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a. A singlecamera featurebased vision system for helicopter autonomous landing
b. A Smart Car Control Model for Brake Comfort Based on Car Following
c. A SingleChip CMOS Smoke and Temperature Sensor for an Intelligent Fire Detector
d. A Web Servicebased Alarm Solution in a TeleCare System
e. Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System
f. Design and Assessment of an Online Passenger Information System for Integrated Multimodal Trip Planning
g. Design and Implementation of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System
h. A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design
i. A Zigbee and ZigbeetoIR Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi Devices
j. Application of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust Gases
k. A Remote Compact Sensor for the RealTime Monitoring of Human Heartbeat and Respiration Rate
2) A Path Following Control of an Unmanned Autonomous Forklift
a. A Modular CostEffective Mobile Robot Navigation System Using RFID Technology

b. A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue
c. A Portable Wireless Eye MovementControlled HumanComputer Interface for the Disabled
d. A LowCost Solution for an Integrated Multisensor Lane Departure Warning System
e. A Robust Eye Gaze Tracking Method based on a Virtual Eyeball
3) Model
a. Bus Detection Device for the Blind using Passive RFID Application
b. Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and its Technology
c. Research of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on Microcontroller
d. The Role of Zigbee Technology in Future Data Communication System
e. Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (EID) Using Radio Frequency Identification
f. A Unified Framework of Data Exchange Mechanism in an Intelligent Transportation System
g. Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks

h. Design of Software Services for Computerbased Infection Control and Antibiotic Management in the Intensive Care Unit
i. Development of Zigbee Mobile Router for Supporting Network Mobility in Healthcare System
j. Distributed Sensor for Steering Wheel Grip Force Measurement in Driver Fatigue Detection
k. WebBased Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting Visually Impaired People
l. Wireless Medical Interface using ZigBee and Bluetooth Technology

m. Wireless communications in networked robotics
n. The Mobile ECG Telemonitoring System based on GPRS and GPS

o. Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global positioning system data from buses
p. The Tire as an Intelligent Sensor
q. The integrated unit for MEMS based Pressure measurement
r. Electronic Nose Network System for Online Monitoring of Livestock Farm Odors
s. Multisensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A ClearPath Indicator
t. RealTime Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for DriverAssistance Systems
4) A multirobot coordination system based on RFID technology
a. A Fast Onboard Relative Positioning Module for Multi robot Systems
b. A LowCost Wireless Sensor System and Its Application in Dental Retainers

c. Multisensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A ClearPath Indicator
d. Monitoring of an Aeroponic Greenhouse with a Sensor Network
e. Ontology Alignment in RFID Privacy Protection
f. Opportunistic Medical Monitoring using Bluetooth PP networks
g. Performance Analysis of Multimodal Biometric System Authentication
h. Multistage Waveform Coding for Voice Communication Over Zigbee Networks
i. Preliminary Infrastructure Development for Greenhouse Accounting of Malaysian Rainforest using Wireless Sensor Network
j. Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based on Embedded ARM Platform
k. Research on Embedded Data Display unit based on CAN Bus
l. A New Telemedicine System for the Home Monitoring of Lung Function in Patients with Obstructive Respiratory Diseases
m. A Novel Discrete Dimming Ballast for Linear Fluorescent Lamps
n. An InternetBased Interactive Embedded DataAcquisition System for RealTime Applications
o. Assessment of Changes in Upper Airway Obstruction by Automatic Identification of Inspiratory Flow Limitation During Sleep
p. Body Temperature and Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using an SMSbased Telemedicine System
q. Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based on ARM
r. Cost Effective GPSGPRS based Object Tracking System
s. Design and Development of ARM Processor based Web Server
t. Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Based on ZigBee and GPRS
5) Environmental identification based on changes in sensory information
a. Human Recognition using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision
b. Humanoid tele operation system for space environments
c. IMMBased LaneChange Prediction in Highways with LowCost GPS/INS
d. Implantable Myoelectric Sensors (IMESs) for Intramuscular Electromyogram Recording
e. Improve Communication Efficiency for the Physiological Information Monitor System Based on Zigbee

f. Speed and position Control of Autonomous Mobile Robot on Variable Trajectory Depending on its Curvature
g. Simple sensors provide inputs for cognitive robots
h. Qualitative VisionBased Path Following
i. Solar Power Generation using SPS and Wireless Power Transmission
j. Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy Saving Solution
k. Development of a Tilt Measurement Unit using Microelectromechanical System Accelerometer
l. RemoteControllable and EnergySaving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication
m. Fuzzy Logic based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation System
n. Mobile RFID Tag Detection Influence Factors and Prediction of
6) Tag Detectability
a. Mobile robots in Mine Rescue and Recovery
b. Mobile Health Monitoring Through Biotelemetry
7) RFID tag bearing estimation for mobile robot localization
a. RFID based People Management System using UHF Tags
b. Robust SensorBased Navigation for Mobile Robots

c. Load Shedding based Resource Management Techniques for RFID
8) Data
a. A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier with Optimized Magnetic
9) Utilization
a. A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in a Non Inverting BuckBoost Converter
b. A Fuzzy Logic based Supervisory Hierarchical Control Scheme for Real Time Pressure Control
c. ZSource Inverter for Power Conditioning and Utility Interface of Renewable Energy Sources
d. A New PWM Strategy to Reduce the Inverter Input Current Ripples
e. A Novel LowLoss Modulation Strategy For HighPower Bi¬Directional Buck Boost Converters
f. A Novel Technique of Flow Measurement for a Conducting Liquid
g. A Practical Switching Loss Model for Buck Voltage Regulators
h. A Review of NonIsolated High StepUp DC/DC Converters in Renewable Energy Applications
i. Real Time Monitoring and Prealarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the Railway Line
j. Realtime audiovisual calls detection system for a Chicken Robot
k. Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications
l. Security Architecture for RFID Application in Home Environment
m. Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless Communication
n. Sleep and Wake Classification with ECG and Respiratory Effort Signals
o. Stability Of Networked Control Systems with Uncertain TimeVarying Delays
p. Swarm Robot Synchronization using RFID Tags
10) New Power Quality Solutions Especially Designed for Industrial Applications
a. Home Appliance Energy Monitoring and Controlling based on Power Line Communication
b. Power Quality Monitoring Controlled Through LowCost Modules
11) A Study of New Techniques of Controlled PWM Inverters
a. AI based Design of a Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Speed Control of Induction Motors using SVPWM Technique
b. An Interleaved Boost Converter with ZeroVoltage Transition
c. An Efficient Active LC Snubber for Forward Converters
d. An introduction to IC and SPI protocols
e. Applications of ShortRange Wireless Technologies to Industrial Automation: A Zigbee Approach
f. ZeroVoltage Transition CurrentFed FullBridge PWM Converter
g. CAN Based Synchronized Motion Control for Induction Motors
h. Capacitance and Inductance Sensor Circuits for Detecting the Lengths of Open and ShortCircuited Wires
i. Capacitor Ripple Current in an Interleaved PFC Converter
j. Comprehensive Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Arrays
k. Current SelfBalance Mechanism in Multiphase Buck Converter
l. Control and Protection of Power Electronics Interfaced Distributed Generation Systems in a CustomerDriven Microgrid
m. ClosedLoop Modeling in Future Automation System Engineering
12) And Validation
a. Design and Control for a ChargeRegulated Fly Back SwitchMode
13) Rectifier
a. Digital Control of Resonant Converters: Enhancing Frequency Resolution by Dithering
b. VeryHighFrequency Resonant Boost Converters
c. Direct Yaw Moment Control of an InWheelMotored Electric Vehicle based on Body Slip Angle Fuzzy Observer
d. DualCurrent Pump Module for Transient Improvement of StepDown DcDc Converters
e. Dynamic Integration of Zigbee Home Networks Into Home Gateways Using Osgi Service Registry
f. Dynamics of Multilevel Inverter based Series Compensator for Transmission Lines
g. Extending the Modeling Framework for Wind Generation Systems: RlSBased Paradigm for Performance Under High Turbulence Inflow
h. Energy Efficient Control of ThreePhase Induction Motor A Review
i. Embedded Web Server for Wireless Sensor Networks
j. Family Of SoftSwitching Pwm Converters with Current Sharing In Switches
k. Fuzzy MultiState Allocation of the Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System
l. Global and Local Chassis Control based on Load Sensing
m. Improved ZSource Inverter With Reduced ZSource Capacitor Voltage Stress and SoftStart Capability
n. LightLoad Efficiency Improvement for Buck Voltage Regulators
o. Lossless Inductor Current Sensing Method with Improved Frequency Response
p. New Method Of Saving Energy for Automobiles
q. Novel NineSwitch PWM RectifierInverter Topology for ThreePhase UPS Applications
r. OnBody Inertial Sensing and Signal Processing for Clinical Assessment of Tremor
s. Bridge Converter for LowOutputVoltage HighOutputCurrent Applications
t. Passive and SelfPowered Autonomous Sensors for Remote Measurements
u. Research on Measuring Equipment of Singlephase ElectricityStealing with Longdistance Monitoring Function
v. Research on Zigbee Wireless Sensors Network based on ModBus Protocol
w. Resonant Contact Less Energy Transfer with Improved Efficiency
x. Loop Daisy Chaining Application Method
y. Reversing Radar System based on CAN Bus
z. Robust Control of DC Motor using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control with PID Compensator
aa. SemiDigital Interleaved PFC Control with Optimized Light Load
14) Efficiency
a. SingleLoop Current Sensor Less Control for SinglePhase Boost
15) Type SMR
a. SinglePhase Multilevel Pwm Inverter Topologies Using Coupled Inductors
b. SingleStage SoftSwitching Conerter with Boost Type of Active Clamp for Wide Input Voltage Ranges
c. Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation based Speed Control of Induction Motor using Fuzzy PI Controller
d. SpeedSensorless AdjustableSpeed Induction Motor Drive based on Dc Link Measurement
e. An Enhanced parking lot service model using wireless sensor network
f. An Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique Using RFID Technology
g. ASSIST Automated System for Surgical Instrument and Sponge Tracking
h. Automated Vehicles For Physically and Visually Challenged
i. Automatic control of students' attendance in classrooms using
16) RFID
a. Design of a SemiAutonomous Parking Assist System
b. Detection of Hazardous Driving Behavior using Fuzzy Logic
c. Detecting Driver Drowsiness using Computer Vision Techniques
d. Detection and Recognition of EndofSpeedLimit and Supplementary Signs for Improved European Speed Limit Support
e. Development of a Module based Platform for Mobile Robots
f. Development of pedestriantovehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both widearea and direct communication
g. Using RFID Technology to Develop an Attendance System and Avoid Traffic Congestion around Kindergartens
h. Automatic System for Measuring & Controlling the Length of a Moving Product in Industries
i. Autonomous Driving in a MultiLevel Parking Structure
j. Embedded Vehicle Control System Based on Voice Processing Technologies
k. EnerBee Example of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure based on Zigbee
l. Fingerprinting Passports
m. Breathing Detection: Towards a Miniaturized Wearable BatteryOperated Monitoring System
n. Centralized Monitoring System for Call Taxies (ARM based)
o. Coal Mine Detect and Rescue Robot Design and Research
p. Automated Phone Capture of Diabetes Patients Readings / Consultant Monitoring via the Web
q. ContextAware Wireless Sensor Networks for AssistedLiving and Residential Monitoring
r. A Fuzzy Controller for Autonomous Negotiation of Stairs by a Mobile Robot with Adjustable Tracks
s. A Blind Navigation System Using RFID for Indoor Environments
t. A Mobile Electronic Toll Collection for ECommerce Apllications
u. A New Method of Infrared Sensor Measurement for Micromouse Control to Deliver Drugs
v. An Online Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based on GSM SMS and Zigbee
w. A Low Cost GSM/GPRS based Wireless Home Security System
x. An Implementation of an Underground Wireless Sensor Network using Zigbee
y. An integrated Zigbee automation system: An energy saving solution
z. An EarLead ECG based Smart Sensor System with Voice Biofeedback for Daily Activity Monitoring
aa. An Efficient Solar Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Nodes
bb. A LowCost Intelligent Gas Sensing Device for Military Applications
cc. A Clustered RealTime Remote Monitoring System for OutofHospital Cardiac Patients
dd. A Comparative Analysis of RFID Adoption in Retail & Manufacturing Sectors
ee. A Distributed Measurement System to Estimate Plant Water Content in Agricultural Fields based on Wireless Sensor Networks
ff. A novel robot system for surface inspection and diameter measurement of large size
gg. A Phone for Human Activity Recognition using Triaxial Acceleration Sensor
hh. A Portable Intelligent ECG Monitor based on Wireless Internet and Embedded System Technology
ii. A safety critical network for distributed smart traffic signals
jj. A Simple Capacitive Security Card System
kk. A wireless escape system for industrial accidents using Ad Hoc positioning
ll. A tactile System for Informing the Blind on Direction of a Walk
mm. A task planner for a dualarm robot: A geometric formulation
nn. A wireless network based on the combination of Zigbee and GPRS
oo. A Wireless Network System for Automated Tracking of Construction Materials on Project Sites
pp. A Distributed Remote Monitoring System based on ARM for Production Lines
qq. A Methodology for Implementation the CPAC Approach to Path Tracking with SixDOF Robotic Manipulators
rr. Design and Implementation of Home Automation System
ss. Design of an RFIDBased BatteryFree Programmable Sensing Platform
tt. Electronic Medical Record for Effective Patient Monitoring Database
uu. Efficient CostBased Tracking of Scheduled Vehicle Journeys
vv. Distributed RealTime Railway Simulator
ww. Driving Guidance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
xx. Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence Algorithm using RFID
yy. EInclusion Technologies for the Speech Handicapped
zz. Fingerprint Authentication System using a LowPriced Webcam
aaa. Fingerprint Authentication using BackPropagation Algorithm
bbb. Forest Fire Detection System based on a Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
ccc. Framework for Pervasive Health Monitoring
ddd. GPSbased Vehicle Tracking SystemonChip
eee. GSM based Secured ATM Banking
fff. GSMbased Notification Speed Detection for Monitoring Purposes
ggg. GPSBased Path Following Control for a CarLike Wheeled Mobile
17) Robot With Skidding and Slipping
a. GSM / GPRS based Wireless Motion Detection System using PIR Sensor
b. Hydraulic Simulation and Remote Control System of Field Robot
c. Implementation Of a CANBased Multi Controller Digital Driving System for a Vehicle
d. Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and ZigBee Control Functions for Omni Directional Mobile Robot
e. Indoor Autonomous Navigation of Blind Persons using RFID Sensing Robots
f. Integration of RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks
g. Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Ground Navigation in GPSChallenged Environments
h. Interactive Object Acquisition based on Robot Technology Middleware (RTM) for Axis Robot
i. Locationbased System for Mobile Devices using RFID
j. Networked sensor monitoring using the universal IEEE Standard
k. MicroController based Remote Monitoring using Mobile through Spoken Commands
l. Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using MEMS Sensor
m. Mobile Hacking Prevention and Theft Detection using GSM & GPS Technology
n. Mobile Messaging Services based personal Electrocardiogram Monitoring System
o. Mobile Web Server for Elderly People Monitoring
p. Networked Wireless Meter Reading System based on Zigbee Technology
q. Neural Network Based Efficient Knowledge Discovery in Hospital Databases Using RFID Technology
r. Parking Guidance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
s. Path Planning Automated Guided Robot
t. Patient Monitoring using GSM & Zigbee for Hospitals & Old age Homes
u. PGS: Parking Guidance System based on Wireless Sensor Network
v. Pinpointing the Place of Origin of a Cellular Phone Emergency
18) Call Using Active RFID Tags
a. Policy and Role based Mobile RFID User Privacy Data Management System
b. RealTime Automatic Animal Tracking using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
c. Realtime Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
d. RealTime Control of a TwoWheeled Inverted Pendulum Mobile
19) Robot
a. Remote Controlling of Home Appliances using Mobile Telephony
b. Remote Data Capture Acquisition and Sending SMS to Remote
20) Mobile
a. RFID application strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting system
b. RFID based Vehicle Number Tracking and Traffic Monitoring
c. Robotic Software Architecture for Multisensor Fusion System
d. Robust and Accurate Surface Measurement Using Structured
21) Light
a. Robust and Efficient PasswordAuthenticated Key Agreement using Smart Cards or Campus Management
b. Shortest Path Finding using GPS based Navigation System in
22) Critical Situation
a. SIPRLTS: An RFID Location Tracking System based on SIP
b. The Research and Development of the Highway Electronic Toll Collection System
c. The measurement of oxygen saturation in arterial and venous
23) blood
a. Tamper Detection in RFIDEnable Supply Chains
b. ThreeDimensional Password for More Secure Authentication
c. Traffic Management by Constant Time to Collision
d. Train Auto Control System based on OSGi
e. Transport Security using Mobile Technology
f. Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global positioning system data from buses
g. USB Sensor Network for Industrial Applications
h. Wireless Sensor Networks for Resources Tracking at Building Construction Sites
i. Wireless Sludge Level Monitoring based on Bluetooth Sensing
24) Nodes
a. Visual Servo Control of a Three Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm System
b. Walking Hexapod Robot in Disaster Recovery: Developing Algorithm for Terrain Negotiation and Navigation
c. Web based Personal Health Systems Models and Specifics
d. Wheelchair Type Biomedical System with EventRecorder Function
e. Wireless Healthcare Monitoring System for Home
f. Wireless Sensor Network for Wearable Physiological Monitoring
g. Wireless Network for Measurement of WholeBody Vibration
h. Wireless Reprogramming of Vehicle Electronic Control Units
i. Zigbee for Intelligent Transport system applications
j. Zigbee source route technology in Home application
k. ZigBee WiMAX Nursery System for patient monitoring
l. Zigbee Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System
m. Zigbeebased Alarm System for Pervasive Health Care in Rural Areas
n. ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in
25) Industrial
a. ZigBee Device Access Control & Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBee Based Health Monitoring System
b. Zigbee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission in Zigbee based Health Monitoring System
c. A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Inverter in Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement
d. A CAN based Distributed Control System for Autonomous All
26) Terrain vehicle (ATV)
a. A Novel Automatic Utility Data Collection System using IEEE Compliant Wireless Mesh Networks
b. A Novel Zero Voltage Transition Synchronous Buck Converter for Portable Application
c. Adaptive Rate Control Low BitRate Video Transmission Over Wireless Zigbee Networks
d. Defect Prevention and Detection in Software for Automated Test Equipment
e. Design & Implementation of Short Message Query System using
27) GSM Modem
a. Design and Implementation of PLCbased Monitoring Control System for ThreePhase Induction Motors Fed by PWM Inverter
b. Design of an Intelligent BiDirectional DCDC Converter with Half Bridge Topology
c. Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Speed Control of an Induction Machine Drive based on a New Variable Gain PI Controller
d. Embedded Controlled Z Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive

e. Estimation of travel time using fuzzy clustering metho
f. Improving Speed Control of Induction Motors through FuzzySMC
28) PI Control
a. Instrumentation notes Distributed measurement systemsA web system approach
b. MultiInput Fuzzy Logic Controller for Brushless DC Motor Drives

c. Modeling of Indoor power line for Substation monitoring using Broadband Power line Communications
d. Microcontroller based Standalone PV system for Wireless Sensor
29) Node
a. Operational Analysis and Comparative Evaluation of Embedded ZSource Inverters
b. Performance of an Industrial Data Communication Protocol on Ethernet Network
c. Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low Power Embedded Board & Zigbee communication
d. Remote Sensing and Control of an Irrigation System using a Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
e. Smart Configurable Wireless Sensors and Actuators for Industrial Monitoring and Control
f. Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger Using IEEE /ZigBee Protocol
g. Soft Switched ACLink AC/AC and AC/DC BuckBoost Converter
h. Software/hardware codesign of a vehicle trajectory monitoring system
i. A Hands Gesture System of Control for an Intelligent Wheelchair
j. The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued
30) RFID based Identification
a. RF Controller Development and Its Application in Intelligent Transport system
b. A RFID System to Help Visually Impaired People in Mobility
c. Voice Command Control for Mobile Robots
d. An RFID based Pilgrim Identification System
e. Adaptive Car Safety System
f. Wearable Physiological Monitoring System using Ghz RF Transceiver
g. An autonomous surveillance and security robot team
h. An Infant Monitoring System Using CO / sub / Sensors
i. An Electronic Meter for Measuring the Saving in Electrical power
j. A Sensor for urban Driving Assistance Systems based on Dense Stereovision
k. Develop a Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting Robot
l. Development of Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair Controller Using
31) Embedded
a. Development of a Person Following Mobile Robot in Complicated Background by Using Distance and Color Information
b. Extended Health Visibility in the Hospital Environment
c. Face Detection using PCA and SkinTone Extraction for Drowsy Driver Application
d. A Wireless Sensor Network Prototype for Environmental Monitoring in Greenhouses
e. Processor Customization for Wearable BioMonitoring Platforms
f. Parking Guidance System using RFID and Image Processing Techniques in WSN Environment
g. Methods and Techniques for Intelligent Navigation and Manipulation for Bomb Disposal and Rescue Operations
h. Using AC Motors in Robotics
i. Solar Energy Conversion System using Power Electronics
j. The design and implementation of an autonomous campus patrol
32) robot
a. The Design of Vehicle emergent calling system based on GPRS
b. Shopping Path Analysis and Transaction mining based on RFID Technology
c. Robust onVehicle RealTime Visual Detection of American and European Speed Limit Signs with a Modular Traffic Signs Recognition System
d. Custom wireless sensor network based on Zigbee
e. Challenge: Peers on Wheels A Road to New Traffic Information System
f. Design of Air pollution monitoring system using Zigbee n/w for
33) Ubiquitouscity
a. Design and Implementation of Internet Based Healthcare Robot System
b. Design and Implementation of ZigBee based URC Applicable to Legacy Home Appliances
c. Design Implementation and RealTime Digital Control of a CartMounted Inverted Pendulum using Atmel AVR Microcontroller
d. Home based Healthcare Monitoring over Wireless Biomedical Sensor Network
e. Remotecontrolled Home Robot Server with Zigbee Sensor Network
f. MeshEye: A Hybrid Resolution Smart Camera Mote for Applications in Distributed Intelligent Surveillance
g. Intelligent Fleet Management System with Concurrent GPS & GSM

h. Intelligent Vehicular Transportation System (In Ve Tras)
i. Localization in Zigbee based Sensor Networks
j. Implementation of an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System

k. Measurement of ECG Respiratory Rate Tilt and Temperature of a Patient and Wireless Zigbee Data Transmission
l. Automatic Power Meter Reading system using GSM Network
m. Transportation Quality Monitor Using Sensor Active RFID
n. Using Fuzzy Logic in Automated Vehicle Control
o. Ultra Low Power Wireless weather Station
p. The Vitals Signs Data Monitoring via GPS Navigation System
q. NCCU Security Warrior: An Intelligent Security Robot System
r. Predicting Parking Lot Occupancy in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

s. Realization of Home remote control network based on Zigbee
t. Wireless Network based Tracking and Monitoring on Project Sites of Construction Materials
u. Wireless StandAlone Portable Patient Monitoring and Logging System
v. Zigbee based wireless sensor network and its application in
34) Industrial
a. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock
b. Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks
c. An Integrated Zigbee Automation System: An Energy Saving
35) Solution
a. Performance Evaluation of Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifiers
b. Network Characteristics of Urban environments for Wireless BAN

c. Multibus Integration Design in Conveyor Control System
d. Fuzzy Logic Control for a Speed Control of Induction Motor using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
e. Fuzzy Controller Designed by GA for TwoWheeled Mobile Robots

f. Fuzzy Logic Control of Induction Motor with Input Output Feedback Linearization
g. Improving the Power Density of the ZVSSVM Controlled ThreePhase Boost PFC Converter
h. Integrating Fingerprint with Cryptosystem for Internet based Live PayTV System
i. Replacing Cryptography with Ultra Wideband (UWB) Modulation in Secure RFID
j. A New Parameter for UWB Indoor Channel profile Identification
k. A Novel SoftSwitching SinglePhase ACDCAC Converter using
36) New ZVSPWM Strategy
a. A Practical Approach to Wireless GPRS OnLine Power Quality Monitoring System
b. Fault Detection in Internal Combustion Engines using Fuzzy Logic
c. A ZigBeeBased Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
d. Accuracy FastResponse CostEfficient Solar Cell Regulator Suitable fro LowPower Applications
e. Adaptive NeuroFuzzy Controller of Switched Reluctance Motor
f. Utilizing RFID Signaling Scheme for Localization of stationary Objects and Speed Estimation of Mobile Objects
g. Vibration Suppression using Single Neuron based PI Fuzzy Controller and Fractional Order Disturbance Observer
h. An Integrated Inverter for a SinglePhase SingleStage GridConnected PV System based on ZSource
i. Biometric Mobile Template Protection: A Composite Feature based Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault
j. Concurrent RelayPID Control for Motor Position Servo Systems
k. The WURDE Robotics Middleware and RIDE MultiRobot Tele
37) Operation Interface
a. A Framework for Patient Monitoring
b. Modular Sensor Processing for Robotics based Security in Hazardous Environments
c. MothInspired Chemical Plume Tracing on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
d. MERMAID Multiple Robot Middleware for Intelligent DecisionMaking
e. Fuzzy Logic Controller for TwoMode Parallel Hybrid Electric
38) Vehicle
a. Fingerprint Verification for Control of Electronic Blast Initiation
b. Development of a Multimode Navigation System for an Assistive Robotics Project
c. Design of an RFID / Zigbee Network for Blind Navigation
d. Digital Radar for Collision Avoidance and Automatic Cruise Control in Transportation
e. Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
f. IntelliCarTS: Intelligent Cars Transportation System
g. The Case for MultiTag RFID Systems
h. SemiAutonomous Teleoperation of Multiple Cooperative Robots for HumanRobot lunar Exploration
i. System Architecture of a Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring
j. Security Service Robot in ubiquitous Environment based on Cognitive Robotic Engine
k. Remote Wireless Face Recognition Employing Zigbee
l. RoboCupRescue Robot league team IUB Rescue
m. Remote NonIntrusive Patient Monitoring
n. The Dynamic Control of a Switched Reluctance Drive using Fuzzy Logic
o. The Future of RobotAssisted Learning in the Home
p. A Review of Multilevel Power Converters
q. BLDC Motor Controlled using Resonant Pole Inverter with
39) Variable Pulse Width Method
a. Applying Modified OneComparator Counter based PWM Control Strategy to Flyback Converter
b. An Ultra Wearable Wireless Low Power ECG Monitoring System
c. CartoCar Communication
d. Conveyor Visual Tracking using robot Vision
e. Wireless Sensor Networks for Patient Monitoring
f. Real Time Fleet Monitoring and Security System using GSM Network
g. Novel LongTerm Implantable Blood Pressure Monitoring System with Reduced Baseline Drift
h. Optimum Design Consideration and Implementation of a Novel Synchronous Rectified SoftSwitched PhaseShift Full
i. Parking Management System using Zigbee
j. Direct ZVS StartUp of a CurrentFed Resonant Inverter
k. HighPowerFactor SoftSwitched Boost Converter
l. Induction Motor Speed Control using Fuzzy Logic Controller
m. PowerEfficient Pulse Width Modulation DC/DC Converters with Zero Voltage Switching Control
n. Quick Convergecast in Zigbee/IEEE Tree based Wireless Sensor Networks
o. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Applications and Indian Scenario
p. A Humanoid Robot to Prevent Children Accidents
q. A Voice Guiding System for Autonomous Robots
r. An Alternative Configuration for Digitally Controlled Parallel Connected DCDC Power Converters
s. An RFID Application for the Disabled: Path Finder
t. An Embedded Control System for Intelligent Wheelchair
u. Application Fields of RFID in Health Safety and Environment management
v. Application of Wireless Protocols Bluetooth and Zigbee in Telemetry System Development
w. Applying Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technologies to Unmanned Surface Vehicles
x. Speech Recognition Board and Microphone
y. Vehicle Routing and Road Traffic Simulation: A Smart Navigation System
z. Wireless Control of Vehicle Mirror System using Head Movement and PIC Microcontroller
aa. Wireless Sensor Network based Smart Community Security Service
bb. Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring of Large public
40) Buildings
a. Development of Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair System
b. Fingerprinting Codes for Live PayTelevision Broadcast via Internet
c. Fuel Cell and Supercapacitors for Automotive Hybrid Electrical System
d. Fuzzy Fingerprints for Text based Information Retrieval
e. Fuzzy Logic Control of Vehicle Suspensions with Dry Friction Nonlinearity
f. Home Care and Health maintenance Systems
g. Integrated Environment for Assisted Movement of Visually Impaired
h. Integrated Motion Control of a Wheelchair in the Longitudinal Lateral and Pitch Directions
i. LookingIn and LookingOut of a Vehicle: selected Investigations in Computer Vision based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
j. Neuro Fuzzy Controllers and Application to Autonomous Robots
k. Mobility and Power Budget for a SolarPowered Polar Rover
l. Performance Analysis of a Fuzzy Logic based Rotor Resistance Estimator of an Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive
m. Secure and Fast Fingerprint Authentication on Smart Card
n. Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting
o. Sensorless PM Motor with Mullti Degree of Freedom Fuzzy control
p. The OmniTread Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and surveillance
q. Relational Interface for a Voice Controlled Wheelchair
r. Using Fuzzy Controller in Induction Motor Speed Control with Constant Flux
s. A Hybrid Controller Design and Implementation for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
t. A Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for a FieldOriented Induction Motor Drive
u. A Novel DcDC FullBridge Converter using EnergyRecovery Circuit with Regenerative Transformer
v. A Smarter Computer Controlled Model Car
w. A SolarPowered Wireless Data Acquisition Network
x. A TeleOperated Humanoid Robot Drives a Lift Truck
y. A TestBed for Voice based Robot Control
z. A VehicletoVehicle communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning
aa. A Vision based Vehicle Behavior Monitoring and Warning System
bb. A Wireless based Sensor for Patient Monitoring System with Remote Diagnostic
cc. Alternative Energy storage system for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
dd. AMON: A Wearable Multiparameter Medical Monitoring and Alert System
ee. An Adaptive Fuzzy Control System for Common Rail Direct Injection
ff. An Automated Test Equipment for calibration of Energy Meters
gg. An Autonomous Assistant Robot for Book manipulation in a Library
hh. An Exoskeletal Robot Manipulator for Lower Limbs Rehabilation
ii. An Intelligent Decision Support System for Wastewater Treatment Plant Management
jj. An Interface Converter with Reduced VA Ratings for BatterySupercapacitor Mixed Systems
kk. An InVehicle Vision System for Dangerous Situation Detection
ll. ANN Control System DC Motor
mm. Automated Vehicle Control System
nn. Autonomous Localization and Extraction of Books in a Library
oo. BlueBot: Asset tracking via Robotic location Crawling
pp. Vision based Human Tracking and Activity Recognition
qq. Vision based Navigation for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
rr. Vision Control of a Robotic Hand
ss. Using Personal electronic Device for Authentication based Service Access
tt. Two Dimensional Magnetic and Thermal Analysis of High Speed Switched Reluctance Motor Using Soft Magnetic Composite
41) Material IEEE
a. Ubiquitous Mobile Access to RealTime Patient Monitoring Data
b. Ubiquitous systems for Physical Movement Monitoring: Towards Understanding Collaborative Signal Processing
c. Utilizing RFID signaling scheme for localization of stationary objects and speed estimation of Mobile objects
d. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks toward Intelligent Transport Systems
42) IEEE
a. Wireless Sensor Networks and applications: A Survey
b. Wireless Ad Hoc Discovery of Parking Meters
c. Wireless Home Security and Automation System Utilizing Zigbee based MultiHop Communication
d. Deriving and Matching Image Fingerprint Sequences fro Mobile Robot Localization
e. Design and Implementation of a Digital Controller for DCtoDC Power Converters
f. Design and Implementation of a Teleautonomous Hummer
g. Design and Implementation of an Open Autonomous Mobile Robot System
h. Design and Implementation of a Sensor Network System for Vehicle Tracking and Autonomous Interception
i. Development of Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Decoupled Induction Motor Drive
j. Digital PWM Controller and Current estimator for a LowPower Switching Converter
k. Design and initial InWater Testing of Advanced NonLinear Control Algorithms onto an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)
l. Designing a Secure and Robust Mobile Interacting Robot for the Long Term
m. Detection of Abnormal Movement of Industrial Robots using Image Sequence
n. Developing Vehicles for Future Transportation Systems: Challenges & Research Directions
o. Development of a Novel Instantaneous Speed Observer and its Application to the PowerAssisted Wheelchair Control
p. Development of a Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network Node for Automatic Data Acquisition and Transfer
q. Distributed Control Applications within Sensor Networks
r. Dual functional reconfigurable mobile robot IEEE
s. Electronic Control Units for Automotive Electrical Power Systems: Communication and Networks
t. eSeal A System for Enhanced Electronic assertion of Authenticity and Integrity
u. Feeder Automation within the Scope of Substation Automation
v. Fingerprint Identification and Verification System using Minutiae Matching
w. Fingerprint Identification using the Accidental coincidence Probability
x. Fingerprint Matching: Data Acquisition and Performance Evaluation
y. Fingerprint Verification using Smart Cards for Access Control Systems
z. Fusion of Voice Gesture and humanComputer Interface Controls for Remotely Operated Robot
aa. Firebot: Design of an Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot
bb. Fuzzy Adaptive Control of an Induction motor Drive
cc. Fuzzy Modelling: and Control of Marine Diesel Engine Process
dd. High Efficiency Flyback Converter using Synchronous Rectification
ee. High Robustness and Reliability of Fuzzy Logic based Position Estimation for Sensorless Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
ff. Home Networking with Zigbee
gg. Hybrid Control of SemiAutonomous Robots
hh. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design based on a MultiObjective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm
ii. Hybrid Intelligence for Driver Assistance
jj. Implementation of a VIBased MultiAxis Motion Control System for Automated Test and Measurement Applications IEEE
kk. Implementing Multiple Robot Architectures using Mobile Agents
ll. Improving Patient Monitoring and Tracking in Emergency Response
mm. Indoor Positioning and Navigation using WLAN Technology
nn. Model Reference Linear Adaptive Control of DC Motor Using Fuzzy Controller IEEE
oo. Inventory Management using Passive RFID Tag: A Survey
pp. Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Computer based Embedded Control System
qq. Modeling of a StairClimbing Wheelchair mechanism with High Single Step Capability
rr. Modelling Pedestrains using Artificial Neural Networks
ss. Models for Bearing damage Detection in Induction Motors using Stator Current Monitoring
tt. MyBus: Helping Bus Riders Make Informed Decisions
uu. Navigation of Mobile Robot using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Obstacle Avoidance System with Commanded
vv. Neural Network Control Approach for an Industrial Furnace
ww. Novel Skid Avoidance Method without Vehicle Chassis Speed for Electric Vehicle
xx. Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robots using Ordinal structure Model of Fuzzy Reasoning Approach
yy. Oil Well Diagnosis by Sensing Terminal Characteristics of the Induction Motor
zz. OpticallyPowered Wireless Transmitter for HighTemperature MEMS Sensing and Communications
aaa. Optimal control of ThreePhase PWM Inverter for UPS Systems
bbb. Parking Space Inventory control: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
ccc. Patient Monitoring using Personal Area Networks of Wireless Intelligent Sensors
ddd. PdaDriver: A Handheld System for Remote Driving
eee. Performance Analysis of an Active Energy Induction Meter using an Innovative Approach
fff. Power Factor Improvement of Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Employing Extinction Angle Control Technique
ggg. Proposal of HumanFriendly Motion Control
hhh. RealTime DC Motor Position Control by Fuzzy Logic and PID Controllers using Labview
iii. Remote Control of an Ultrasonic Motor by using a GSM Mobile Phone
jjj. Remote Monitoring System for Transformer Substations
kkk. RoboCart: Toward RobotAssisted Navigation of Grocery Stores by the Visually Impaired
lll. Robust Control of a Speed Sensorless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
mmm. Robust Speed Control of an Indirect FieldOriented Induction Machine Drive using Fuzzy Logic Control
nnn. Scalar Speed Control of a DQ Induction Motor Model using Fuzzy logic Controller
ooo. Secure Smartcard based Fingerprint Authentication
ppp. Security in Automotive Bus Systems
qqq. SelfTrained Automated Parking System
rrr. Sensing of Car Environment at Low Speed Driving
sss. SIAPAS: A Case Study on the Use of a GPS based Parking System
ttt. SOLERO: Solar Powered Exploration Rover
uuu. SuperTwisting Sliding Mode Control for Unified Power Flow Controller In Power Systems IEEE
vvv. Telerobotics: ThroughTheInternet Teleoperation of the ABB IRB Industrial Robot
The Adaptive Space Vector PWM for Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor with DC Link Voltage Imbalance
43) IEEE
a. The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy
b. The Smart Wheelchair Component System
c. A Comparison of VoltageMode softSwitching methods for PWM Converters
d. A FaultTolerant Control Architecture for Induction Motor Drives in Automotive Applications
e. A New Approach to ANNBased Real Time Voltage Stability Monitoring and Reactive Power Management IEEE
f. A New SoftSwitched Contactless Battery Charger with Robust Local Controllers
g. A New Visualization Concept for Navigation Systems
h. A Novel Resonant Transition PushPull DCDc Converter
i. A Real Time Precrash Vehicle Detection System
j. A Simple Control Scheme for SinglePhase Shunt Active Power with Fuzzy Logic based DC Bus Voltage Controller
k. A ThreeLevel DCDc Converter with WideInput Voltage Operations for ShipElectricPowerDistribution Systems
l. A ThreeLevel SinglePhase singleStage SoftSwitched ACDC Converter
m. Comparison of Traditional Inverters and ZSource Inverter for Fuel
44) Cell Vehicles
a. Control and Monitoring of Mobile Robot system using Bluetooth
b. Control of a Simple DC Motor Robot Equiped with Ultrasonic Sensors via a Field Programmable Gate Array and a
c. Custom Architecture for Fuzzy and Neural Networks Controllers
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