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1. Versatile Power Supply
2. PIC microcontroller based robot motion control through human hand
3. Coin Based Toll Gate System.
4. Auto path finder robot with two sensors
5. Roller Chain Breakage Protection for Conveyors
6. Development Of Embedded System For Energy Saving Of Street Light
7. Infrared Auto Switch
8. Robotics arm for test tube filling application with PC interface
9. Implementation Of Solar Cell Tracing System For The Maximum Utilization of Solar Power and Illumination
10. PC based wireless paging system with LCD
11. Electronic Auto Dipper
12. Fake Currency Detector
13. 9-Line Telephone Sharer
14. Fluid Level Detection
15. microcontroller based soil moisture detection and controller
16. Weight Integrator for conveyor belts
17. Increasing the Flexibility and Intelligence of Material Handling through the Factory by
18. Speech compression using LD-CELP (Mat lab).
19. Axis Robot (Programmable)
20. Measurement using Image Processing
21. Super Simple Triangular To Sine Wave Generator
22. Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)
23. Handy Telephone Receiver
24. Enabling / Disabling And Wireless Control Of Appliances & Devices By FM & DTMF Systems Using RF Technology
25. Inverter for Soldering Iron
26. Clock Timer
27. Prepaid Fare Card for RTC Buses
28. Metre Direct Conversion Receiver
29. Optical Remote Switch
30. PIC microcontroller based password locker for highly secured areas
31. Electronic Score Board for Basket Ball
32. Remote-Operated Musical Bell
33. P.I.D. controller
35. Design & analysis of 12-bit DAC (VLSI circuit design).
36. Versatile On/Off Timer
37. Microcontroller Based Line Speed Meter
38. Programmable Logic Controller System for Controlling and Monitoring Home Application
39. Knock Alarm
40. Time Switch
41. Crack Detector Robot
42. Ramp Controlled Light
43. Brake Failure Indicator
44. Logic code transformation and minimization algorithm for fault diagnostic systems Research on technique of real-time communication between programmable logic controller
45. Navigational Aid For Blind
46. Fastest-finger-first-indicator
47. Stepper motor control using micro controller
49. Low-Cost Transistorised Intercom
51. Digital Frequency Meter
52. Remote controlled switch board with fan regulator with ATS
53. Hit Switch
54. Running Message Display
55. Telephone-Operated Calling System
56. Proximity Security System
57. Power-Supply Failure Alarm
59. architecture
60. Auto Dialer Logic
61. Wireless DC Motor Speed Control Using uC
62. Electronic Voting machine with Managed Control Unit
63. With Wireless Camera
64. concepts
65. Solidstate Auto Power-Off/On Mains Failure
66. DC Drive
67. Door Interrupter
68. PC Based Moving Message DISPLAY
69. Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
70. Atmega based angular displacement control
72. Temperature Controlled fan
73. Build The Breath O-Meter
74. Programmable Digital Time Switch
75. SMART [Semi Modulated Automatic Regererative Trarnsmitter]
76. A VLSI Architecture For Visible Watermarking In A Secure Still Digital
77. An Intelligent Ambulance Car Which Control To Traffic Light Watchman Robot
78. A comparative study of EKV & BSIM MOSFET models (VLSI Study).
79. Ding-Dong Bell
80. Motor Speed Controller Using Cellular Phone
81. Ultrasonic Movement Detector
82. Lakshman Rekha Robot
83. Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock
84. Mcs- Based Street Light Control
85. Stepper motor speed angle, steps and direction controller.
86. JPEG compression using DCT.
87. controllers
88. Generator Room Light
89. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Load Sharing using DC Motors
90. Precision Digial AC Power controller
91. Water level indicator With Alarm
92. FPGA Implementation of USB Transceiver Macro cell Interface With Usb.
94. Dice With 7-Segment Display
95. Programmable Musical Bell
96. Voting On Telephone Line
97. Fastest Finger First Indicator Using Microcontroller
98. May
99. Power Saver Or Energy Management
100. Glass Cutting Robot
101. Microcontroller based Heart rate Meter
102. PIC microcontroller based light chasing robot
103. Automatic Phase Changer
104. Microcontroller-based Ultrasonic distance meter
105. Reactive Power Control, and Voltage Joint Control IEEE
106. Speed Control Of Dc, Stepper Motors
107. Antisleep Alarm for Students
108. Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock
109. Laser-guided Door Opener
110. Smart Hearing Aid
111. Micro Controller based robotics arm control using GSM
112. Automatic Switch For Audio Power Amplifier
113. Improvement of the orthogonal Code Convolution Capabilities using FPGA
114. Remote control stepper motor system with PC
115. Analysis of frequency variations on a real time speech signal
116. Real Time Machine Control using Cell Phones
117. Discrete-time PID Controller Design in Programmable Logical Controllers
119. Parallel Telephones With Secrecy
120. Health Insurance Card
121. Control your PC with TV remote
122. Clap Switch
123. Electrical Equipment Control using Voice - Wireless
124. Water Level Detection System
125. Design And Implementation of PLC- Based Monitoring Control System For Induction Motor
126. Precision 1Hz Clock Generator Using Chip-On-Board
127. Muscular Stimulator
128. Cordless Phone Backup
129. At Keyboard Based Password Protected Door Access System
130. With Water Tank &Pump
131. Speed Control of AC Motors using
132. Production Line Conveyor Shift Unit
133. Programmable Door-Bell with Flashing LEDS
134. Running Lights Effect
135. Traffic Light Four Side Led One Side Count Down Timer Density Control Special Provision For Ambulance Road Side Pedestrian Control Through Motor:
136. Poor Man's Hearing Aid
137. Microcontroller based wireless dc motor control
138. Energy Theft Detection using Microcontroller
140. Ready -To-Use Object Counter
141. Dice With -Segment Display
142. Water Level Controller
143. Infrared Remote Switch (6 devices + 1 fan)
144. Drinking Water alarm
145. Home Automation And Security Control Interface With Telephone
146. Voter Card
147. PC Operated Drilling Machine
148. Luggage Security System
149. Auto Reset Over/Under Voltage Cut-Out
150. WI- FI Lan Based Process Control & Monitring
151. Un Manned Vehicle Robot
152. Four point quiz game
153. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring And Control Station
154. Controllable Arbitrary Integer frequency divider based on VHDL
155. Traffic light control ©.
156. Pc control un-manned vehicle programmed
157. Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
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