engineering project and implimentation ideas
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1. GSM Controlled Door Latch Opener With Security Autodial-Up
2. Heat-Sensitive Switch
3. Solar Bug
4. Phone BroadCaster
5. Verification of Thevnin Theoren Trainar Kit
6. Liquid Level Alarm
7. Bidirectional Visitor Counter cum Power Management
8. Bus Bar Protection from Over Load
9. Stabilised Power Supply With Short-Circuit Indication
10. Electronic Candles
11. Implementation of image restoration.
12. Stepper Motor Conrol Using PC
13. Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System
14. Automatic Temperature Controller
15. Automatic Room Power Control
16. Time Switch
17. Solidstate Auto Power off on Mains Failure
18. Electronic Scoring game
19. Equipment Control Using Mobile
20. Mains Operated Christmas Star
21. Three-Colour Display Using Bicolour LEDs
22. Automatic load sharing of transformers
23. Static Rom Using VHDL
24. Electrical Apparatus Control System In A Plant Using RF Wireless
25. Electronic Security System
26. Midnight Security Light
27. Battery-level Indicator
28. VLSI Based MultiZone Security System (SCH)
29. Electric Guitar Preamplifier
30. Wireless chatting system using RF
31. Ultra-Bright LED Lamp
32. Low cost PCO Billing meter
(a) With Camera
33. Crystal-Controlled Time-Base Generator
34. Wi-Fi Lan Controlled Robot With Robotic Arm
35. Electrical Equipment Control using Voice - Wired
36. Watchman Watcher
37. Precison 1Hz Clock Generator Using Chip-On-Board
38. Wireless Stepper Motor Using Microcontroller
39. Design And Implementation Of Object Counter For Industrial Automation
40. Parrot-Sounding AC Doorbell
41. PC Based Temperature Monitoring Using Lm35 And RS 232 Protocol.
42. Atmel AVR ISP Dongle
43. Electrical Equipments Controlling Using Pc
44. VLSI Based Traffic Light System(VHDL)
45. Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems
46. Four-In-One Burglar Alarm
47. Night Alert
48. Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector
49. Crash notification using GSM technology
50. Song Number Display
51. Electronic Metronome
52. Auto Mains Failure Switch
53. Prepaid Energy Meter
54. Digital Stop Watch
55. Ultra Low Drop linear regulator
56. Railway Track Crack Detection System
57. Safety Guard
58. Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
59. Automatic Emergency Tourch
60. 3-q Dual Converter
61. Automated Traffic Signal Controller
62. Universal Mobile Automatic System (UMAS)
63. uC Inveter
64. Equipment Control Using Mobile & Via PC & FM with Fan Speed Control
65. Adjustable Dancing Lights
66. Speller Effect Sign Display
67. Automatic Switch For Audio Power Amplifier
68. Cable Break Detector
69. Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch
70. DTMF Receiver IC Tester
71. Ready -To-Use Object Counter
72. Electronic Card-Lock System
73. LED-Based Message Display
74. Electronic Jam
75. Integrated Immobiliser & RFID for Vehicle Security & Toll Collection
76. 9-Line Telephone Sharer
77. Electronic Voting M/C
78. HVAC
79. Seven Segment Display Driver Using Controller
80. Darkness Controlled Light Switch
81. Capacitance Bridge
82. Audio Amplifier for Personal Stereo
83. Colour Sensor
84. Number Guessing Game
85. Online Accessible Realtimeclock Using AT89S52
86. Industrial security system.
87. Electronic Code Lock
88. Laser-guided Door Opener
89. Miniature strobe light
90. Economical Pump Controller
91. Wireless Energy Meter with EEPROM Starage for Unit & Wireless & Unit Transmission on PC
92. Invisible Broken Wire Detector
93. Digital Code Lock.
94. 7MHz CW AM QRP Transmitter
95. Telephone Recharge Energy Meter
96. Micromotor Controller
97. Flasher For Deepawali
98. Morphological operations using matlab on images.
99. Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
100. Infrared Electronic Shooting Game
101. MAT Switch
102. Remote Balance Enquiry System
103. Development Of Embedded System For Energy Saving Of Street Light
104. DC motor control using PC (pulse width modulation technique).
105. DISPLAY The Data On LCD Using Pc (Rs-232 Protocol).
106. Sleep Switch cum wake timer
107. Mobile Cellphone Charger
108. Microcontroller Based Fire Monitoring and control System In Industries
109. Stereo Tape Head Preamplifier For PC Sound Card

110. Free Space Optical Communication
111. Wiper Speed Controller
112. Digital Mains Voltage indicator
113. Laptop Protector
114. VLSI based Multizone Security System with IR Senser Temp Sensar Reed S/W Sensar & Smoke Sensar
115. Triple Power Supply
116. Uc Based Phase Management
117. Automatic Telephone Answering Machine
118. Solar Powered Wireless Autonomous Robot
119. Infrared Firecracker Igniter
120. GSM (mobile) based ac motor EWEED control using mobile.
121. Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
122. Prepaid Fare Card for RTC Buses
123. Automatic School Bell
124. Navigational Aid For Blind
125. Clap Remote
126. Micro controlller based Solar Tracher Single Axis
127. Mobile Shield
128. PC Multimedia Speakers
129. Traffic Light Controller
130. Street Light Control Using Light Dependent Resister
131. Intelligent Switch
132. Dice With 7-Segment Display
133. Battery Opeated High Voltage Source
134. Load Shedder (uC Based)
135. Motorbike Alarm
136. Fire Alarm Using Thermistor
137. GSM Based Mobile Security system
138. PC Remote Control using IR Encoder/Decoder
139. Image Processing Based Laser Mouse Pointer with Equipment Control
140. Temperature Controlled fan
141. RFID based Access Contrpl System
142. Over Voltage Protection
143. Car Anti-theft Guard
144. Simple Code Lock
145. 40-Meter Direct conversion receiver
146. IR Remote Switch
147. Generation Of 1-Sec. Pulses Spaced 5-Sec. Apart
148. Radio Frequency Beacon Finder
149. Wireless Equipment Control Using Voice
150. Smart Vibration Sensor
151. Electronic Energy Meter
152. Drinking Water alarm
153. Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
154. With Wireless Camera
155. Automatic Night Lamp With Morning Alarm
156. Protection for your electrical Appliance
157. USB Power Socket
158. Robot control using RF (wireless) communication.
159. Solidstate Relay with Under/Over Voltage Protection
160. Communication Between two PC's Using Laser or IR
161. Digital Frequency Meter
162. GSM (mobile) based stepper motor EWEED control.
163. TRIAC Based SPEED Control Of Induction Motor
164. I V R S For Industries
165. Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
166. Universal High-Resistance Voltmeter
167. GPS Based Wireless Vehicle Tracking System
168. Anti-Collision Rear Light
169. Remote-Operated Musical Bell
170. Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier
171. Anti-Theft Alarm For Bikes
172. Non-Contact Power Monitor
173. RFID Based Rechargeable Energy Meter
174. Low Cost Transistorised Inverter
175. Solar Powered Solid State Stepper Motor Controller
176. 4 Channel Blown Fuse Indicator or Multichannel Fault Indication System
177. Microcontroller Based IC Tester
178. Smart Foot Switch
179. GSM based home automation (using mobile).
180. Flashing Brakelight
181. Implementation of visual cryptography using DH method.
182. Programmable Timer for Appliances
183. UC Based Code Lock System
184. LED Lighting for Christmas
185. Thyristorized Dc Power Supply Using Matlab /VB
186. Programmable Musical Bell
187. Simple Analogue to digital converter
188. Mini UPS System
189. Robotic ARM using PLC
190. Obstacle Detection & Avoidance Robot
191. Long Range IR Transmitter
192. Electrical Equipment Control using Voice - Wireless
193. Remote Controlled Electric Appliances
194. Embedded based security system with IR sensors.
195. CD-Rom Drive as Digital-Audio CD Player
196. Handy Zener Diode tester
197. Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock System
198. Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light
199. Musical Light Chaser
200. Wireless Security System Using Microcontroller
201. Stress Meter
202. Faster Finger First Indicator
203. Encryption Standard Network Security
204. IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
205. Credit Card
206. Voltage Monitor and Control
207. Finger Print Based Access Control System
208. Digital Dice
209. Shopping Malls Security & Power Management System
210. IR Burglar Deterrent
211. Crystal Controlled Fm Transmitte
212. Home Security System
213. Telephone Line Vigilant
214. RF Based Wireless Text Message Transfer & Display
215. Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
216. Hand Clap Electronic Control
217. Long-range FM Transmitter
218. Single Phase Electronic Starter
219. Telephone Amplifier
220. Wireless Equipment Control Using uC
221. Low-Power Voltage Doubler
222. Pc Based Power Distribution System Monitoring And Control
223. Little Door Guard
224. A Hierarchical Priority Encoder
225. Traffic Controller
226. Desktop Power Supply
227. Infrared Remote Control Timer
228. Portable Lamp Flasher
229. (Solar Controlled Electric Device)
230. Mains Supply Failure Alarm
231. Simple Digital Security System
232. Water Heat Control System with Temperature Monitoring
233. JPEG compression using DCT.
234. Computerized Wireless Time Bell System Using Microcontroller
235. I2c protocol implementation (RTC).
236. Water-LeveL Controller
237. Voice Guided Wireless Robot
238. Implementation of color optimization.
239. DTMF Proximity Detector
240. Microcontroller Based Line Speed Meter
241. College Id Card
242. Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm
243. Music On-Hold For Telephones
244. Handy Telephone Receiver
245. uC Based Elevator
246. Light sensing Robot
247. IR Remote Control
248. (b)With Wireless Click
249. Flying Saucer
250. uC based College Management
251. Direction Control of Stepper Motor
252. High & Low Voltage cutout
253. Automatic Speed Controller For Fans and Coolers
254. Voter Card
255. Precision Amplifier with Digital Control
256. RF based(wireless) device controlling
257. Temperatures Indicator & Controller Using AT89C51
258. Home Automation Through PC.
259. wireless voting system
260. Optical Card Reader Using Microcontroller
261. Electronics Burglar Alarm Using Passive Infrared Sensors
262. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
263. Three-Phase Appliance Protector
264. Low current high voltage power supply
265. Remote Control Fan Regulator (Triac Firing Based)
266. Image denoising using DWT
267. Security System Switcher
268. Health Insurance Card
269. Digital switching system
270. Telecom Headset
271. USB (Serial) Microcontroller Based Equipment Control
272. Mobile Land Robot
273. Transformer Protection from Over load and Monitoring of load current in PC
274. Dynamic Temperature Indicator Controller using uC
275. Programmable LED Indicator
276. Ultrasonic Switch
277. Versatile Water-Level Controller
278. Four-Stage FM Transmitter
279. Muscular Stimulator
280. DC Motor Control Using A Single Switch
281. Voice Record and Playback
282. 2-Line Intercom-Cum-Telephone Line Changeover Circuit
283. Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage Analyser
284. Automatic Car Parking
285. Secret Bell
286. Electric Window Fence Charger
287. Internet based Equipment control
288. Remote Voting using Telephone/Mobile
289. Implementation of reverse watermarking system
290. Obstacle detection Robot.
291. Wirelss Multi Channel Zone Alarm System
292. Matlab Based CDMA Communication
293. Solar Lighting System
294. Multi-Switch Doorbell With Indicators
295. Norton Theorem Trainer Kit
296. Charge Monitor For 12V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
297. IR Controlled Robot
298. 4 Channel Fault Enunciator
299. Bottle Filling System
300. FM Booster
301. RFID based Access Control System with PC Logging
302. Dual-Channel Digital Volume Control
303. PC Based Humidity Monitoring.
304. Low-Cost Electronic Quiz Table
305. Bluetooth Based Wireless Equipment Controller
306. Line Follower Robot
307. Embedded based Electronic Voting Machine
308. Power Supply failure alarm
309. Temperature Dependent DC Fan Speed Control Using Thermistor
310. Smart Cellphone Holder
311. Shadow Alarm
312. PC-Based DC Motor Speed Controller
313. Electric Drive Control using PWM
314. Weather Forecasting System
315. Multiband CW Transmitter
316. Smart Hearing Aid
317. Static relay Operation Using Microcontroller
318. Clock Timer
319. Brake Failure Indicator
320. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
321. Color Sensor
322. Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver
323. Auto Turn-Off Battery Charger
324. House Security System
325. RFID Based Attendance System
326. Traffic Controller with real Time Clock
327. IC Controlled Emergency Light With Charger
328. Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator
329. 8051 Microcontroller Programmer
330. Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp
331. Digital Timer Enhancement
332. Mosfet Charlferistics Trainer
333. Prepaid Fare Card for Railways
334. Sensitive Vibration Detector
335. Running Lights Effect
336. Wireless Based Device Control.(RF)
337. Digital Dice with numeric display
338. Tester For Remote Control
339. Microcontroller Based RFID Tag Reader Microcontroller Based
340. uC Based Digital Panel for Vehicles
341. Text Message Tx & Rx Using DTMF uC
342. Electronic Horn
343. Medium-Power FM Transmitter
344. Remote Voting Through Telphone with Wirelss Winner Declaration
345. Finger Print Based Voting M/C
346. PC Based Voltage Monitoring.
347. Clap Switch
348. Telephone Receiver
349. PC based device control
350. 8051 Programmer
351. Solar Tracing System
352. Automatic-Off Timer For CD Players
353. PC Based Stepper Motor SPEED Control.
354. Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC
355. USB Power Booster
356. Luggage Security System
357. Development Of Pc Based PWM For Dc Motor EWEED Control
358. Temperature monitoring Robot using RF
359. PC IR Remode Control
360. Clock Controller Using 8051
361. Transistor Curve Tracer
362. Inverter for Soldering Iron
363. Transport Traning System Using DTMF & Receiver Reporting To PC
364. PC Temperature Alarm
365. Smart Laptop Docking Station
366. Poor Man’s Hearing Aid
367. Computerised Universal Timer
368. Electronic Bicycle Lock
369. Bipolar Transistor Tester
370. Communication.
371. Help Quit Wateh [Real Time Lock + Smoke Sensor + Solid State Voice + PC Logging]
372. Front Door Guard
373. DES (Data Encryption Standard) Algorithm
374. Automatic Phase Selection System
375. Smart card based Vehicle Operated System
376. Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator
377. Ding-Dong Bell
378. Image Processing Robot
379. Moving Message Display Using LCD (20x4)
380. Car Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm
381. Digital Speech Security System
382. Synopsis Multistory Car Parking System
383. Vehice Location Reporting System
384. Rank Display system w/o Race
385. Zigbee Based Wireless Text Message Transer & Display Using PS2 Keyborad
386. UPS for Cordless Telephones
387. Aquarium Probe
388. Development Of PIR Motion Sensor For Detecting Body Movement
389. RFID based Automatic Room Light with Access control
390. Soft Musical Telephone Ringer
391. 3-D Axis
392. Wireless Switch
393. Over Current Relay Trainer Kit
394. Frame separation and restoration of video signal
395. Electronic Watchdog
396. Image enhancement using histogram techniques
397. Energy Theft Detection using Microcontroller
398. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter
399. AC Power Data Logger
400. Remote Access Control System for Appliances Using Mobile Phone
401. Versatile Probe
402. Wireless Electronic Notice Board
403. Accurate Electronic Stop Watch
404. uC Based Welding Machine Power Saver
405. Precision Attenuater with Digital Control
406. Divide-By-N Counter Realisation Using ICs CD4033 And CD4017
407. Shutter Guard
408. Multi-Melody Generator With Instrumental Effect
409. Teleremote Control
410. Project Name
411. Smart Phone Light
412. Employee ID Card
413. Current Sensor
414. WI- FI Lan Based Process Control & Monitring
415. Zigbee Based Time And Attendance By Tracing With Ir
416. Sensitive Temperature Switch
417. Automatic Control of Unnamed rail Gate
418. Water level indicator With Alarm
419. Magic Light
420. Water-Level Indicator Using 7-segment display
421. Electronic Dice Using AT89C2051
422. Image compression using DWT
423. VLSI based Wireless Robot Without Camera
424. DC Circuit Breaker using SCR Trainer Kit
425. Mobile Phone Battery Charger
426. Dancing Lights
427. Simple Logic Probe
428. Transistorised Logic Probe for TTL
429. Wire Less Based Automatic Shutter Control System.
430. Stepper Motor Direction Controlling.
431. Prototype Of RF Based Station Intimation Using Wireless Communication
432. Hourly Chime Function Generator
433. SMART [Semi Modulated Automatic Regererative Trarnsmitter]
434. PC Based Ac Motor SPEED Control Using (P.W.M Technique).
435. Automatic Power Distribution
436. Multiplex Energy Distribution Management System (MEMDS)
437. Wireless Headphone FM Transmitter
438. Green House Enviornment Monitoring
439. Infrared Bug
440. Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios
441. PC-based 7 segment rolling display
442. Automatic Beverage Vending M/C
443. Lan Based / Telnet Based Control & Monitoring
444. Automatic Emergency Light
445. Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
446. IVRS Microcontrollers Based
447. Cell-Phone-Controlled Audio Video Mute Switch
448. Intruder Radio Alert System
449. Time Operated Home Appliances
450. Computer Controlled Wireless Robot without Camera
451. VLSI Based Robot (VHDL)
452. Telephone call meter using calculator and COB
453. Mobile Car Stereo Player
454. 2- Wheeler Theft Control Industrial Protection System Using Temperature, Smoke
455. Wireless Coat Hanger Walker Robot
456. Wireless Hovercraft
457. Automatic Heat Detector
458. Micro Controller Based Water Level Controller Cum Motor Protector
459. Telephone Call Counter
460. Remote Control For Home Appliances
461. Wireless Biomedical Monitoring System
462. Darkroom Timer
463. Energy Metering using GSM modem
464. Robot Controlling Using RF
465. Night Lamp With Morning Alarm
466. Image segmentation and texture extraction for Number Recognition system.
467. Touch Dimmer
468. Car Control During Cardiac Arrest with GSM Reporting
469. Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM
470. Mains Manager
471. Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
472. CDMA Transceiver
473. Mobile Bug
474. Telephone Call Recorder
475. Solidstate Switch For DC-Operated Gadgets
476. Solidstate Remote Control Switch
477. Automatic Street Light Controller with RTC
478. Weekly Reminder
479. Point of Sale (POS) Terminal with Wireless Data Logging TO PC
480. Simple Short-Wave Transmitter
481. Digital Energy Meter
482. Solid State Single Phasing Preventer
483. Traffic Baton
484. Fastest-finger-first-indicator
485. Digital Speedometer
486. Quality FM Transmitter
487. Low cost Transistorised intercom
488. 16- Bit Microprocessor Using VHDL
489. Industrial Monitoring and Control using GSM SMS
490. Extension Phone Switcher
491. RFID based Vehice Parking Logger
492. Fully Automatic Emergency Light
493. Microcontroller Based Smart Card
494. Multi Zone Fault Detector Using PLCC
495. Fastest Finger First Indicator Using Microcontroller
496. Constant-Current Battery Charger
497. Electronic Motor Starter
498. Voice Communication System using Laser Beam
499. Servo Stabilizer using Mirocontroller
500. Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator
501. uC based Rank Display system with IR Sensor Racing Detector
502. Oil & Gas plant Security system (Fire & flow)
503. IR Based Appliance Control System
504. Automatic Light Controller Using 7806
505. Fire Monitoring System
506. Ramp Controlled Light
507. Automatic Railway Crossing
508. Motion Sensor for Security Light
509. Highway Alert Signal Lamp
510. DC Motor Speed Control Using Remote
511. Uc Based Automatic Power Factor Correction
512. Implementation of IMAGE steganography using LSB
513. Precision Digial AC Power controller
514. Automatic Dual Output display
515. Polygraph
516. EMFT Elevation Using uC
517. Automated Guided Vehicle
518. Simple Intercom Circuit
519. 4- Direction Obstacle /Object Detector & Multi Phonic Indicater for Blind
520. DTMF Generation using Matlab/Wireless Control
521. Remote-operated Master Switch
522. Electronic Guide for Blind
523. Short Wave AM Transmitter
524. Tiny Dew Sensor
525. Home security system.
526. PC Power Manager
527. Telephone-Operated Calling System
528. SPEED synchronization of two DC motors
529. Face Recognition Based Access Control
530. Automated Alarm Circuits
531. Running Message Display
532. Digital Audio - Video Input Selector
533. Fuel Reserve Indicator For Vehicles
534. Low-Cost Hearing Aid
535. GSM (mobile) based dc motor EWEED control using mobile.
536. Magnetic Proximity switch
537. Data Communication using PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication)
538. AF/RF Signal Tracer
539. Numeric Water-level Indicator
540. Brain tumor detection using region growing method
541. Teleconferencing System
542. Audio-Visual Extra Ringer For Phone
543. Password Based Automated Room System
544. Smartcard Based Vehicle Operated System
545. Knock Alarm
546. Off-Line Telephone Tester
547. 3-Q AC Voltage Regulator Using SCR
548. Voice Scrambler
549. Antisleep Alarm for Students
550. Dual Axis
551. Versatile CMOS TTL Logic and Clock Probe
552. Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
553. Railway Track Detection and Anti Collision System
554. 5-Band Graphic Equaliser
555. Child's Lamp
556. E-STGS (e- Skynet Trajectory Mapping & Geographical Information System)
557. Watch Dog for Telephones
558. 33-Volt Tunning Voltage
559. Versatile Zener Diode Tester
560. Appliance Timer
561. Sound Detection System
562. Mosfet-Based Preamplifier for FM Radio DXing
563. Auto Shut-off For Cassette Players And Amplifiers
564. Programmable Door-Bell with Flashing LEDS
565. Automatic Phase Changer
566. Wireless Robotic ARM With PC Interface
567. Mobile Electronic Workbench
568. Wireless Security System With Image Capture
569. Maze Solving Robot
570. PC Based Speed control of DC motor using PWM Technique
571. Multi resolution watermark based on wavelet transforms for digital images.
572. Metal Detection Robot.
573. Fire Sensing Robot
574. Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network [Security system with Temp IR Sensar reed S/W Sensor, PIR Sensar)
575. Sensors And Light Dependent Resistor
576. Telephone Conversation Recorder
577. Over-Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical Appliances
578. Touch & Light Sensing Robot
579. Low Cost Automatic Gate LIght With A Musical Bell
580. Wireless Weather Station (Temp,Humidity & Light Intensity & wind Speed with PC Logging)
581. With IP Camera
582. VerIfication of Super Positon Trainer Kit
583. Implementation of image slicing using MATLAB.
584. Picnic Lamp
585. Visitor Counter Cum DISPLAY System Using IR With 7 Segment LEDs
586. Generator Room Light
587. Digital Calendar (Displaying time and data on LCD)
588. Embedded security system (key pad & LCD).
589. Fastest Finger First using SCR
590. Seismic Sensor
591. Stepper Motor Controller using uC with LCD
592. Vehicle Pollution Alert System
593. Moblie Sniffer
594. FM Transmitter For Channel Changer
595. Digital Thermometer
596. Automatc Toll Collection using RFID with Wireless Gate Receiver
597. Multitone Siren
598. Voltage and Frequency Monitoring & Control
599. VLSI Based Wireless Based DC Motor Contorl (SCH)
600. Moving Message Display Using Microcontoller
601. With Water Tank &Pump
602. High-Intensity, Energy-efficient LED Light
603. Telephone Number Display
604. Ultrasonic Motion Deteton
605. Computerised Morse Code Generator Transmitter
606. Washing Machine Motor Controller
607. Microcontroller Based Automatic Room Light
608. Micro controller based temperature LCD Display
609. Light Fence
610. Under-Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
611. Shortwave transmitter
612. Hybrid Power system
613. Self Switch power supply
614. Keeps distance warning system.
615. Image blur reduction using adaptive tonal correction
616. Fire Alarm
617. Autonomous Robot
618. Telephone line based Audio Muting
619. LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register)
620. Frequency measurement using PC
621. Security Alert System For Industries with Smoke Sensor
622. Mobile Phone Controlled Robot
623. Automatic Railway Bridge
624. Tank Overflow Preventer
625. PC Based Moving Message DISPLAY
626. Add-On Stereo Channel Selector
627. Wireless data communication using RF.
628. Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation
629. Image denoising using ROF method.
630. Multi Level Parking With Lift & 3rd Floor VIP parking with Code Lock & Indvidval Floor Count Display
631. Bicycle Indicator
632. Ration Card
633. 15-Step Digital Power Supply
634. Hit Switch
635. Liquid Level Control
636. Telephone Ringer Using Timer ICs
637. Programmable Priority Time Switch
638. Musical 'Touch' Bell
639. Versatile Power Supply
640. DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester
641. PC Based Single Channel Data Acquisition
642. Remote Controlling Of Pc Using Ur Own Remote
643. Moblie Phone/Telephone Controlled Token Number Display
644. Solar Lighting System
645. Water Level Controller Using 3-Phase Starter
646. Pulse Generator
647. SPEED Control of DC motor using PWM technique
648. Fire Fighting Robot with Fan as Extinguisher
649. Skin Response Meter
650. Cordless Phone Backup
651. Audio Video Transmeter
652. Blown Fuse Indicator
653. Flashing Beacon
654. Automatic PH Control using Microcontroller
655. Automated Remote Data Logger
656. RF Based Message Transfer Between 2 PC's
657. School-College Quiz Buzzer
658. Digital Volume Control
659. Mobile based land Robot.
660. Fuild Level Detector
661. DuoPhone
662. Hearing Aid
663. A Spatial median filtering for noise removal in digital images
664. UC Based Equipment Control using Remote Login
665. Electrical Equipment Control using PC
666. Infrared Cordless Headphone
667. Reversible DC Motor Control Using PWM
668. Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones
669. Automatic phase Selector (741 based)
670. Flashing-Cum-Running Light
671. RFID Based Automatic Toll Collection
672. Auto Reset Over-Under Voltage Cut-Out
673. Wireless DC Motor Speed Control Using uC
674. Pyroelectric Fire Alarm
675. Wireless Based Electrical Device Control.(IR or RF)
676. Computerized Wirless Road Light Control
677. Metro Train Prototype
678. A Highly Efficient DC Lamp Dimmer
679. Spy Ear
680. Ground Pentrating Radar
681. Bell-Cum Light Controller
682. Parallel telephone with Secrecy
683. RF based (wireless) temperature monitoring.
684. Glow Plug Controller
685. Pc Based Temperature Monitoring And Control
686. Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock
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