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An agent as an entity that can
be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon its environment through effectors.


Software program that work in the background without direct human intervention to carry out specific, repetitive, and predictable tasks for an individual user, business process, or software application.

: Agents should perceive their environment (which may be the physical world, a user, a collection of agents, the Internet, etc.) and respond in a timely fashion to changes that occur in it.

PRO-ACTIVENESS: Goal directed behavior is needed. In a changed environment, intelligent agents have to recognize opportunities and take the initiative.

SOCIAL ABILITY: Intelligent agents are capable of interacting with other agents to satisfy their design objectives.

Mobility: The ability to move around an electronic environment.
Veracity: An agent will not knowingly communicate false information.
Benevolence: Agents do not have conflicting goals and every agent will therefore always try to do what is asked of it.
Rationality: An agent will act in order to achieve its goals insofar as its beliefs permit.
Learning/adaptation: Agents improve performance over time.


It can help the user by performing tasks on the userâ„¢s behalf, training or teaching the user, hiding the complexity of difficult tasks, helping the user or monitoring events and procedures.

1.Systems and Network Management:

Intelligent agents can be used to enhance systems management software. For example, they can help filter and take automatic actions at a higher level of abstraction, and can even be used to detect and react to patterns in system behavior. Further, they can be used to manage large configurations dynamically.

2.Mobile Access / Management:

Agents can process data at its source and ship only compressed answers to the user, rather than overwhelming the network with large amounts of unprocessed data.

3.Mail and Messaging:

Intelligent agents can automatically prioritize and organize e-mail, and can addressing mail by organizational function rather than by person. Intelligent agents operate on behalf of the user according to those rules.

4.Information Access and Management:

Intelligent agents are helping users not only with search and filtering, but also with categorization, prioritization, selective dissemination, annotation, and (collaborative) sharing of information and documents.

5.Workflow and Administrative Management:

Administrative management includes both workflow management and areas such as computer/telephony integration, where processes are defined and then automated. Much as in the messaging area, intelligent agents can be used to ascertain, then automate user wishes or business processes.

6.Electronic Commerce:

Both buyers and sellers need to automate handling of their "electronic financial affairs".
Intelligent agents can assist in electronic commerce in a number of ways. Agents can "go shopping" for a user, taking specifications and returning with recommendations of purchases which meet those specifications. They can act as "salespeople" for sellers by providing product or service sales advice, and they can help troubleshoot customer problems.

7.Adaptive User Interfaces:

Intelligent agent technology allows systems to monitor the user's actions, develop models of user abilities, and automatically help out when problems arise. When combined with speech technology, intelligent agents enable computer interfaces to become more human or more "social" when interacting with human users.


The WIZARDS found in Microsoft Office software tools have built-in capabilities to show users how to accomplish various tasks, such as formatting documents or creating graphs and to anticipate when users need assistance.
Some other examples of current Intelligent agents include some spam filters, and server monitoring tools, Search engine, User agent - for browsing the World Wide Web, SNMP agent-Simple Network Management protocol.


Agent-based systems technology is a vibrant and rapidly expanding field of academic research and business world applications.

Management Information Systems (textbook) by Laudon & Laudon
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