ece project and implimentations for final year
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electronics seminars
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04-01-2010, 04:35 PM

to get specific ece (Electronics and Communication Engineering) project and implimentation report,source code and more details please browse through this page topicideaslist-of-electronics-electrical-instrumentation-applied-electronics-project and implimentation-ideas

a. Telephone line or cellphone line through remote instrument servicing / minor repair attending system.
b. Internet through multichannel electrical appliances. controlling (on / Off) system (remote control).
c. Internet through remote multichannel electrical appliances status (on / off) reding cum controlling system.
d. Internet through AC/DC motor speed controlling system.
e. Electronic controller for telephone heavy billing Charges.
f. Internet wireless communication system that could Not tapped by any receiver instrument.
g. Cellphone through body temperature / heart rate Monitaring system.
h. Unauthorised computer file accessing or copying of Peripheral devices (printer etc) Auto detection and auto telephone or cellular dialing to owner / incharger.
i. Hospital in-patient's blood pressure / body temperature / heart rate / heart beat auto detecation if the value exceeds the determined value, it gives the emergency wireless auto paging to the concerned doctor / nurse.
j. Computer to Computer communication through power line (by using wireless FM carrier method 230V AC Mains) Newway of communication method.
k. Car mobilwe movement idntification system.
l. Cellular through remote house electrical appliances controlling / multichannel controlling system.
m. Wireless 230V AC power line through telephone line (massage) connecting system / powerline telephone exchange exchange system.
n. Temperature reding data are transmitted through Fiber cable.
o. Electronic instruments or electrical appliances watts / Efficiency calculator.
p. On/off program time changing for electrical appliances by wireless method.
q. Wireless multipoint voltage reding system.
r. Net through temperature reding cum controlling system.
s. Computer through multichannel electrical appliances controlling system.
t. Telephone line through automatic gas cylinder / travel / ticket / any booking system.
u. Computer telephone answering system for incoming calls. telephone answering system for incoming calls.
v. Cellular phone through industrial AC/DC motor speed controlling sytem.
w. Cellphone through temperature reading cum controlling system.
x. Embedded to Embedded data communication / controlling through walkie talkie / telephone / cellphone / fibre cable.
y. 25 Embedded to PC data communication / controlling through Walkie talkie / telephone / cellphone / fibre cable.
z. Telephone line monitoring system (watching Dog)
aa. Patient's fever / body temperature / blood pressure / Heart rate / heart beat wireless auto analysing and auto temperature dialing to concerned hospital.
bb. Telephone / cellular through computerdrives / pheropherals on/off accessing system.
cc. Computer controlled Inter-telephone exchange system.
dd. Wireless selectable classroom announcement system.
ee. Battery opreted motorised wheel chair for haedicaps.
ff. 230V AC line through voice communication exchange system.
gg. Wireless auto railway traffic signalling CUM automatic gate open / close system.
hh. Artificial Intelligently detect the several grade pupils and secret the electrical loads to switch on/off.
ii. Wireless bus stop to moving bus Communication system.
jj. Wireless moving person's availability / or location(position) finder in multi - storeys bulding / compelx / hospital industry.
kk. Home monitaring system.
ll. Temperature reding and controlling through fiber cable.
mm. Alaphanumeric data transmission through fibre cable.
nn. Industrial multi channel electrical control through fibre cable.
oo. Industrial machine data (Sensors) transmiting, receiciving control through walkie talkie. 42. Remote data transmitting, receiving control through cellular. 43. Data locking and controlling system. 44. Fibre optic through communication Electrical loads controlling system.
pp. Industrial internal pager network system.
qq. Complete telephone line through remote monitaring & controlling system for house / industry.
rr. Programmable incoming phone call segregation with respect to various timing it avoids irritating incoming calls & it answer / transfer , we are at busy time.
ss. Telephone answering machine cum remote message Capturing system.
tt. Walkie Talkie through telephone dialling cum conversation hearing system.
uu. . Intelligent teleohone incoming message automatic volume controlling with respect to external circumference or
vv. 12 bit ADC interface system for pcs.
ww. Computer based ultrasonic distance meter.
xx. Computer based video digitizer.
yy. Computer controlled robotic vehicle.
zz. Computerized object counter cum decoder.
aaa. Comuterized temperature monitor.
bbb. Gas leakage detector.
ccc. Gas sensing fire alarm system.
ddd. Internet based Remote device operation.
eee. Internet linked zone control/monitoring system.
fff. Auto scale 50Mhz Frequency counter.
ggg. Micro PLc system.
hhh. Mini digital oscilloscope.
iii. Multi channel data acquisition system.
jjj. Multi-channel industrial activity monitoring system.
kkk. PC based fingerprint analyzer cum verifier.
lll. Mains frequency & Phase detector.
mmm. PC based liquid level analyzer.
nnn. PID temperature controller for furnaces.
ooo. Plant humidity monitor.
ppp. Point-to-point PC communication.
qqq. RF id system for workers.
rrr. Robot for automatic process control.
sss. Simple relay and sensor interface for pc.
ttt. Smart card oprated code lock.
uuu. Solid state power Controller.
vvv. Temperature controlled fan.
Voice command for device controlusing pc.
xxx. V-to-f converter.
yyy. 3-phase motor starter with rf remote control.
zzz. 4- Channel logic analyzer.
aaaa. 50 MHz logic analyzer.
bbbb. Advanced bench top power supply.
cccc. Advanced coded card security system.
dddd. Advanced digital trainer.
eeee. Advanced phase controller.
ffff. Automatic pressing system.
gggg. Automatic Remote Diesel Gen set starter.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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11-06-2011, 12:14 PM

hello everyone.......
please suggest some of the final year project and implimentations which are industry defined i.e. actually i want some of the industry defined problems related to electronics and communication as a final year project and implimentation.
nazma salma
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22-07-2011, 10:12 PM

plz send me the full details of wireless selectable classroom announcement system to my mail
nazma salma
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23-07-2011, 06:34 AM

plz give full details of wireless selectable classroom announcement system to mail and my mail id is
nazma salma
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23-07-2011, 06:47 AM

plz any one give seminar and presentation details of wireless selectable classroom announcement system
seminar addict
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23-07-2011, 09:21 AM

To get more information about the topic "ece project and implimentations for final year " please refer the link below

topicideashow-to-ece-project and implimentations-for-final-year
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12-07-2012, 09:58 AM

suggest embedded based project and implimentation topics which are application based.Blush

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