electrical project and implimentations for engineering students
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electronics seminars
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04-01-2010, 03:51 PM

to get specific electrical project and implimentation report,source code and more details please browse through this page topicideaslist-of-electronics-electrical-instrumentation-applied-electronics-project and implimentation-ideas

A. Internet therough ac/dc moter speed controlling system.
B. Electrical instrument or eletrical appliances wattas/ efficiency calculator.
C. Telephonene line or cellphone line through remote electrical instrument servicing/ minor repair attending system.
D. Internet through multichannel electrical appliences controlling on/of system(remote control).
E. Internet through remote multichannel electrical applience stasus (on/off) reding cum controoling system.
F. Wierless (power line through 230v ac mains) ht transformer servicing system.
G. Mainline wier identifieer for phase or neutral or earth.
H. Wierless multipoint voltage reading system.
I. Celluler phone through industrial ac/ dc moter speed controlling system.
J. Poweline therough (ac mains 230v) street light on/off cotroling system.
K. Ryb phase cables wierless identifier.
L. Power failuer auto alert announcement system for whole area eletrical consumers through wireless / powerline method from eb station.
M. Artificial intelligently detect the several grade pupils and segregate the electrical lods to switch on/off.
N. Ac/dc moter speed control through fibre cable.
O. Wierless ac/dc moter speed controlling system.
P. Telephone line through ac/dc moter speed controling system.
Q. Fibre cable through motor tacho reading.
R. Telphone line through remote eletrical appliences on/off indicator cum controller.
S. Celluler through remote house electrical applances controlling multichannel controlling system.
T. Wireless motor tacho reding with voice communication.
U. Eb (electrical) wireless billinng system through power line (230v ac line).
V. Power theft identefication through wierless (carrier 230v ac powerline) 23. Lt / ht transformers auto / heat detecation and auto message transer to eb station or fier station.
W. On/off programe time changing for electrical appliances By wireless method.
X. Net through temperature reding cum controlling system.
Y. Computer through multichannel electrical applences controlling system.
Z. Telephone line through automatic gas cylinder / travel ticket / any booking system.
AA. Cellphone through bidy temprature reading cum controlling system.
BB. Cellphone through body temprature / heartrate monitoring system.
CC. Genrator power o/p important lode sharing system.
DD. Embedded to embedded data cummunication / machine controlling through walkie talkie/ telephone / cellphone / fibre cable.
EE. Embedded to pc data communication / machine contrilling through walkie talkie / telephone / cellphone / fibre cable.
FF. Programmable ac voltage regulator.
GG. Battery operated motorised wheeelchair for handicaps.
HH. Single wierless multichannel remote control can control several rooms.
II. Wireless auto railway traffic signalling cum automatic gate close /open system.
JJ. Multi / single storage tank wirelss liouid level indicator cum wireless suction motor / inlet motor controling system.
KK. Home monitoring system.
LL. Wireless 230v ac powerline electrical appliances contriolling system.
MM. Industrial multi channel control through fibre cable.
NN. Pc as voltmeter / counter / tacho / temperature / body ter / tacho / temperature / body temperature.
OO. Incircuit emulators.
PP. Electrical units(watt per hour) money billing machine
QQ. Elecrical uints(watts per hour) billing machaine cum (switch off) controller for saving money.
RR. New electronic insulating tape machine (moulded insulated between two joints).
SS. Wireless techometer for one more motors.
TT. Single phase load sharing system (electrical power) using in 3 phase.
UU. Electrical switch (to controal loads) board concealed much wiring are totally reduced using data communication (electrical load) method.
VV. Ac powerline (mains 230v) therugh all industrial electrical appliences working status (on/off) indicating system by wireless.
WW. Solar cell voltage generation with auto tracking
A. SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
B. Human tracking system by using GPS
C. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
D. Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system
E. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
F. Microcontroller Based prepaid energy meter
G. Microcontroller based sky car parking system
H. Microcontroller based Auto-Dialer Home Security System
I. SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
J. GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system
K. Microcontroller based mini computer dictionary
L. Microcontroller based automatic temperature controller with cooling system
M. Microcontroller based automatic sensor based wall painting robot
N. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter
O. PWM based single phase AC induction motor with closed loop controller
P. Finger print based voting machine
Q. Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and Information system
R. Microcontroller based fault announcement system
S. Microcontroller Based Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine
T. Microcontroller based voice recorder and play back system
U. Microcontroller based ball printing robot
V. Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring and control system
W. Microcontroller based wireless Electric bill reading system
X. SMS based home appliances controlling system
Y. PC based pressure management and controlling system
Z. Microcontroller Based Punch card system
AA. Micro controller Based smart card reader and writer
BB. Microcontroller based automatic Power theft identifier
CC. PC based wireless stepper motor speed controlling system
DD. Microcontroller Based cash register
EE. Intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology
FF. DSP based signal analyzer
GG. Microcontroller based PC to PC wireless data transfer system
HH. Microcontroller Based Power Management System
II. Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring system
JJ. SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller
KK. Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Pressure Control System
LL. Microcontroller Based Automatic Packing control Machine
MM. Microcontroller based automatic visitor guided vehicle
NN. Finger print based banking system
OO. Microcontroller Based SMS controlled moving robot
PP. Microcontroller based digital gear level indicator
QQ. Microcontroller Based Railway track crack Detecting Vehicle
RR. GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
SS. Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
TT. Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot
UU. Microcontroller Based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
VV. Digital energy with volt, current & power factor monitor
WW. Microcontroller based automatic paint marking machine
XX. Microcontroller Based Double Axis crane
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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18-08-2010, 08:44 PM

SMS based vehicle ignition controlling system
swati singh
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25-08-2010, 01:35 PM

i m searching for a minor electrical engineering project and implimentation i m in 3rd year........so i need full information about the project and implimentation specified in the subject.........hoping for an early response.....thnx
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• Artificial Intelligent Solar Tracking System With True Graph & PC Interface
• EB Theft Monitoring And Control System
• Remote On/Off Controller For AC Motors With Parameter Monitoring
• Power Sharing Of Transformer With Overload Protection
• Remote Switching System For Home Appliances
• Remote On / Off Of An AC / DC Motor
• Remote Speed Control Of AC / DC Motor
• Dual Control Of Electrical Devices Through Computer Keyboard And Hardware
• Post Paid Electricity Billing Automation
• Remote Control Of AC / DC Motor With Parameter Monitoring
Noise Less Speed Control Of DC Motor Using PWM Converter
• Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems
• Substation Monitoring System - Electrical Transmission And Distribution Process
• Remote Data Monitoring & Data Analysis For Power Station
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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06-03-2011, 11:39 PM

The report of SMS based vehicle ignition system is available in this thread:
poonam rawat
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09-09-2011, 02:03 PM

sir plese send me the details of the project and implimentation post paid billing system ples sir i am final year student
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09-02-2012, 10:37 AM

to get information about the topic electrical engineering full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-project and implimentations-for-final-year

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-project and implimentations-for-college-students

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-seminar and presentation-topic-list

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-seminar and presentation-topics-with-full-report-list

topicideashow-to-electrical-project and implimentations-for-engineering-students

topicideashow-to-project and implimentation-ideas-for-electrical-engineering-students

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-project and implimentation-topics-for-final-year

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-project and implimentations

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-seminar and presentation-topic-list?page=3

topicideashow-to-project and implimentation-topics-electrical-engineering

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-mini-project and implimentations

topicideashow-to-electrical-engineering-project and implimentations-for-college-or-diploma-students

topicideashow-to-mini-project and implimentations-electrical-engineering
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20-07-2012, 01:03 AM

hiii,,,me dharmendra parihar(4th yr,ee)
Would u plz tell me, about home and industry automation'
& about solar tracking...
plz help me m waiting for ur answer' n ma email id''' dhamuparihar1991@gmail.com
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20-12-2012, 01:46 PM

where i can learn for doing project and implimentations......and learn about new technologies developed by electrical engineering and their project and implimentations

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