f. Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot Reference
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19-08-2010, 07:41 PM

hii brother...
can u provide me the documentation regarding..the following topics...

pls..i f u have plss give us the PPT allso...
thnx..n advance....

f. Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot

Reference: topicideashow-to-robotics-project and implimentations-for-engineering-students#ixzz0x9JZQclM
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23-09-2010, 11:01 AM

for more about robotics project and implimentations EMBEDDED ROBOTIC PROJECTS

topicideashow-to-robotics-project and implimentations

some brief explanation about Real-time Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot Reference


This paper presents a measurement platform of Bluetooth asynchronous links in order to obtain the intrinsic temporal constraints of this network and communication protocol. These temporal measurements are necessary for the application the authors wish to implement for mobile robot control through a Bluetooth communication link. The platform, as well as the measurement protocol, which is based on real-time communication operating systems, is presented. An application of radio and temporal data processing allowing a real-time evaluation of the global behaviour of the communicating system has been developed.
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19-10-2010, 10:56 AM

.doc   asnmnt2.doc (Size: 39 KB / Downloads: 55)
Real-time communication ,structure of an HTML program.

Real-time communication is preferred over asynchronous communication. Why?

Soln: - Asynchronous communication is the exchange of messages, such as among the hosts on a network or devices in a computer, by reading and responding as schedules permit rather than according to some clock that is synchronized for both the sender and receiver or in a real time. It is usually used to describe communications in which data can be transmitted intermittently rather than in a steady stream.
Real time refers to sensing and responding to external events nearly simultaneously with their occurance. Although real time operations are typically thought of as being fast,this does not necessarily have to be the case: slow systems can allow slow real time operations, and fast operations are not necessarily real time.
Asynchronous communication and activities take place outside of real time. Real time communication takes place like a conversation.

2. HTML is used to create web pages by a web developer. What is HTML? Explain the typical structure of an HTML program.

Soln: - HTML: - HTML stands for hypertext markup language. Hyper is the opposite of linear. It used to be that computer programs had to move in a linear fashion. Text is what you will use. English letters, just like we use everyday. Markup is what you will do. You will write in plain English and then mark up what you wrote. Technically html is a code, but we write html in plain, everyday English anguage.HTML is the set of markup symbols or codes inserted in a file intended for display on a World Wide Web browser page. The markup tells the web browser how to display a web page’s words and images for the user.
Every HTML program has one simple structure. There are two major components to the structure of a web site, the head and body.the head provides the title and other information about your website, while the body provides the information and content. Each of theses components are marked by tags. There are two types of tags opening tags and closing tags. Opening tags have one triangular bracket on each of their two sides, while closing tags start and end with a triangular bracket and a slash at the beginning. All the websites begin with <html> tag and close with the </html>tag. For example: -

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25-04-2012, 10:47 AM

plz give me idea abt Real-time voice transmission over Bluetooth communication system

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