mobile robots full report
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computer science technology
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.pdf   Mobile Robot Design full report.pdf (Size: 318.84 KB / Downloads: 471)
Project Definition

To design a mobile robotic system that will
traverse through a maze with arbitrary
obstacles and transmit information to a PC that
will graphically display the robotâ„¢s telemetry
information and maze layout.

Project Objectives

Navigate/Collect information within maze
Traverse a closed path within maze
Transmit information using transceivers
Process and display received data
Exit maze

Project Specifications

Altera Board
Drive Train
IR Sensors
PC Application

Altera Board

Controls the robot
Interface to all modules
Modules are connected through
expansion header pins
Built-in 7-segment LEDâ„¢s, push-button
switches, and DIP switches for testing
Programmed using VHDL

Drive Train

Consists of 2 modified servos
with wheels
Drive Train control logic
provides 8 directional settings
and 4 speed settings
Servos are driven using PWM
Speed controlled by altering
duty cycle

Ultrasonic Rangefinder Sensors

Consists of 3 rangefinder
Determines range to objects
Returns hex value, which is
interpolated by software
Actual effective range
3cm “ 89cm
Actual precision inconsistent,
thus streaming buffer
implemented in software

Real-World Application

Plant Automation
Military Weapons
Home Appliances
Automated Medical
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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please send me the full report on the above topic..... send one copy even to my mail id please... my mail id is ""
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HI send me the full project and implimentation report thanks in advance dude mail me to
seminar class
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Mobile Robots
Why do robots need to move?
What defines a robot?

• Sense – a robot has to take in information about its environment
• Plan – a robot has to use that information to make a decision
• Act – a robot needs moving parts to carry out commands
What ways do robots move?
• Rotate
• Convey
• Walk
• Swim
• Fly
• Reach
• Bend
• Poke
• Roll
Manipulative Movement
• Robots that use an arm, belt or other means to grab and maneuver objects
• Mobile Movement
• Robots that can move from place to place
Why go from place to place?
• Transport goods and materials
• Carry messages
• Get there faster
• Do a task while you’re getting there
or when you get there
• Collect information about what’s there
• Get away from something
• See if you can!
• Most robots get around by rolling
• Walking is hard – it requires balancing
• Swimming only works in water
• Flying requires a lot of speed and energy
• Wheels and treads make moving over ground easier
• They provide stability with multiple points that touch the ground
How do rolling robots work?
• Sensors
• Motors
• Wheels
Main Components of Robotics
• Build – Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics
• Program – Building behaviors
• Test – Multiple trials
• Communicate – What did you work on or accomplish? What conclusions did you come to?
• Building
• Gears and axles
• Beams and connectors
• Motors and wheels
• Sensors and wires
• NXT programmable brick
LEGO® Pieces

• Building LEGO® Motors and Sensors
• Building LEGO® NXT
• Programming Behaviors
• Giving the robot behaviors
• Complex behaviors are built from simple ones
• Programming
• Programming Screen Interface
• Programming Blocks and Functions
Testing Why do we test?
• Make sure it works!
• Understand what it can do
• Test everything multiple times to determine the repeatability
• Use the robot to test other phenomena
• Testing
• When we test, we take data (numbers)
• We write our numbers down in organized charts
• We write down everything we can about the experiment
• Look at our data after we’re finished
Why is communicating your design so important?
• If no one knows what it is, how it works, or why it’s cool, why would they want to buy it?
• When it is well-documented, other people can build on what you have started and create even cooler technologies!
• Communicate
• Experiment worksheets and log books
• Presenting our work
• Sketching and describing ideas so teammates can understand too
What is Engineering?
• Problem solving
• Teamwork
• Time management
• Testing
• Doing it over if it doesn’t work correctly the first time!
• Engineering Process
Personal Assistant Robot
• We will be making a mobile robot to help out in the classroom
• We will run tests on the robot to determine its capabilities
• Before it can do complicated behaviors,we have to teach it simple ones
• But before we program anything, we need to build

Attached Files
.ppt   Introduction to Robotics.ppt (Size: 7.14 MB / Downloads: 83)
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Mobile robots

.docx   Introduction of robot.docx (Size: 35.43 KB / Downloads: 15)

Introduction of robot

A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human being and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on command or by being programmed in advance. A machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control. A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others.

Types of robot

Mobile robots are able to move, usually they perform task such as search areas. A prime example is the Mars Explorer, specifically designed to roam the mars surface. Mobile robots are a great help to such collapsed building for survivors Mobile robots are used for task where people cannot go. Either because it is too dangerous of because people cannot reach the area that needs to be searched.
Industrial robots can easily automate picking a part up and placing it into a new location. Pick and place robots not only speed up the process, which increases production rates, but they are also more accurate and do not fatigue. Most of the movements that pick and place robots perform are back-breaking or hard to maneuver for humans.
A simple robot, often with only two or three degrees of freedon and little or no trajectory control, whose sole function is to transfer items from one place to another.
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Mobile Robotics

.ppt   Robotics.ppt (Size: 247.5 KB / Downloads: 11)

What Is “Robotics” ?

The word robotics is used to collectively define a field in engineering that covers the mimicking of various human characteristics.
It may be human controlled or automatic.
It must be able to perform certain tasks we set for it.
The desired task must be achieved within some given limitations.
Examples: Automatic Toy Car
Mobile Sweeper Machine
Machines removing mines
Escape Robot
Solar Beam Robot

Locomotion System

As the name suggests a mobile robot must have a system to make it move
This system gives our machine the ability to move forward, backward and take turns
It may also provide for climbing up and down
The concept of locomotion invariably needs rotational motion e.g. a wheel driven by some power source
This involves conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, which we can easily achieve using electrical motors
The issue is to control these motors to give the required speed and torque

Differential Drive

It has a free moving wheel in the front accompanied with a left and right wheel.The two wheels are separately powered
When the wheels move in the same direction the machine moves in that direction. Turning is achieved by making the wheels oppose each other’s motion, thus generating a couple

Skid Steer Drive

A close relative of the differential drive system
It is mostly used in tracked machines e.g. tanks. Also finds application in some four / six wheeled robots
The left and right wheels are driven independently
Steering is accomplished by actuating each side at a different rate or in a different direction, causing the wheels or tracks to slip, or skid, on the ground


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