payroll management system
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26-06-2010, 02:20 PM

i want a seminar and presentation which is prepared on payroll management systems plz help me
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for more information about payrole information system pls follw the link:bulwarksPDFS/Payroll%20Management%20System.pdf
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payroll managment system


In most organizations the computer is a very valuable resource. Among the resources that a computer has are processing speed, storage space, printers and information. The management of these resources is performed largely by a type of system software called Operation System. There are two types of software
System software and application software. System software is a set of programs that manage the resources of a computer system. Application software on the other hand, performs specific tasks for the computer user. Application programs such as spreadsheets are used for many general purposes, whereas applications such as the one, which is being developed by us i.e the DBMS for IGNOU is very specific in the problems it solves. Developing computer programs is expensive because the programming must be done buy humans and not by computers. These can be developed using third generation programming languages like C, Cobol and Visual Basic
“Database” as one single word, is an alternative terminology for data management software. “Data base” as two works, refers to the highest level of the hierarchy of data organization. As students of businesspersons, we may want to keep information on taxes, customers, inventory and personal data on the computer system. With data management system, you can create and maintain a database and extract valuable information from the database. To use data management or database software, you first identify the format of the data, and then design a display format that will permit interactive entry and revision of the database. Once the database has been created, its records can be deleted or revised and other records can be added to the database.
All commercial data management software packages permit the creation and manipulation of databases, but what the user sees on the screen may be vastly different for the various packages.

However the concepts embodied in these database packages are very similar. The conceptual converge that follows is generic and can be applied to all database packages. Defining fields to store data establish the structure of database file. We use the CREATE and MODIFY commands to define a field of which consists of the name, type and width. Field names can be up to many characters long. They must begin with an alphabet and can’t contain embedded blank spaces. Letters, numbers, and underscores are permitted. The field width is the maximum number of characters or digits that are to be contained in the field.
Thousands of commercially available software packages run on microcomputers, but the most popular business software is the family of productivity software packages. These programs are the foundation of personal computing in the business world. The current software being designed and implemented for IGNOU by us is also confirming to such productivity standards. It is designed to0 increase the efficiency and decrease the workload of the employees working with the university. It is a very user-friendly program, which can boast of a comprehensive user manual, and it generates easy to understand graphical outputs. Any required report can be easily generated just by the click of a button.
Making software is the analysis, design construction, verification, and management of the technical entities. Before software can be built, the system in which it resides must be understood. To accomplish this the overall objective must be determined, the role of hardware, software, people, database, procedures and other system elements must be elicited, analyzed, specified, modeled, validated and managed. Computer software is the product that the software engineers design and build. It encompasses programs that execute within a computer of any size and architecture, documents that encompass hard copy and virtual

forms and data that combine numbers and text but also includes presentation of pictorial.
Software’s impact on our society and culture continues to be profound. As its importance grows, the software community continually attempts to develop technologies that will make it easier, faster and less expensive to build high quality computer programs. Some of these technologies are targeted at specific application domain while some are broad based. Software may be applied in any situation for which a pre-specified set of procedural set of procedural steps has been defined. Information content and determinacy are important factors in determining the nature of the software application. Content refers to meaning and form of incoming and outgoing information. For example many business applications use highly structured input data and produce formatted reports.

for more ::->

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12-03-2012, 11:53 AM

to get information about the topic "payroll management system " full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow


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payroll management system

.docx   PAYROLL.docx (Size: 346.7 KB / Downloads: 76)


The PAYROLL SYSTEM is used to maintain a list of employees’ names, addresses and employment information and is used to interactively calculate and print payroll checks.

The purpose of this section is to obtain agreement regarding the objectives the system must meet. Ultimately this segment defines the boundaries of the effort. The “Payroll system” helps administrator honor their professional commitments by following a tailored version of the organization’s standard process. This application is supported by a database consisting of employee’s salary details and their leave allowances. Based on these details at the end of every month the application automatically credits the employee’s bank account with their salary. The amount of salary credited into employees account is a variant of their leave allowances .This Payroll Processing application also considers employee’s income tax regulations and loan payment details. Based on these considerations the salary of each employee is deducted at the source. Taking into account all these aspects the appropriate accounts of each employee are credited. This application also includes generation of salary slips to every employee.

The payroll Processing System is an application of LBRCE–JKC. Its target user group consists of Admin, Employees.

The Purpose of the project and implimentation is to maintain the information regarding the employee and generates the pay slip.
Generating ID’s and pay slips for the employees This project and implimentation is a distributed endeavor that strives to employ languages that promote platform independence and make it possible to support desktop and laptop systems in traditional and wireless networking infrastructures .Efforts must be focused on business logic issues rather than Event Driven Web based System PPS System Business Logic Data Access Personal Persistent Data Repository Storage Subsystem Application Layer Interface Application Layer needlessly duplicating user interface software, database software, etc. Its main focus is on the generation of reports at any time.


Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements
• CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo E7300
• RAM – 1 GB (MIN)
• Hard disk – 160 GB
• Operating System – Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (CHT)

Limitations of the project and implimentation

1. Not supports web based operations
2. Multiprocessing not allowed.
3. Extensive help is not provided.
4. Not support in the OS lower than windows

Advantages of existing system

It is very simple in nature & doesn’t provide much functionality, thus reducing complexity of the system. It doesn’t require employees to know about computers at all i.e. it doesn’t require training its employees any special technique except of simple bill preparation and book keeping. Because of manual work it doesn’t require any investment in computers or any other peripherals. Since there are no systems at all there is no need to keep available the facilities like 24- hour power backup or other facilities.

Disadvantages of existing system

The disadvantages of current system are all those associated with manual working systems. It is time consuming to produce bills or reports as compared to any other computerized system. Humans are more probes to errors so always possibility of errors in producing results. As all the work done is written on registers if any register is missed or damaged it is simply very difficult to produce to present accurate figures. Employees can make fraud by writing wrong entries on register and take away the money and it is simply impossible to catch the defaulter because there is no proof.

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26-06-2012, 10:45 AM

to get information about the topic "payroll management system " full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



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