composite materials
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hiiiii send me this topic pdf and ppt
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visit this thread for more details on this topic:
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please give me the basic information about composite material
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visit this thread for more details on this topic:
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Composite materials

.pptx   Composite materials.pptx (Size: 390.05 KB / Downloads: 11)

What are the composite material?

A material having two or more distinct constituent material and have different property than all of it’s constituent material, it is called composite material.
Constituent can be see by naked eye
Do not have homogenous mixture of constituents as in alloys
example: Natural Composites:
Wood, where the lignin matrix is reinforced with cellulose fibers,.
bones in which the bone-salt plates made of calcium and phosphate ions reinforce soft collagen
Man-made composites:
Reinforced concrete beam consists of sand cement and water
Fiber reinforced plastics
Plywood:  Several layers of wood  glued together

Terminology related to composite

Three phases of a composite:
Reinforcement: discontinuous, stiffer, and stronger phase
Matrix: continuous, less stiff and weaker phase
Interphase: between the reinforcement and the matrix.
The properties of a composite material depend on the properties of the constituents, their geometry, and the distribution of the phases.

Why ,composite material used instead of matel?

Composites have better qualities than it’s constituent material.
By composition we can get a matel have much better qualities than a single matel.
by composition we can improve following qualities: strength, stiffness, corrosion- resistance, wear resistance, weight, fatigue life, thermal insulation, thermal conductivity.
composite material can be tailored for various qualities as according to design requirement.

Where composite material used

Sports: Lighter, stronger, toughness, better aesthetics, higher damping properties
Bicycles (e.g., frame made of carbon/epoxy composite weigh 1.36 kg against 5 kg of the corresponding steel)
Motorcycles …

Classification of Composites

Classification done on the basis of strength, stiffness and toughness. These properties depends on geometry of material so here classification is done on the basis of geometry of reinforced.

Particulate reinforced composite

These have particle as reinforced.
These are not effective in improving fracture resistance of material.
Provide resistance to plastic deformation.
Share load at smaller level.
These provides more stiffness as compared to strength.
Particle and matrix can be metallic and nonmetallic
These are also used for improving thermal and electrical conductivity, friction reduction, wear resistance, surface hardness and cost reduction.
1.particle of lead are mixed with copper alloy and steel to improve their mach inability.
2.chromium carbide in cobalt matrix is highly resistive to corrosion.

Multiple layer fibrous composite

Multiple layer consist of several single layer of different in properties and orientation.
Each layer is thin approximate to 0.1mm.
Multiple layer can be combine as according to design requirement.
Multiple layer are classified in:
Hybrid laminate
Laminate :laminate contain all the layer of same properties .
Hybrid laminate: these contain all the layer of differ in properties.

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