fractal robotics
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05-08-2010, 12:50 PM

[/size][/font]I need the powerpoint presentation of fractal robotics.That should contains the related pictures .the font should be in the Times New Romans
.The ppt must be in pointed brif but should cover all the areas
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Fractal Robots
For the purpose of responding to rapidly changing environment and market, it is imperative to have such capabilities as flexibility, adaptability, reusability, etc. for the manufacturing system. The fractal manufacturing system is a step towards this. A a basic fractal unit (BFU) is the major part of this and consists of five functional modules such as an observer, an analyzer, an organizer, a resolver, and a reporter. They autonomously cooperates and negotiates with each other in the porcess of doing their jobs. a high degree of self-similarity is present in the resulting system. Fractal is used to suggest that something is something that when you look at a part of it, it is similar to the whole object.


Goal-orientation etc are the major characters of fractal robots.

Fractal Robots are objects made from cubic bricks that can be controlled by a computer to change shape and to reconfigure themselves into objects of different shapes.They can be programmed to move and shuffle themselves to change shape and form into different shapes as requireds by the application. It is some kind like kids playing with Lego bricks. The robot can be animated around its joints in a uniform manner.

the basic robotic cube has to be made as simple as possible, with fewest possible moving parts so that they can be mass produced. they can be built from metals and plastics.

For further information on fractal robotics, visit this thread:
topicideashow-to-fractal-robots-seminar and presentation-report

ppt is not available as of now. You can easily make one using the information we have provided you and also by referring the internet to make the reach wider
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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06-08-2010, 11:43 AM

Does fractal robotics exist?
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02-01-2013, 02:27 PM


.pptx   FRACTAL ROBOTS.pptx (Size: 665.04 KB / Downloads: 21)


In the last few decades, robot research and development has peeled off in a number of different directions. The goal, however, is the same:
“Robots are autonomous artificial life forms that can perform useful work”
BUT, the paths to getting to this point are a diverse as the eccentric cast of characters forging them.


Fractal is anything which has a substantial measure of statistical self similarity.
Fractal robots are simply a group of electronic cubes controlled by an operating system(computer).
These robots can re-configure to any shape according to the program performing on the operating system.
Here homogeneous cubes are used.


Robotic cubes are assembled from face plates bolted to a cubic frame.
The cubes are hollow and all the electronic and mechanical movement mechanism are assembled in it.
Each face plates have electrical contact pads


Electrical contact pads allow power and data signals to be routed from one robotic cube to other.
45° push pull petals on the surface allows one cube to lock with its neighbour.
These petals are also used to move the neighbour cube according to the program.


Completely assembled basic cube is called as proteo or fractum.
Four ‘v’ shaped grooves running the length of the plate allows the movement of the petals.
Cubes have inductive coupling to transmit power.
No connecters are used on the surface of the robotic cube.


Petals are pushed in and out with the aid of a motor.
Petals have serrated edges and they engage into the neighbouring robotic cube through 45° slot.
Serrated edges of petals are engaged by a gear wheel for locking mechanism.


Fractal bus permits hardware and software to merge seamlessly into one unified data structure.
Fractal bus helps in sending and receiving controlled data from O.S to proteo.
To reduce the flow of instruction the message is broadcast to local machine that controls a small no: of cubes


Commands are issued to a collection of cubes telling each cube where to go.
A command of “cube 517 move left by 2 positions” results in one cube moving in the entire machine.
Eg: When ever a shell or bomb comes the wall readjust it self to dodge them


A cube is pushed out from the surface, and then another cube is moved into the vacant position.
The new cube is joined to the tail of the growing rod and pushed out again to grow the rod.
Purpose of the cube is to grow a tentacle.
Eg: For bridge building applications, the tentacles are grown vertically to make tall posts.


The bridging technology introduced here can be used to patch up earth quake damaged bridges.
These robots are used as a means to cross very rough terrain.
L-streamer is used for horizontal movement and N-streamer is used for vertical movement.


It may take 4-5 years for this technology to be introduced.
Using fractal robots will help in saving economy, time etc.
It can be used for sensitive tasks.
Raw materials are cheap.
These all features promises to revolutionize technology in a way that has never been witnessed before.

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