fiber distributed data interface full report
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.ppt   FDDI-Fiber Distributed Data Interface .ppt (Size: 746 KB / Downloads: 302)

SEMINAR ON Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)


The Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) specifies a 100-mbps token-passing ,dual ring LAN using fiber-optic


It is frequently used as high-speed backbone technology because of itâ„¢s support for high speed bandwidth and

greater distances than copper.
FDDI Uses Counter-Rotating Primary & Secondary Rings
FDDI was developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X3T9.5 standards committee in the mid-

1980s .

After completing the FDDI specification, ANSI submitted FDDI to the International Organization for

Standardization (ISO)
FDDI Transmission Media
FDDI uses optical fiber as the primary transmission medium, but it also can run over copper cabling.
Optical fiber has several advantages over copper media.
FDDI defines two types of optical fiber: single-mode and multimode.
Modal Dispersion and itâ„¢s advantage.
Comparison between Single-mode and Multimode. `

Light Sources Differ for Single-Mode and Multimode Fibers
FDDI Specifications

Media Access Control (MAC)

Physical Layer Protocol (PHY)

Physical-Medium Dependent (PMD)

Station Management (SMT)
FDDI Specifications Map to the OSI Hierarchical Model
FDDI Station-Attachment Types
FDDI defines four types of devices:

Single-attachment station (SAS)
Dual-attachment station (DAS)
Single-attached concentrator (SAC)
Dual-attached concentrator (DAC)
FDDI DAS Ports Attach to the Primary and Secondary Rings
Concentrator Attaches to Both the Primary and Secondary Rings
FDDI Fault Tolerance
Dual Ring :
If a station on the dual ring fails or is powered down, or if the cable is damaged, the dual ring

is automatically wrapped (doubled back onto itself) into a single ring.
Optical Bypass Switch :
This is used both to prevent ring segmentation and to eliminate failed stations from the ring.
Dual Homing :

Ring Recovers from a Station Failure by Wrapping
Ring also Wraps to Withstand a Cable Failure
Optical Bypass Switch Uses Internal Mirrors to Maintain a Network
Dual-Homed Configuration Guarantees Operation
FDDI Frame Format
Start delimiter
Frame control
Destination address
Source address
Frame check sequence (FCS)
End delimiter
Frame status
FDDI Frame Is Similar to That of a Token Ring Frame
FDDI combines the advantage of token passing on the ring topology with the high speed of the fiber optic


Its dual ring topology provides redundancy and fault tolerance. The fiber optic cable is not susceptible to EMI

and noise and is more secure than copper wiring .

It can send data for greater distance between repeaters than Ethernet and traditional token ring.
As always high speed and reliability come with a price.

FDDI is relatively expensive to implement and its distance limitation is less restrictive than of other LAN

links make it unsuitable for true WAN communication.
FDDI is a good choice for medium sized network “MANS and large LAN.

The widespread acceptance of FDDI is due mainly to the dramatic improvement in the price and performance

characteristic of optical fiber.

The FDDI has an extended future with opportunities for lower cost designer alternatives media types, and greater

levels of circuit integration.

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please check this page topicideashow-to-fiber-distributed-data-interface--6428 to get report of the topic Fiber Distributed Data Interface ... ,if you want again more "information"/"specific details" then please relply (with details) here
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