dsp project and implimentations
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computer science technology
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a) Performance and Analysis of Multi carrier DS-CDMA Communication System.
b) Single Sideband modulation via HILBERT TRANSFORM
c) Analysis of frequency variations on a real time speech signal
d) speech processing using Kalman filter
e) Implementation of heart beat monitoring using DWT
f) Implementation and analysis of decision feedback equalizers
g) Implementation of QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) using matlab
h) Implementation of CDMA using BPSK technique
i) Implementation of modulation techniques (AM, FM, PM).
j) Speech compression using LPC
k) Implementation of PCM (pulse code modulation) on Speech signals.
l) Implementation of Speech compression using DWT
m) Implementation of Speech codec using G.729 standard
n) Implementation of Fragile Speech watermarking.
o) Noise cancellation of Speech/audio using adaptive equalizers
p) Post processing of Speech/ audio signals using extended wiener filtering
q) Time delay effects of a real time Speech signals using signal processing concepts
r) Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation.
s) DTMF Generation and Detection using matlab
t) Digital Modulation and Demodulation using Quadrate Phase Shift Keying Technique in MATLAB
u) Design and performance evaluation of multi-rate digital filters
v) Implementation of GMSK modem
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
computer science technology
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a) Implementation of wlan physical layer standard for ieee 802.11a and ieee 802.11b.
b) Implementation of image denoising using curvelet transforms
c) Echo cancellation of audio signals using adaptive filters.
d) Fingerprint recognition using matlab®
e) Security surveillance using motion detection concept
f) Filtering based image enhancement
g) Implementation of iris recognition system
h) Climate control system using matlab
i) Qpsk modulation and demodulation
j) Ultra wideband using different digital modulation schemes
k) Simulation of bluetooth data transfer using matlab®
l) Simulation of software defined radio using matlab®
m) Simulation of ieee 802.11a and b physical layer
n) Automatic speaker recognition system using matlabò
o) Compression of voiced speech signals using wavelet transform and linear prediction
p) Denoising of audio signals using wavelet transforms
q) Adaptive noise cancellation using matlab®
r) Compression of ecg signals
s) A fast method automated detection of blood vessels and lesions in retinal images.
t) Motion estimation algorithms.
u) Color plane interpolation using alternating project and implimentationions.
v) Demosaicing by suceesive approximation.
w) Finger print image enhancement algorithm and performance evalution.
x) Color filter array demosaiking new method and performance measures.
y) An svd based grayscale image quality measure for local and global assesment.
z) Image authentication under geometric attacks via structure imaging.
aa) Performance analysis of multicarrier ds cdma systems
bb) Space time coded systems for wireless communications
cc) Performance of multi-user phased chrip modulation spread spectrum over flad fadding channels
dd) Adaptive dscdma recevier for multiuser detection
ee) Linear multiuser detector for syncronus code divison multiple access control
ff) Throughput enhancement for multi-media ad-hoc wlan
gg) Image denoising using rudin oshin fatemi model by total variation minimization
hh) Adaptive bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal
ii) A synopsis of recentwork in edge detection using the dwt
jj) Robust global motion estimation oriented to video object segmentation
kk) Local features for enhancement and minutiae extraction in fingerprints
ll) Image diffusion using saliency bilateral filter
mm) Biometric inspired digital image steganography
nn) Automated estimation of the upper surface of the diaphragm in 3-d ct images
oo) Invariant image watermarking based on statistical features in the low-frequency domain
pp) Transform methods for remote sensing environmental monitoring
qq) A modified probabilistic neural network for partial volume segmentation in brain mr image
rr) Automatic exudates detection from non-dilated diabetic retinopathy
ss) 3-d model-based vehicle tracking system
tt) Dynamic signature verification using discriminative training
uu) Salt-and-pepper noise removal by median-type noise detectors and detail-preserving regularization
vv) Fingerprint image enhancement using filtering techniques
ww) Multiple image sharing based on color visual cryptography
xx) Denoising of image using wavelet transforms.
yy) Face recognition system using eigen faces.
zz) Filtering based image enhancement.
aaa) Fingerprint recognition using matlab.
bbb) Implementation of iris recognition system.
ccc) Speech encoding & decoding (linear prediction coding -10) using levinson-durbin algorithm.
ddd) Audio player using matlab & simulink:
eee) Implementation of image enhancement techniques using matlab:
fff) Implementation of jpeg encoder & decoder:
ggg) Implementation of g.729a (cs-acelp) speech encoder & decoder standard on tms320c64xx:
hhh) Implementation of automatic speaker recognition system in matlab:
iii) Implementation of g.722 (sub band adpcm) codec in matlab:
jjj) Implementation of gmsk modulation scheme with channel equalization in matlab:
kkk) Design of resonant inverters for optimal efficiency over lamp life in electronic ballast with phase control.
lll) A discharge lamp model based on lamp dynamic conductance.
mmm) A passive 36-pulse ac“dc converter with inherent load balancing using combined harmonic voltage and current injection.
nnn) A new pwm zvs full-bridge converter.
ooo) Extended operation of multilevel based flying capacitor.
ppp) Implementation single phase ac-ac matrix converter using spwm with drastic load conditions
qqq) A new particle swarm optimization solution to nonconvex economic dispatch problems.
rrr) Voltage and reactive power estimation for contingency analysis using sensitivities.
sss) Improved genetic algorithm for power economic dispatch of units with valve-pointeffects and multiple fuels.
ttt) A genetic algorithm for the corrective control of voltage and reactive power.
uuu) An optimized adaptive neural network for annual midterm energy forecasting.
vvv) A novel approach for unitcommitment problem via an effective hybrid particle swarm optimization.
www) A new approach to active power calculation using wavelet coefficients.
xxx) A maximum loading margin method for static voltage stability in power systems.
yyy) A particle swarm optimization for economic dispatch with nonsmooth cost functions.
zzz) Genetic algorithms for optimal reactive power compensation on the national grid system.
aaaa) Reversible integer color transform
bbbb) Image processing for a high-resolution optoelectronic retinal prosthesis
cccc) A universal noise remove algorithm with an impulse detector.
dddd) Feature based wavelet shrinking algorithm for image denoising.
eeee) Image sharing using visual crptography.
ffff) An adaptive dct domain visible watermarking technique for protection of publicly available images
gggg) Number plate recognition
hhhh) Gui based low pass filter
iiii) Speaker recognition system
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion

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