electronic project and implimentation design
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project topics
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1. IR Based Appliance Control System
2. Image smoothing using NAGAMOD filter (Mat lab).
3. Dual Axis
4. Automated Prepaid Energy Meter Consumption System
5. Electronic Jam
6. Simple Code Lock
7. Security Access Control System
8. Booth Wallace tree multiplier (VHDL).
9. 4 Channel Infrared Remote
10. Speller Effect Sign Display
12. Time Operated Home Appliances
13. Soft Musical Telephone Ringer
14. Simple Function Generator 12v
15. Real Heart Beat Monitor With LCD Display
17. Precision Attenuator With Digital Control
18. Three-Colour Display Using Bicolour LEDs
19. Invisible Broken Wire Detector
20. Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp
21. Traffic light with up-down counter
22. Ultrasonic Movement Detector
23. Ultra-Bright LED Lamp
24. Web Based Power Plant Control Using PLC
25. Implementation of Speech codec using G. standard
26. Volt Tunning Voltage
27. Fully Automatic Emergency Light
29. Watch Dog for Telephones
30. Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
31. Computerized Wireless Time Bell System Using Microcontroller
32. PC Operated Drilling Machine
33. Moving Message Display Using Microcontoller
34. Digital "Location display" for Busses and Trains
35. Voter Card
36. Home Security And Intruder Detection System
37. Internet based Equipment control
38. Interfacing programmable logic controllers to electrical distribution monitoring systems
39. Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
40. Microcontroller Based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
41. Moving Message Display EPROM Base
42. Light Controlled Digital Fan Regulator
43. Automatic Time Manager UpTo Channel
44. Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High
45. PIC microcontroller based power electronic load control using SCR
47. Mobile Electronic Workbench
49. Night Alert
50. A VLSI Architecture For Visible Watermarking In A Secure Still Digital
51. Obstacle Detector Robot
53. 8051 Microcontroller Programmer
54. Vehicle Theft Alarm
55. Digital Lock
56. Clock Timer
57. MICRO CONTROLLER BASED Rain activated wiper
58. Count Down Timer
59. Digit Voltmeter With Led
60. FPGA
(a) With Camera
61. Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch
62. Project Name
63. Calling Number Identification Using Calculator
64. Ultrasonic Rader.
65. Automatic Railway Station Automation Using PLC
66. Front Door Guard
67. A Single-Chip Timer With Digital Clock And Calendar
68. RF Controlled Home Appliances
69. Under-/Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
70. Running Message Display
71. microcontroller based solar energy saver using parallel processing
72. Build The Breath O-Meter
73. uC Inveter
74. Automatic Room Light Controlled With Microcontroller
75. VHDL
76. Electric Guitar Preamplifier
77. Wireless Vehicle Path Tracer Using IR & RF
78. Brake Failure Indicator
79. Self-Switching Power Supply
80. Watchman Watcher
81. Smoke detecting robot based on PIC microcontrollers
82. Emergency shutdown system
83. Low cost Transistorised intercom
84. Traffic Controller
85. Electric Window Fence Charger
87. Small expert systems as intelligent modules of programmable logic controllers
88. Irrigation control
89. Sensor-Actuator Interfaces For Microcontroller - -Channel
90. Electronic Eye With Security System
91. Seismic Sensor
92. Interfacing IBM Key Board To Micro Controller
93. Automatic Control of School bell system and alarm system in Hostels
94. Metre Direct Conversion Receiver
95. Child's Lamp
96. Microcontroller based line follower robot
97. Voice Operated Vehicle
98. microcontroller based walking robot
99. Wi-Fi Lan Controlled Robot With Robotic Arm
100. Embedded based security system with IR sensors.
101. Smart Laptop Docking Station
102. Transistorized Logic Probe for TTL
103. SMART [Semi Modulated Automatic Regererative Trarnsmitter]
104. Design And Implementation Of Object Counter For Industrial Automation
105. Wiper Speed Controller
106. Micro Controller Based Water Level Controller Cum Motor Protector
107. Micro controller based temperature LCD Display
108. Teach-In 2002 Lab Work – 5 – Strain Gauge Weighing Machine
109. PC Based Temperature Monitoring Using Lm35 And RS 232 Protocol.
110. Discrete-time PID Controller Design in Programmable Logical Controllers
111. A lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware
112. Telephone-Operated Calling System
113. Fault-tolerant configuration of distributed discrete controllers
114. Computer controlled LCD
115. Atmega based DC motor conversion into a stepper motor
116. Finite impulse response filters (VHDL).
117. Liquid Level Alarm
118. Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
119. Development Of Embedded System For Energy Saving Of Street Light
120. Robot for Thread Mills Application
121. Data Security System
122. Microcontroller based infrared proximity detector
123. FPGA based implementation communication modulation
124. Wireless Security System Using Microcontroller
125. Bell-Cum Light Controller
126. Inverter for Soldering Iron
127. Parallel Telephones With Secrecy
128. A Hierarchical Priority Encoder
129. microcontroller based touch operated industrial gate controller
130. Automatic-Off Timer For CD Players
131. Increasing the Flexibility and Intelligence of Material Handling through the Factory by
132. Shopping Malls Security & Power Management System
133. Help Quit Wateh [Real Time Lock + Smoke Sensor + Solid State Voice + PC Logging]
134. Shrimp
136. Low cost PCO Billing meter
137. 8051 Programmer
138. Enabling / Disabling And Wireless Control Of Appliances & Devices By FM & DTMF Systems Using RF Technology
139. Electronic Card-Lock System
140. Smart Card For Entry Employees
141. applications
142. Darkness Controlled Light Switch
143. House Security System
144. Burglar Alarm
145. Mind Reader
146. personal secure communication in battle filed
147. Real Time Machine Control With GSM Modem on FPGA
149. Performance characterization and validation of dual port video SRAM.
150. Prepaid Fare Card for Railways
151. Telephone line based Audio Muting
152. PC controlled complete microcontroller kit in VB
153. PLC Based Automatic Car Parking System
154. A comparative study of EKV & BSIM MOSFET models (VLSI Study).
156. Intelligent Home Security System Using Interactive Voice Responsive System
157. Intelligent Steam bath Control System
158. Digital Code Lock.
159. Data acquisition system using 8051
160. An Intelligent Ambulance Car Which Control To Traffic Light Watchman Robot
161. Clap Switch
162. High-Intensity, Energy-efficient LED Light
163. Wireless Weather Station (Temp,Humidity & Light Intensity & wind Speed with PC Logging)
164. Digital Combination Lock
165. microcontroller based turbine controller
166. Floating-point division (VHDL).
167. At Keyboard Based Password Protected Door Access System
168. Microcontroller based Heart rate Meter
169. Health Insurance Card
170. Reactive Power Control, and Voltage Joint Control IEEE
171. Auto hook up circuit for mobile phones.
172. PIC microcontroller based pick and place robot controller
174. Design and turbo convolution code decoder for GPP wireless mobile
175. Data Acquisition System Using VB Front End as Data Logger.
176. PIC microcontroller based flow controller using propeller technique
177. Green House Enviornment Monitoring
178. Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
179. FM Receiver Using Cxa1619
180. Charge Monitor For V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
181. Dynamic Temperature Indicator Controller using uC
182. GSM (mobile) based dc motor EWEED control using mobile.
183. Voice Record and Playback
184. GSM Controlled Door Latch Opener With Security Autodial-Up
185. Automatic Speed-Controller For Fans and Coolers
186. Fire & Smoke Alarm System
187. Robot Based On Microcontroller
188. Musical 'Touch' Bell
189. Dtmf operated robot
190. Implementation of modulation techniques (AM FM PM).
191. Micro Controller Based Energy saver and auto switching using IR sensors
192. FET 4 Input Mixer (+/-9v)
193. 4 Channel Fault Enunciator
194. Development of microcontroller synthesizable model and implementation
195. Pc Based Remote Batch Counting And Control System
196. Simple Analogue to digital converter
197. Robotics arm for test tube filling application with PC interface
198. Mosfet Charlferistics Trainer
199. Night Lamp With Morning Alarm
200. Intelligent Brain Reader And Biometric Control System Of Electrical Equipments
201. Automatic Speed Controller For Fans and Coolers
202. DTMF Receiver IC Tester
203. Ultrasonic Based Distance Measuring System
204. control of injection molding machinery
205. Digital Code Lock
206. Automatic PH Control using Microcontroller
207. Dual Motor L298 H-Bridge Control
208. Auto Distribution Control With Time Based Cut Off Logic
209. Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe
211. Clock Controller Using 8051
212. Stress Meter
213. Industrial Automation ZE Machine Control Using DTMF Telephone
214. Line Telephone Share
215. Robot control using RF (wireless) communication.
216. Digital Audio - Video Input Selector
217. Medium-Power FM Transmitter
218. Matlab Based CDMA Communication
219. Mobile detector bug
220. Transformer Less 12v Dual Power Supply
221. GSM (mobile) based stepper motor EWEED control.
222. 1 Hz Clock Generator
223. Fire Alarm Using Thermistor
224. Microcontroller based elevator controller
225. Voltage sags in industrial systems
226. Wide Rang Square Wave Generator
227. Keeps distance warning system.
228. PIC microcontroller based automatic window automation
229. Multi resolution watermark based on wavelet transforms for digital images.
230. Programmable Door-Bell with Flashing LEDS
231. Wire Less Based Automatic Shutter Control System.
232. Ph Controller
233. Heat-Sensitive Switch
234. Integrated Immobiliser & RFID for Vehicle Security & Toll Collection
235. 4- Direction Obstacle /Object Detector & Multi Phonic Indicater for Blind
236. Computerized Drilling Machine
237. Electrical Telephone Demonstrator
238. Implementation and prototyping on core architecture on FPGA
239. Clap Remote
240. wireless voting system
241. Robot for Defense Applications
242. Adjustable Dancing Lights
243. Smart Phone Light
244. Anti-falling robot or self balancing robot.
245. Pulse Generator
246. Wireless Equipment Control Using Voice
247. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Lift control System
248. I V R S For Industries
249. Under-/Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
250. DES (Data Encryption Standard) Algorithm
251. Digital Weight Accumulator
252. Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
253. Programmable Priority Time Switch
254. Atmega based stepper motor control
255. Fastest-finger-first-indicator
256. Precision Attenuater with Digital Control
257. UC Based Code Lock System
258. Audio-Visual Extra Ringer For Phone
259. Crane Robot
260. Musical Touch Bell
261. Stepper Motor Conrol Using PC
263. Cable Break Detector
264. Precision Amplifier With Digital Control
265. Face Recognition Based Access Control
266. uC Based Elevator
267. Tiny Dew Sensor
268. Midnight Security Light
269. Intelligent Battery Charger
270. Labview based industrial appliances control
271. Super Simple Triangular To Sine Wave Generator
272. Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones
273. Digital Stop Water
275. Intelligent Switch
276. Wheeler Theft Control Industrial Protection System Using Temperature, Smoke
277. Implementation of fail - safe control systems using programmable logic controllers
278. Programmable LED Indicator
279. PIC microcontroller based one rupee coin box
280. Over-Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical Appliances
281. 9-Line Telephone Sharer
282. Solidstate Switch For DC-Operated Gadgets
283. Infrared Interruption Counter
284. Control of tap change under load transformers through the use of programmable logic
285. Bidirectional Visitor Counter cum Power Management
286. Hourly Chime Function Generator
287. Pc control un-manned vehicle programmed
288. Clap Remote
289. Wireless PC Controlled Robot
290. Using Cordic Algorithm
292. House Cleaning Robot
293. Secured Wireless Data Communication
294. RF Control of Motors
295. Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)
296. Front Door Guard
297. Versatile Power Supply
298. Automatic Railway Crossing
299. Traffic Baton
300. Microcontroller based Scrolling Message Display
301. implementation
302. Controlling the speed, Direction time of a 3Phase Induction Motor with changing temperature
303. Hardware Lock For Software
306. Electrical Distribution Control With Control Timing
307. Multiband CW Transmitter
308. Simple Logic Probe
309. Telephone Line Vigilant
310. Over Voltage Protection
311. DC Circuit Breaker using SCR Trainer Kit
312. Telephone Answering Matching
313. Application of programmable logic controllers to substation control and protection
314. Wire Router Robot For Panel Wiring
315. Infrared Bug
316. it’s Applications
317. Digital Timer Enhancement
318. Touch & Light Sensing Robot
319. Crystal Controlled Fm Transmitte
320. Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier
321. Musical Light Chaser
322. Water Treatment Device
323. Auto.object rejection and auto picking system
324. Railway Track Crack Detection System
325. Servo Stabilizer using Mirocontroller
327. Speed Checker For High Ways:
328. 3-Q AC Voltage Regulator Using SCR
329. Wireless Robotic ARM With PC Interface
330. Co2 & O2 Monitoring In Green House
331. Design and development of traffic light controller on FPGA
332. Input Water Sensing And Overhead Tank Filling System
333. Control
334. Blown Fuse Indicator
335. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Accelerometer Mouse
336. Automatic Load Shedding For Load Dispatch System
337. Auto Braking Of Two Trains
338. Appliance Timer
339. Intelligent sensor based industrial fire detector
341. Data Communication using PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication)
342. Automated Door Locking and Security System in Defence and other areas
343. Implementation Of Solar Cell Tracing System For The Maximum Utilization of Solar Power and Illumination
344. Wireless Based Electrical Device Control.(IR or RF)
345. Electronic Bicycle Lock
346. Touch-Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
347. Variable Auxiliary Power Supply
348. GSM Based Air Conditioner Controlling System
349. Boiler Automation System Using PLC
350. Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
351. Infrared Firecracker Igniter
352. Remote-operated Master Switch
353. Automatic railway crossing with colossion avoidance
354. Alcohol Detection In Human
355. RFID based Access Control System with PC Logging
356. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
357. Micro Controller based robotics arm control using GSM
358. Microcontroller based wireless dc motor control
359. Micromotor Controller
360. Wind-PV-Battery Renewable Energy System
362. Electrical Distribution Control System
363. Metro Train Prototype
364. Battery-level Indicator
365. Laser control
366. Pacemaker Demonstration -Non-Microcontroller Based
367. Phone BroadCaster
368. Mobile Bug
369. Off-Line Telephone Tester
370. Multi Zone Fault Detector Using PLCC
371. Development of intellectual property for local interconnect network for
372. Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe
373. Pc based motor direction control
374. Device Control Through Optical Fiber Using Microcontroller
375. PC-Based Oscilloscope
376. Micro Controller based autonomous cleaning robot
377. SMS Chatting Using RF
378. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
379. Electronic Code Lock
380. Ultrasonic Motion Deteton
381. Computer operated Football robot (wired) Dc motor operated
382. Development Of PIR Motion Sensor For Detecting Body Movement
383. Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector
384. U.S.B. Connectivity To Micro Controller
385. Digital Calendar (Displaying time and data on LCD)
386. Auto Start, Auto Through Material Handling Lifts System
387. Wireless Headphone FM Transmitter
389. Development of data acquisition and load control system by programmable logic controller for high voltage load customer
390. Temperature Sensitive Fan
391. Microcontroller based dc Motor speed controller
392. Auto stop, auto move material handling trolly system in industry
393. Pc based robot control
394. Hit Switch
395. Auto Control of three phase Induction motor
396. Vertical Distribution of the Modular Local Control Structure using Industrial Ethernet Synchronous Compensators: Models Verified by Tests of Automatic Voltage Regulator,
397. Generator Room Light
398. Automatic Room Power Control
399. Quality FM Transmitter
400. IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
401. Pick and Place Robotic arm control based Conveyer System used in
402. Surveillance robot.
403. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Digital Stethoscope
404. A Highly Efficient DC Lamp Dimmer
405. Parallel to serial converter
406. Frame separation and restoration of video signal
407. Micro Controller Based Pathfinder
408. Automatic Bottling and Filling System in Industries
409. Alcohol Sensor Detection For Drivers In Vehicles
410. Moving Display On Big Led Display With Keyboard + Data Saved In 24c02
411. Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
412. Weather monitoring robot based on microcontrollers
413. Wire Position Sensor Encoder and Distance Measurement
414. AC Power Data Logger
415. Fluid Flow Measurement (Liquid)
416. Versatile On/Off Timer
417. GSM robot with auto path finder + anti falling concept
418. Direction Control of Stepper Motor
419. Compliant Digital Base band Transmitter on a Digital Signal Processor
420. FPGA Implementation of USB Transceiver Macro cell Interface With Usb.
421. Non-Contact Power Monitor
423. Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply
424. Digital Over Load Indicator For Vehicle
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