microcontroller based solar charger
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Solar Electric Charge Controller and
Portable Power Supply

This project and implimentations is a device that will allow a solar panel to efficiently recharge a DC battery. The solar panel is operated at an optimal power level regardless of the battery voltage. The controller will vary the voltage across the panel
to find and maintain the maximum power point. the battery is charged using using pulse width modulation techniques. The major components of the project and implimentations are:
-a boost DC-DC converter
-a microcontroller
-a current sensing microchip
-a Liquid Crystal Display for data output
-a serial computer interface(for programming and data collection)

Project Design
the solar panel which provides power, the rechargeable batteries which receive power, the circuitry to maximize the power transfer between the two, and a LCD and two LEDs as outputs to the user. a DC-DC converter, a Microchip PIC18F452, and a computer serial port interface to program the microprocessor and receive data output on a terminal program forms the circuitry part.
The Microchip PIC18F452 is programmed using the PCW C Compiler. This microcontroller reads the solar panel voltage,
solar panel current, and battery pack voltage through analog to digital converters. Resistors are used to regulate the voltages between 0-5 volts to be read by the PICâ„¢s ADC. the solar panel current is measured by MAXIM 471. The program takes the ADC readings to monitor the solar panel power output (voltage * current) and it is used to find the operating point where this power is maximized. the battery pack voltage is also read to implement three-stage battery charging. The ADC is also used to output values to the LCD.
The DC-DC converter converts the input voltage from the solar panel to the battery voltage. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) from the microcontroller controls the duty cycle of the transistor.

for full details, refer this pdf

.pdf   SolarElectricCharger.pdf (Size: 228.36 KB / Downloads: 896)
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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As the sources of conventionalenergy deplete day by day,resorting to alternative sourcesof energy like solar and wind energyhas become need of the hour.Solar-powered lighting systems arealready available in rural as well as urbanareas. These include solar lanterns,solar home lighting systems, solarstreetlights, solar garden lights andsolar power packs. All of them consistof four components: solar photovoltaicmodule, rechargeable battery, solarcharge controller and load.In the solar-powered lighting system,the solar charge controller playsan important role as the system’soverall success depends mainly on it.It is considered as an indispensablelink between the solar panel, batteryand load.The microcontroller-based solarcharge controller described here hasthe following features:1. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operationof the load2. Built-in digital voltmeter (0V-20Vrange)3. Parallel- or shunt-type regulation4. Overcharge protection5. System status display on LCD6. Deep-discharge protection7. Low battery lock8. Charging current changes to‘pulsed’ at full charge9. Low current consumption10. Highly efficient design based onmicrocontroller11. Suitable for 10-40W solar panelsfor 10A loadThe circuit of the solar charge controlleris shown in Fig. 1. It comprisesmicrocontroller AT89C2051, serial analogue-to-digitalconverterA D C 0 8 3 1 ,optocouplerMCT2E, regulator7805,M O S F E T sBS170 and IRF540N,transistorBC547

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As the sources of conventional energy deplete day by day, resorting to alternative sources of energy like solar and wind energy
has become need of the hour. Solar-powered lighting systems are
already available in rural as well as urban areas. These include solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, solar streetlights, solar garden lights and solar power packs. All of them consist of four components: solar photovoltaic module, rechargeable battery, solar charge controller and load. In the solar-powered lighting system, the solar charge controller plays an important role as the system’s overall success depends mainly on it. It is considered as an indispensable link between the solar panel, battery and load.The microcontroller-based solar charge controller described here has the following features:
1. Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation of the load
2. Built-in digital voltmeter (0V-20V range)
3. Parallel- or shunt-type regulation
4. Overcharge protection
5. System status display on LCD
6. Deep-discharge protection
7. Low battery lock
8. Charging current changes to‘pulsed’ at full charge
9. Low current consumption
10. Highly efficient design based onmicrocontroller
11. Suitable for 10-40W solar panels for 10A load
The circuit of the solar charge controller is shown in Fig. 1. It comprises
microcontroller AT89C2051, serial analogue- to-digital converter

Download full report
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to get information about based on microcontroller full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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i tried to built solar charger by purchasing KITSNSPARES's kit. but its program is not working.
please help me....

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