building such

as an Insurance Office, School, or Department store.

There areTongueortrait ID System,Swipe Card Access Control Systems, Biometric Access

Control Systems

Smoke is often the first sign that the fire is occurring, therefore an

automatic detection system based on smoke detectors is a valuable tool in the early

dection of fire. Smoke detectors are commonly classified by their mode of operation.

Ionization Smoke Detector:
Ionization smoke detector uses a
a radioaCTive material to convert the air contained.


It is difficult to get an optimum working environment only through

design for the whole year. Mechanical fans, desert coolers, air-conditioners etc.

supplement the indoor comfort to a great extent. But all these are operated and

controlled manually in general. At the same time some artificial intelligent systems

like Occupancy Sensors, Temperature Sensors etc. can be used to sense the temperature

increase and the presence of occupants to decide comfort level required to achieve

the optimum conditions.


Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor turns lights on and off based on the occupancy.
When the PIR sensor detects a change in the infrared heat radiated within the

controlled area, lighting systems are switched ON. When occupants leave the area,

lighting is switched OFF after the user adjustable time delay elapses.


Lighting up the building is an art. With out proper illuminaton the entire

space will look dull, creating an uncomfortable working space. Any how we cannot

depend on artificial lights alone. It will add up the running costs. Hence some

methods to bring natural light inside the habitable space shall be sort out.


With the help of a light dimming device its possible to control the intensity

of lights especially when its requirement becomes less. . This can be made possible

by suitably integrating the lighting systems with the BMS through sensors by which it

is also possible to turn off the lights automatically when its not needed. Hence

there is the economy in using the building.
Different control systems exist, again time-based control and optimizer

parameter-based where a level of illuminance or particular use of lighting is

Zones: lights are switched on corresponding to the use and layout of the lit areas,

in order to avoid lighting a large area if only a small part of it needs light.
Time control: to switch on and off automatically in each zone to a preset schedule

for light use.
Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Occupancy sensing: In areas which are occupied

intermittently, occupancy sensors can be used to indicate whether anybody is present

or not, and switch the light on or off accordingly.
Light level monitoring: this consists of switching or dimming artificial lighting to

maintain task-specific light level measured by a Ëœphotocellâ„¢.


In this 21st century with the advent of the various artificial intelligent

systems the work places became very cozy to work with. It has changed the entire

working environment leading to the increased out put and also reducing the running

cost to a certain extent. As it gives optimum thermal & lighting efficiency it will

cut down the electricity bills. But any how today the cost of such equipments to make

a building artificially intelligent is a costly means. With the increase in demand of

such systems the cost of these will become affordable as more and more builders will

be using such systems in future.
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can u plz provide me with the complete report of BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM??

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