embedded project and implimentations
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electronics seminars
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a. PGS : parking Guidance System based on wireless Sensor networks 2008

b. An enhanced parking lot service model using wireless sensor network 2008

c. Route Selection for Vehicle Navigation and Control ( Industrial Informatics) 2008

d. A wireless escape system for industrial accidents using Ad Hoc positioning 2008

e. Internet-Enabled Calibration Services: Design of a Secure Calibration System (E&I) 2008

f. Automated Phone Capture of Diabetes Patients Readings/Consultant Monitoring via the Web 2008

g. Automatic System for Measuring & Controlling the Length of a Moving Product in Industries 2008

h. Three-Dimensional Password for More Secure Authentication (I & m) 2008

i. Train Auto Control System based on OSGi ( 2008.)

j. Designing Fingerprint-Recognition-Based Access Control for Electronic Medical Records Systems 2008

k. DGS: Driving Guidance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network (AINAW 2008)

l. Single access point location tracking for in-home health monitoring 2008

m. A Remote-Control Engineering Laboratory (industrial electronics)2008

n. PAS: A Wireless-Enabled, Cell-Phone-Incorporated Personal Assistant System for Independent and Assisted Living 2008

o. A tactile System for Informing the Blind on Direction of a Walk 2008

p. A Study on the Application of Patient Location Data for Ubiquitous Healthcare System based on LBS 2008

q. Assurance Evaluation for Test of Communication-Based Train Control System 2007

r. Ultra Low power Wireless Weather Station
s. Remote laboratory for control engineering degree ( instrumentation) 2007

t. An Integrated Vision-based Architecture for Home Security System 2007

u. Remote Control using Mobile through Spoken Commands 2007

v. Multi Rate Control in Internet based Control System ( Instrumentation) 2007

w. Development of intelligent home healthcare box connecting medical equipments & service platform 2007

x. Design of Streetlight Monitoring and Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks 2007

y. Adaptive Traffic Light Control with Wireless Sensor Network 2007

z. Secure Biometric Recognition method in Home Network 2006

aa. PH Neutralization through Internet 2006

bb. Remote Target Monitoring in Embedded Systems Lab Courses using a Sensor Network 2006

cc. A Wireless Vending Machine System Based on GSM 2006

dd. Preliminary Design of Remotely Used and Monitored Medication Dispenser 2006

ee. Design of a SIP-based real-time visitor conversation & door control architecture using a home gateway 2006
ff. Remote Login Downloader

gg. Embedded Highway patrol Informer

hh. Embedded Remote Doctor & Pill Dispenser

ii. E-Security System with Video Capture option

jj. Embedded Bio Sensored Electrical Application Activator Cum Energy Saver

kk. RFID Grocery Tracking System

ll. Bluetooth Home Automation System
mm. Automated RFID Shopping CART
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a) Enemy detect unmanned video Robot
b) Wireless Enemy detect unmanned Robot
c) Automatic Energy Management Systems
d) Advanced GSM earthquake alarm system for early warning
e) Unmanned Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot For Defense
f) Path planning for blind person using ultrasonic
g) GSM Accident Sensing Systems
h) Wireless CAR Parking System
i) GSM CAR Parking System
j) GSM Autonomous CAR Parking System with image Processing
k) Intelligent Alcohol Detection System For CAR
l) Vehicle Speed Sensing smoke detecting Systems
m) Voice operated intelligent wheel chair
n) Wireless Voice Recognition Robot Using AV
o) GSM Aluminum Foil Winding System
p) Wireless Voice Recognition Channel Control TV
q) Wireless Voice Recognition Home Automation
r) Wireless Voice Recognition Robotic Car
s) Single leg Robot L
t) A GSM signals-based positioning technique for mobile applications L
u) GSM Digital CAR Antitheft Alarm system(CAR ECOPS)
v) GSM Digital X-Ray for Security Systems
w) Door Open /Close Through Voice
x) Mobile E-Cops With Multiprocessor Systems
y) Mobile E-Cops Systems
z) Sensor Based Motion Control Of Mobile Car Robot
aa) GSM Multi Machine Remote Debugger Systems
bb) GSM Prepaid EB, Phone Bill System
cc) GSM Multi Machine Real Time Control Systems
dd) Electronic voting machine using finger print sensor
ee) Security access control system with smart card
ff) Pick and place Robot
gg) A GSM signals-based positioning technique for mobile applications H
hh) single leg Robot H
ii) Robotic smart house to assist people with movement disabilities H
jj) Talking Bus Stop for Blind
kk) RF-ID Based Talking Wheel Chair For Patient
ll) GSM Path Finding And Mapping System
mm) GSM Petrol Reader Systems
nn) GSM Weather station
oo) Intelligent GSM Care For Bus Finding System
pp) Wireless Intelligent Rehabilitation Robotic System For the Disabled and the Elderly
qq) Mobile-Device Controller
rr) Robotic smart house to assist people with movement disabilities L
ss) Attendance marker using fingerprint sensor
tt) Electronic passport for luggage identification in Airport
uu) Involuntary Train Collision Prevention System for Railway
vv) GSM High Performance ATM Card Security System
ww) Wireless Train Talking Station Name For Passenger
xx) GSM Street Light Control System with RF Communication
yy) Line Follower Robot
zz) Laser Light Follower Robot
aaa) Color Sensing Robot
bbb) Voice Color Sensing Robot
ccc) GSM Textile Color Sensing Robot
ddd) Tele Medicare system with auto dialer
eee) Smart card based guard monitoring
fff) Security access control system with smart card
ggg) Smart card based guard monitoring
hhh) Pick and place robot.
iii) Remote controlled robot
jjj) Ultrasonic distance meter
kkk) Vehicle collision detection with annunciation
lll) Digital Odo Meter.
mmm) Humidity and temperature process monitoring for metrology lab
nnn) Telephone interfaced security system
ooo) Telephone interfaced security system for industries
ppp) Automatic humidity controls for refrigerators
qqq) Device controlling using telephone
rrr) Device controlling using SMS
sss) Wireless based device control.(IR/RF)
ttt) Dynamic parking negotiation and guidance using an agent_H
uuu) Dynamic parking negotiation and guidance using an agent_L
vvv) Intelligent Wireless Video Capture Wall Romeo
www) GSM ATM Card Security System
xxx) Tele Medicare system
yyy) Tele Medicare system with auto dialler
zzz) Smart card based guard monitoring
aaaa) Smart card based attendance marker
bbbb) Attendance marker using fingerprint sensor
cccc) Electronic voting machine using finger print sensor
dddd) Voice operated device control
eeee) Wireless based PC-to-PC communication
ffff) Wireless encryption and decryption
gggg) Data transfer system for Security applications
hhhh) Secured message transfer for defence application
iiii) Railway tracking system.
jjjj) Weather monitoring
kkkk) Patient monitoring system.
llll) GPS based base monitoring
mmmm) Car automation system
nnnn) Digital power supply
oooo) PH Neutralization through internet (EEE JULY 2006)
pppp) Simultaneous web based real time temperature monitoring
qqqq) RFID based highway toll collection
rrrr) RFID based reservation system
ssss) RFID based automatic car parking system
tttt) RFID based attendance system
uuuu) RFID based voting machine
vvvv) RFID based ration card
wwww) RFID r/w based prepaid energy meter
xxxx) RFID r/w based banking system
yyyy) Loan watcher
zzzz) Coin based toll gate system
aaaaa) Air pollution monitor
bbbbb) On line temperature monitoring of power distribution Equipment (IEEE 2005)
ccccc) Autonomous navigation of RFID sensing robots (Information ensuring for the
ddddd) visually impaired)
eeeee) Automatic door open (IEEE -2000)
fffff) Finger print based production security system
ggggg) Finger print based medical information system
hhhhh) Finger print based banking system
iiiii) Finger print based library management system
jjjjj) Finger print based security system
kkkkk) Finger print based door opening and closing system
lllll) RFID based shopping trolley
mmmmm) Boiler control system
nnnnn) Credit card reader
ooooo) Energy saver for refrigerator
ppppp) Prepaid card for internet browsing
qqqqq) Auto scheduler for multiple machines
rrrrr) Programmable power supply
sssss) V/L control of induction motor
ttttt) Direct torque control of induction motor
uuuuu) PWM based sine wave inverter
vvvvv) IGBT chopper for DC motor
wwwww) Motor monitoring & protection system
xxxxx) Transforming monitoring & protection system
yyyyy) Power factor monitor & controller
zzzzz) Maximum demand controller with power factor controller
aaaaaa) Wireless energy transmitter with traffic system
bbbbbb) I2C based energy billing system
cccccc) Security system with auto dialer
dddddd) Automatic street light controller with RTC
eeeeee) Solar based traffic controller
ffffff) Density based traffic controller
gggggg) Traffic controller with real time clock
hhhhhh) Prepaid card for bus fare system
iiiiii) Prepaid card for petrol bunk system
jjjjjj) Prepaid card for shopping
kkkkkk) Wireless based motor monitoring system
llllll) Wireless motor control system

mmmmmm) Data logger for process station
nnnnnn) Automated gas pumping system
oooooo) Multi channel fire monitor with alarm
pppppp) Traffic rules monitor
qqqqqq) Bank token display system with voice
rrrrrr) Automatic water purifier
ssssss) IR based wireless printer and keyboard
tttttt) Controlling of transformer from substation
uuuuuu) Auto scheduler dialer
vvvvvv) Digital energy with volt, current and power factor monitor
wwwwww) Web camera positioning system
xxxxxx) Electronic voting machine
yyyyyy) Automatic braking, jogging plugging on/off forward and reverse
zzzzzz) Coin based cell phone charger
aaaaaaa) Gas leakage detector and auto dialing controller system
bbbbbbb) Energy saver for street lights
ccccccc) Over speed and drunken drive indicator
ddddddd) Coin based electronic bus conductor
eeeeeee) Embedded based Metal detector
fffffff) Embedded based digital Mileage meter
ggggggg) Embedded based digital Level monitor and control
hhhhhhh) Embedded based digital Fuel level monitor
iiiiiii) Embedded based digital object counter
jjjjjjj) PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter.
kkkkkkk) Solar based lighting system
lllllll) Solar agro sprayer
mmmmmmm) UPS monitoring system
nnnnnnn) Battery monitoring system
ooooooo) Stepper motor direction and speed controller
ppppppp) Servo motor direction and speed controller
qqqqqqq) Motor speed control through telephone line
rrrrrrr) AC voltage and current monitor
sssssss) Earth fault detector
ttttttt) Generator monitor
uuuuuuu) Voice operated home appliance controller
vvvvvvv) Telephone operated home appliance controller
wwwwwww) Voice dialing system
xxxxxxx) Voice operated dish positioning system
yyyyyyy) PH monitor and control
zzzzzzz) Embedded based electronic bus conductor
aaaaaaaa) Embedded based electronic hardware lock
bbbbbbbb) Embedded based electronic gardner
cccccccc) Embedded based electronic weather monitoring
dddddddd) Embedded based electronic code locking system
eeeeeeee) Embedded based electronic college bell system
ffffffff) Embedded based electronic room attendance system
gggggggg) Lift access control system
hhhhhhhh) Barcode scanner for industries
iiiiiiii) Embedded based electronic grinder controller
jjjjjjjj) Automatic dam shutter controller
kkkkkkkk) Plant humidification for textile industries
llllllll) Microcontroller based Hotel automation
mmmmmmmm) Over load protection system.
nnnnnnnn) Over load protection system with announcement system
oooooooo) Over load protection system
pppppppp) Embedded Based Substation monitoring with control
qqqqqqqq) Embedded Based Substation monitoring with control with announcement
rrrrrrrr) Prepaid card system for electricity meter
ssssssss) Electricity billing automation system
tttttttt) Transformer parameter monitoring and fault detection system
uuuuuuuu) Remote speed control of DC motor
vvvvvvvv) Apparatus control in Office IR
wwwwwwww) SMS- Electrical apparatus control in a plant
xxxxxxxx) Plant humidification for agricultural land
yyyyyyyy) SMS based universal motor speed controller
zzzzzzzz) SMS based DC motor speed controller
aaaaaaaaa) SMS based single phase induction motor controller
bbbbbbbbb) SMS based three phase induction motor controller
ccccccccc) SMS based security system
ddddddddd) Call based home appliance controller
eeeeeeeee) SMS based banking security system
fffffffff) Engine monitoring through mobile phone
ggggggggg) Mobile based voting machine
hhhhhhhhh) SMS based electricity bill
iiiiiiiii) Railway accident monitoring system
jjjjjjjjj) SMS based weather report
kkkkkkkkk) Industrial furnace monitor using mobile system
lllllllll) Office automation using microcontroller

mmmmmmmmm) Mobile RF-ID tracking
nnnnnnnnn) Coin Wending And Exchange Machine
ooooooooo) Latest water land Roaming vehicle Tanker Robo
ppppppppp) Automatic signalling unit for highways
qqqqqqqqq) SMS- Electrical apparatus control in offices
rrrrrrrrr) .GSM Ad-hoc Network protocol EB Billing System
sssssssss) Unmanned Tanker robo for flight shooting with image processing
ttttttttt) Auto mobile Recharge Station with image Processing
uuuuuuuuu) Design of integrated meter reading system based on power-line communication
vvvvvvvvv) Human Action Smart CAR
wwwwwwwww) Wireless Based Human Action Smart Speech System
xxxxxxxxx) Vision Based Water & Land ROBO for Surveillance System with
yyyyyyyyy) Remote Access to Sensor Imaginary
zzzzzzzzz) Wireless Action TV
aaaaaaaaaa) RF-ID Based Talking bus stop and speech guide for blind
bbbbbbbbbb) Electronic vehicle identification
cccccccccc) Action Sensing Speech System
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to get information about the topic Intelligent Traffic Control using embedded system full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



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topicideashow-to-embedded-project and implimentations-for-final-year-engineering-students

topicideashow-to-new-embedded-project and implimentations-titles-and-ideas

topicideashow-to-embedded-project and implimentation-ideas

topicideashow-to-embedded-project and implimentations-ideas


topicideashow-to-best-embedded-project and implimentations-ideas-for-engineering-students

topicideashow-to-embedded-project and implimentations-list

topicideashow-to-embedded-project and implimentations

topicideashow-to-electrical-and-electronics-project and implimentations-by-embedded-and-microcontroller-systems

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