ieee project and implimentation ideas for computer science
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project topics
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if you want to get project and implimentation source code / report/presentation / Abstract of any specific project and implimentation topic please browse through the page topicideaslist-of-computer-science-project and implimentation-ideas

1.Efficient Broadcasting with Guaranteed Coverage in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks at
2. Online Handwritten Script Recognition at java
3.Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering at java
4.Location Based Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks at java
5.Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications at java
6.Switching and Traffic Grooming in WDM Networks at java
7.A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks at java
8.Efficient Frequency Domain Selective Scrambling of Digital Video at java
9.Face recognition using laplaction face at java
10.developing an algorithm for data mining using clustering genetic algorithm at c++
11.Efficient Iris Recognition by Characterizing Key Local Variations at
12. GHIC: A Hierarchical Pattern-based Clustering Algorithm for Grouping Web Transactions
Language: Java
13. Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Language: Java
14. Detection and Removal of Cracks in Digitized Paintings
Language: VB.NET
15. Workflow Mining: Discovering Process Models from Event Logs
Language: VB.NET
16. Memory Learning Framework for Effective Image Retrieval on Medical images
Language: Java
17. Identification of Humans using Gait
Language: Java,
18. Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining
Language: Java
19. Robustness Testing of Java Server Applications
Language: Java
20. Protocol Scrubbing: Network Security through Transparent Flow Modification
Language: Java,
21. Image Transfer Protocol for Internet
22. Reducing Delay and Enhancing DoSResistance in Multicast Authentication
Through Multigrade Security
23. An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Networks at java
24. A Novel Secure Communication Protocol forAd Hoc networks [SCP] at java
25. Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System using Parallel
genetic Algorithm at java
26.Automatic Fuzzy Ontology Generation (Java)
27. GOP-Based Channel Rate Allocation Using Genetic Algorithm for Scalable Video Streaming Over Error-Prone Networks
28. Energy-Efficient Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Mobility-Assisted Case (Java)
29. Adaptive Data Fusion for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks (Java)
30. Generalized Load Sharing / Traffic Scheduling (VB.NET)
31. Integrating Web Caching and Web Prefetching in Client-side Proxies (VB.NET)
32.Personal Authentication Using 3-D Finger Geometry (Java)
33.Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection and Reduction (VB.NET)
34.Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography (Java)
35. Wireless MAC Protocol Using Implicit Pipelining (Java)
36. NIRA: A New Inter-Domain Routing Architecture
37.On Scalable Attack Detection in the Network
38.An Adaptable Connectionist Text-Retrieval System With Relevance Feedback
39.An Automated Signature-Based Approach against Polymorphic Internet Worms
40.Wide-scale Botnet Detection and Characterization
41.Efficient Classification across Multiple Database Relations: A CrossMine Approach
42.Using Genetic Algorithm Approach to solve Dynamic Channel-Assignment Problem
43.Keystroke Statistical Learning Model for Web Authentication
44.Distributed Mobility Management for Target Tracking in Mobile Sensor Networks
45.Detecting SYN Flooding Attacks

General project and implimentation List

1. Math Generator Final Year Project
2. Clinical Trial Initiation and Management
3. simple_payroll_system Final Year Project
4. Khamsa Final Year Project
5. beginning visual c#2 Final Year Project
6. Perpetu8 Financially v1.024b Final Year Project
7. pizza orders Final Year Project
8. Job Requisition and Interview Management
9. Sales Contact Management Database
10. project and implimentation_planning_management Final Year Project
11. Beehive Forum Final Year Project
12. G Basic VBScript(Compiler - Editor) Final Year Project
13. Practice Test Management
14. Artificial Students Record System Final Year Project
15. ASP Message Board Final Year Project
16. ASP Chat Version 3.0 Final Year Project
17. Jakhal's Fast Food Cafe Final Year Project
18. ECS system Final Year Project
19. Online Stock Final Year Project
20. Placement Management System
21. Online Exam Final Year Project
22. Mini Classifed Ad Final Year Project
23. puyo Puyo Game Final Year Project
24. Missing Person Site
26. Order Domain site web Final Year Project
27. Blackjack Final Year Project
28. Attendance System Final Year Project
29. Property Management System
30. Quick Sort Final Year Project
31. ServerTester Final Year Project
32. Survey Creation and Analytics
33. studentinfo_management_system Final Year Project
34. Phone Book Final Year Project
35. CaTCH Me Game Final Year Project
36. Financial Portfolio Management
37. Voting Booth Final Year Project
38. Address and Telephone Book Final Year Project
40. a stdent details project and implimentation
41. HOSTEL MANAGEMENT Final Year Project
42. Ping-Pong Final Year Project
43. DateTime Final Year Project
44. Contacts Management Software
45. Mail-O-Matic Final Year Project
46. creb_software Final Year Project
47. Real State System Final Year Project
48. online_resume_mart Final Year Project
49. a online shoping project and implimentation
50. Learning Management System
51. bank to customer i bank solution Final Year Project
52. Recursive Shopping Cart ASP Final Year Project
53. Physical Asset Tracking and Management
54. flight_management_system Final Year Project
55. ebilling_&_invoice_system Final Year Project
56. Daily News Final Year Project
57. pingGame Final Year Project
58. Change Request Management
59. statebank personal acount information Final Year Project
60. savings bank - joint account Final Year Project
61. Compute Age Final Year Project
62. Dating Site
63. Vote it! v1.0 Final Year Project
64. employee_loan_management_system Final Year Project
65. Slayer's Editor Final Year Project
66. Careers and Employment Management System
67. Hotel Management Simplified Final Year Project
68. advertisement-two Final Year Project
69. KASL WebHost 3.5 Final Year Project
70. Project Tracking Workspace
71. Smooth Gradient Final Year Project
72. Show IMG Final Year Project
73. online_db_administration Final Year Project
74. Banking Software Final Year Project
75. online quiz system v1 Final Year Project
76. trans_service_net Final Year Project
77. online grading system 2.0 Final Year Project
78. Telephone Billing System Final Year Project
79. Sudoku Solver Final Year Project
80. Multi-Part Alternative Mail Final Year Project
81. my bricks game Final Year Project
82. Feedback and Complaint Form Final Year Project
83. Electronic address book Final Year Project
84. College Management Sysyetm Final Year Project
85. asp project and implimentation Final Year Project
86. Yellow Pages & Business Directory
87. Photo Viewer Final Year Project
88. Bank Machine Final Year Project
89. seating_management_system Final Year Project
90. Snookey - The JS game Final Year Project
91. Shop cart Final Year Project
92. Fund Raising Management
93. Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects
94. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN! Final Year Project
95. Mohawk Search Engine Final Year Project
96. best travels Final Year Project
97. ayushcutter_management_system Final Year Project
98. DBMS JOB job scheduler - status script Final Year Project
99. mymedi1 Final Year Project
100. Online Quiz System2 Final Year Project
101. Public News Script Final Year Project
102. railway1_management_system Final Year Project
103. Airlines Final Year Project
104. Intranet Chatting Final Year Project
105. ad request Final Year Project
106. blog, forum Final Year Project
107. ASP Quicksite Final Year Project
108. Advance Calender Final Year Project
109. C# Discussion Forum Final Year Project
110. Class Room Management
111. Airline Reservation Final Year Project
112. Hotel Management System
113. Online Portal Final Year Project
114. code with all list tags
115. Compliance Process Support Site
116. Classified Ads Managements
117. academic-project and implimentation-address-book Final Year Project
118. ShreeOms Web Hosting System Final Year Project
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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can u send me more about online hostel management..tq
Ananda devi
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08-12-2010, 11:29 AM

Dynamic Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Paper Please Sir,
send the code for above paper in word document. I can't read the docx format.

seminar surveyer
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09-12-2010, 10:07 AM

please go through the following threads for more details on ' Dynamic Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks'

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please provide more information about the project and implimentations like.. giving scenarios or descriptions...
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descriptions are given for each topic in separate threads.
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can u please add abstracts to the topics listed.......
project topics
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most topics abstract added in topicideaslist-of-computer-science-project and implimentation-ideas please browse through this page ,(even some topic page added report and source code)
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion

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