micro hydro power plant
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28-06-2010, 07:42 PM

i want information regarding micro hydro power plant
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Water power can be harnessed in many different ways.We can buil a barrage across an estuary and release water in a controlled manner through a
turbine. tidal flows can be utilised. large dams can generate large quantities of electricity as well as help in irrigation. wave power is an alternate form of hydro-power. Micro-hydro power is the small-scale harnessing of energy
from falling water. Their capacity ranges from from a few hundred watts up to 100 kW. The applications can vary from battery charging, food
processing to powering a small community or rural industry which is far from the power grid. Utilizing the water from a local river to power a small
factory or village can be a micro hydro project and implimentation.

Scheme components
In the described scheme some of the water is guided along the side of a valley and is allowed to fall on a turbine via a penstock which in turn drives a generator that provides electricity for a workshop. The power generated can even be supplied to a local village.

Water into Watts
both the flow rate of the water and the head are necessary to determine the power generation capacity.
Theoretical power (P) = Flow rate (Q) x Head (H) x Gravity (g)
In the rural areas , the shaft power is
suitable for food processing in mills like oil , flour mills etc. The major choice is but conversion to electrical power. The power distribution can be through:
-small electrical distribution system
-by means of batteries which have to be returned periodically to the power house for recharging. The cost of setting up the grid is saved here.

For further details, refer this:

.pdf   MICRO-HYDRO POWERSTATION.pdf (Size: 230.71 KB / Downloads: 488)
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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.ppt   HYDRO POWER PLANT.ppt (Size: 632.5 KB / Downloads: 235)


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Water power can be harnessed in many ways; tidal flows can be utilised to produce power by building a barrage across an estuary and releasing water in a controlled manner through a turbine; large dams hold water which can be used to provide large quantities of electricity; wave power is also harnessed in various ways. It is a technology that has been utilised throughout the world, by a diverse range of societies and cultures, for many centuries. Water can be harnessed on a large or a small scale - Table 1, below outlines the categories used to define the power output form hydropower. Micro-hydro power is the small-scale harnessing of energy from falling water; for example, harnessing enough water from a local river to power a small factory or village. This fact sheet will concentrate mainly at micro-hydro power.

Large- hydro

More than 100 MW and usually feeding into a large electricity grid


15 - 100 MW - usually feeding a grid


1 - 15 MW - usually feeding into a grid


Above 100 kW, but below 1 MW; either stand alone schemes or more often feeding into the grid


From 5kW up to 100 kW; usually provided power for a small community or rural industry in remote areas away from the grid.


From a few hundred watts up to 5kW ,...
seminar paper
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to get information about the topic HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANTS full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow





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Micro Hydro Power Plant

.doc   Micro Hydro Power Plant.doc (Size: 524.5 KB / Downloads: 23)

Hydraulic engineering is based on the principles of fluid mechanics. However until now there does not exist, and probably never will, a general methodology for the mathematical analysis of the movement of the fluids.
Based on the large amount of accumulated experience there exists many empirical relationships to achieve practical engineering solutions with the movement of the water, the fluid that concerns hydroelectricity.
All hydroelectric generation depends on falling water. The first step to develop a site must address the availability of an adequate water supply.
Turbines transform the potential energy of water to mechanical rotational energy, which in turn is transformed into electrical energy in the generators.
From the beginning of electricity production hydropower has been, and still is today, the first renewable source used to generate electricity. It is also considered a cheap, environmentally friendly source of energy.

General principle of micro hydro

Power generation from water depends upon a combination of head and flow. Both must be available to produce electricity. Water is diverted from a stream into a pipeline, where it is directed downhill and through the turbine (flow). The vertical drop (head) creates pressure at the bottom end of the pipeline. The pressurized water emerging from the end of the pipe creates the force that drives the turbine. The turbine in turn drives the generator where electrical power is produced. More flow or more head produces more electricity.
Electrical power output will always be slightly less than water power input due to turbine and system inefficiencies.
Water pressure or Head is created by the difference in elevation between the water intake and the turbine. Head can be expressed as vertical distance (feet or meters), or as pressure.

Water pressure or ‘head’

Measurement of gross head

The gross head is the vertical distance that the water falls through in generating power, i.e. between the upper and lower water surface levels. Field measurements of gross head are usually carried out using surveying techniques. The precision required in the measurement will impose the methods to be employed.

Estimation of net head

Having established the gross head available it is necessary to allow for the losses arising from trash racks, pipe friction, bends and valves. In addition to these losses, certain types of turbines must be set to discharge to the atmosphere above the flood level of the tail water (the lower surface level). The gross head minus the sum of all the losses equals the net head, which is what is available to drive the turbine.

Firm energy

A run-of-river scheme cannot, in general, guarantee a firm energy. On the contrary
a group of micro hydro run-of-river schemes, located in different basins of a country possibly can, because the low flow seasons may not occur at the same time.
If a micro hydro scheme has been developed to supply energy to an isolated area, the rated flow should be the one corresponding in the FDC to the exceedence probability of, at least, 90%. But even in these conditions the electricity supply cannot be guaranteed 90% of the time, because the FDC is related to the long term and does not necessarily apply in dry years.Interconnecting the plant with the electricity supplier’s grid is a solution.

Electromechanical equipment


In a micro hydropower scheme the role of the powerhouse is to protect from the weather hardships the electromechanical equipment that convert the potential energy of water into electricity. The number, type and power of the turbo-generators, their configuration, the scheme head and the geomorphology of the site controls the shape and size of the building.
The substructure is part of the weir and embodies the power intake with its trashrack, the turbine coupled to the generator, the draught tube and the tailrace. The control equipment and the outlet transformers are located in the generator forebay.
In some cases the whole superstructure is dispensed with, or reduced to enclose only the switchgear and control equipment. Integrating turbine and generator in a single waterproofed unit that can be installed directly in the waterway means that a conventional powerhouse is not required.

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i want ppt regarding micro hydel power based fm radio for kictchens

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