java project and implimentations
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computer science technology
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18-01-2010, 01:46 AM

a. Approach to Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Java
b. A performance study of roaming in wireless local area networks based on
c. IEEE r
d. Analysis and Research on the Traditional Congestion Control Policy and
e. Active Networks Congestion Control Policy
f. On Demand Self-Organized Public Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc
g. Networks
h. An optimized solution for Hmobile computing environment Java
i. Active Source Routin g Protocol for Mobile AD-HOC Networks Java
j. Adaptive Security and Authentication for DNS System Java
k. Evaluating the Performance of Versatile RMI Approach InJava
l. Dynamic Control for Active Network System Java
m. A new operational transformation framework for real-time group editors
n. Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems in the presence of delays: a regeneration-theory approach
o. Multicast routing with delay and delay variation constraints for collaborative applications on overlay networks
p. OCGRR: A new scheduling algorithm for differentiated services networks
q. A scalable overlay multicast architecture for largescale applications
r. Randomized protocols for duplicate elimination in peer-to-peer storage systems
s. A robust spanning tree topology for data collectionand dissemination in distributed environments
t. An overview of packet reordering in transmission control protocol TCP: problems, solutions, and challenges
u. Distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol
v. Incremental service deployment using the hop-by-hop multicast routing protocol
w. A new TCP for persistent packet re-ordering
x. TCP-IP: low priority service via end-point congestion
y. On self-fish routing in internet like environments
z. Distributed database architecture for global roaming in next generation mobile networks

aa. Effective Packet Analyzing and Filtering System f or ATM Network Java
bb. Multi Server Communication In Distributed Management System Java
cc. R eduction of Network Density for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Java
dd. Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission Protocol Java
ee. Secure Steganography in C ompressed Video Bitstreams Java
ff. A New Route Maintenance Strateg y for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Java
gg. A Packet Based
hh. Messaging Service over TCP/IP in Local Area Network Java
ii. Secure Data Hiding and Extraction Using BPCS Java
jj. Dynamic Signature Verification Using Pattern Recognition Java
kk. Data Minimization And Storage Using XML Enable SQL Server Java
ll. R etrieving Files Using Content Based Search Java
mm. Distributed Node Migration by Effective Fault Tolerance Java
nn. Embedding in Video Steganograph y
oo. Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering Java
pp. Location Aided Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Java
qq. Image Rendering for Grid Technology
rr. Optimal Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Java
ss. Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC Java
tt. Homogenous Network Control and Implementation Java
uu. Network File Sharing System
vv. Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database Systems Java
ww. Visual Editor with Compiler
xx. ATM Networks for Online Monitoring System Java
yy. Performance Evaluation of RMI

zz. Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse Java
aaa. Network Component for XML Migration Java
bbb. Shortest Node Finder In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Java
ccc. Preventing Network Data Congestion Collapse Using Mobile AD-HOC
ddd. Networks
eee. Distributed C ache Updating for the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Java
fff. Multi Router Traffic Monitoring System Java
ggg. Public Key Validation For DNS Security Extensions Java
hhh. A Secure Routin g Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network Java
iii. R etrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and presenting it in Carousel
jjj. view
kkk. Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation
lll. Mobile Networks
mmm. E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets Java
nnn. Productivity Aids
ooo. R outing and Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Java
ppp. Data Security in Ad hoc Networks Using Multi Path Routing Java
qqq. An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature
rrr. method in Active Networks
sss. Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Java
ttt. ,

uuu. An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing
vvv. Misbehavior in MANETs
Wavelet Based Compression and Decompression Using Steganography Java
xxx. Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol Java
yyy. Image Water Marking and Combustion
zzz. Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol Java
aaaa. A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation
bbbb. Mobile Networks
cccc. Protocol Scrubbing: Network Security Through Transparent Flow
dddd. Modification
eeee. Incremental deplo yment service of Hop by hop multicast routing protocol Java
ffff. Quer y processing in a virtual network computing environment JME
gggg. Quer ying a database through Wireless messaging service Java
a. API-based and information-theoretic metrics for measuring the quality of software modularization
b. A formal framework for automated round-trip software engineering in static aspect weaving and transformations
c. Feature location using probabilistic ranking of methods based on execution scenarios and information retrieval
d. Logarithmic store-carry-forward routing in mobile ad hoc networks
e. An acknowledgment-based approach for thedetection of routing misbehavior in manets
f. Route reservation in ad hoc wireless networks
g. Toward broadcast reliability in mobile ad-hoc networks with double coverage
h. A location based routing method for mobile ad-hocnetworks
i. An efficient fault-tolerant distributed channel allocation algorithm for cellular network
j. Provably secure three-party authenticated quantum key distribution protocols
k. A fully distributed proactively secure threshold multi signature scheme
l. Efficient key agreement for large and dynamic Multicast groups
m. Distributed collaborative key agreement and authentication protocol for dynamic peer groups
n. An adaptive programming model for fault-tolerant distributed computing
o. Hybrid intrusion detection with weighted signature generation over anomalous internet episodes
p. Hiding sensitive association rules with limited side effects
q. Efficient approximate query processing in peer-to peer networks
r. GHIC: A hierarchical pattern-based clustering algorithm for grouping web transactions
s. A grid-powered framework to support courses on distributed programming
t. A hierarchical modeling and analysis for grid service reliability
u. Discriminative learning and recognition
v. Of image set classes using canonical correlations
w. Block-based map disparity estimation under alphachannel constraints
x. Analytical results on style-constrained Bayesian classification of pattern fields
y. Face recognition using laplacian faces
z. Online handwritten script recognition
aa. Noise reduction by fuzzy image filtering
bb. Remote approach for effective task execution and data accessing tool
cc. Active source routing protocol for mobile networks
dd. Excessive data accumulation free routing in enlarge network
ee. Realistic broadcast protocol handler for group communication
ff. Multicast live video broadcasting using real time transmission protocol
gg. Adaptive security and authentication for DNS system
hh. Evaluating the performance of versatile RMI approach in java
ii. Dynamic control for active network system
jj. Effective packet analyzing and filtering system for ATM network
kk. Multi server communication in distributed database management
ll. Messaging service over TCP/ IP in local area network
mm. Explicit allocation of best-effort packet delivery service
nn. Logical group network maintenance and control system
oo. Reduction of network density for wireless ad-hoc network sing XTC algorithm
pp. Distributed node migration by effective fault tolerance
qq. Tool for bug tracking and system analysis
rr. User friendly frame builder environment for java swing
ss. Artificial intelligence browser using java speech API
tt. Hub for java compilation and error checking
uu. Scattered system for aircraft maintenance
vv. Mail-exchanger using multi tasking socket
ww. Data seclusion in audio files
xx. Secure data hiding and extraction using BPCS
yy. Xml based GUI testing tool
zz. Wrong method call identifier
aaa. Java musician using java sound API
bbb. Dynamic signature verification using pattern recognition
ccc. Bulk SMS gateway INTEGRA
ddd. Data minimization and storage using xml enable SQL server
eee. Retrieving files using content based search
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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11-03-2010, 10:08 AM

Hey can i get the project and implimentation on "Distributed Collaborative Key Agreement Protocols for Dynamic Peer Groups" its urgent....
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01-06-2010, 04:19 PM

i want source code for network intrusion detection system. plz reply as soon as possible
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01-06-2010, 06:16 PM

Well still I didn't get the theme of your project and implimentation. I am not able to understand of the main purpose of the project and implimentation which you have mention here. Well I need one good project and implimentation of Java that can be easily understand by me.
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02-06-2010, 02:59 PM

i want to know more about the project and implimentation Intelligent network back up tool...
i want the documentation details....
Can you help me...
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23-07-2010, 04:29 PM

Provably secure three-party authenticated quantum key distribution protocols

Reference: topicideashow-to-java-project and implimentations#ixzz0uYEgPQWk

pl send me report and ppt soon.
thank u.
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18-08-2010, 02:18 PM

send me the ppt & seminar and presentations on network border patrol
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23-08-2010, 06:15 PM

please i need a project and implimentation materials with source code for "an agent based intrusion detection response and blocking using signature method in active networks''
rajesh mulki
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24-08-2010, 06:48 PM

i want a full project and implimentation source code on intrusion detection and prevention

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