production based project and implimentations
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project report tiger
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a) Fabrication of coin separator machine
b) Automatic rotating table with sequence operating machine

c) Automatic double axis welding machine

d) Automatic scrap collecting vehicle

e) Pneumatic operated three axis modern trailer

f) Waste chill recovery heat exchanger

g) Water collar cum air conditioner

h) Fabrication of friction welding machine

i) Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system

j) Fabrication of mist coolant system

k) Combined hydraulic and disk break

l) Fabrication of sub-marian (model)

m) Automatic wheel chair cum bed

n) Fabrication of tomato grader

o) Automatic pneumatic vice and jack

p) Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor

q) Fabrication of hydraulic revolving multi-purpose trailer

r) Solar powered auto charging grinding machine

s) Remote controlled tilting wheel chair for physically disable

t) Fabrication of abrasive jet machine

u) Fully automated chapatti making machine

v) Fabrication of tube rolling machine

w) Fabrication of switch board cutter
x) Accident preventing system for automatic pneumatic printing press

y) Automatic pneumatic multi-purpose press

z) Fabrication of automatic typical pipe cutting machine

aa) D & f of automatic coil winding machine

bb) Fabrication of pipe thread cutting machine

cc) Fabrication of auto feed pneumatic vice

dd) Fabrication of hydraulic pallet truck

ee) Fabrication of cylindrical tapping machine

ff) Fully automated drilling machine

gg) D & f of pneumatic auto feed punching and riveting machine

hh) Fabrication of cam operated valve

ii) Fabrication of pantograph universal gas cutting machine

jj) Fabrication of spring loaded fan

kk) Fabrication of automatic sofa comports
ll) Self centering -jaw chuck for lathe

mm) Fabrication of spring testing machine

nn) Fabrication of pedestal spot welding machine

oo) Fabrication of oil pump testing equipment

pp) Fabrication of pedal washing machine

qq) Automatic potato chips making machine

rr) Fabrication of miniature boiler

ss) Portable circular saw machine

tt) Pneumatic operated chapathi making machine

uu) Intelligent motorized wall painting crane

vv) Fabrication of cylindrical grinding machine

ww) Automatic high speed bottle washing machine

xx) Fabrication of maize de-husker

yy) Fabrication of hydro power plant

zz) Fabrication of multi-process cutter

aaa) Automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment

bbb) Fabrication of vacuum conveyor for industrial application

ccc) Automatic pneumatic grinding machine

ddd) Simple indexing stepper motor in shaper machine

eee) Automatic water level sensing crane

fff) Fabrication of accident preventing system in cutting machine

ggg) Pc based wireless material handling vehicle for industrial application
hhh) Fabrication of automatic punching/printing conveyor

iii) Digital locking system for material handling vehicle

jjj) Fabrication of escalator

kkk) D & f of injection moulding machine

lll) Fabrication of potato chips making machine

mmm) Fabrication of non-conventional air compressor

nnn) Fabrication of multi-engine compressor

ooo) Fabrication of ground dryer

ppp) D & f of pneumatic ramming machine

qqq) D & f of pneumatic auto feed drilling machine

rrr) Fabrication of slotting attachment in drilling machine

sss) Fabrication of pneumatic sheet cutting machine

ttt) D & f of manual coil winding machine

uuu) Fabrication of automatic foot dust cleaning machine

vvv) Automatic power saving conveyor for industrial application

www) Fabrication of floor cleaning machine

xxx) Remote controlled material handling crane

yyy) Fabrication of pneumatic machining time reduction in shaping machine

zzz) Fabrication of electromagnet scrap collecting machine

aaaa) Accident avoiding system in heavy cutting machine

bbbb) Fabrication of automatic bottle washing machine
cccc) Fabrication of pneumatic quick return mechanism

dddd) Fabrication of multi-speed gear box

eeee) D & f of pneumatic auto feed punching machine

ffff) Fabrication of automatic cold chamber die casting machine

gggg) D & f of pneumatic printing press machine

hhhh) Automatic car parking system for apartment building

iiii) Sensor based automatic paint marking machine for sprocket industries

jjjj) Automatic packing control machine for industrial application

kkkk) Design & fabrication of conveyor automation

llll) Automatic accident avoiding system for machines

mmmm) Sensor based inspection conveyor

nnnn) Automatic visitor guided with material handling vehicle

oooo) D & fabrication of hydraulic lift using pressure booster

pppp) D & fabrication of hydro-pneumatic vice using pressure booster

qqqq) Fabrication of hydraulic pipe bending machine

rrrr) Fabrication of oil pump testing equipment

ssss) Fabrication of mini water service station

tttt) Fabrication of multi drill holder

uuuu) Fabrication of special purpose tapping machine

vvvv) Fabrication of hydraulic vice with power pack

wwww) Fabrication of pneumatic slotting machine
xxxx) Fabrication of universal tapping machine

yyyy) D & f of pneumatic multipurpose press

zzzz) Automatic break failure and engine over heating indication

aaaaa) Fabrication of domestic floor mill

bbbbb) Fabrication of hybrid vehicle

ccccc) D & fabrication of portable slotting machine

ddddd) Fabrication of automatic dish washing machine

eeeee) Fabrication of pneumatic high speed reciprocation hack saw machine

fffff) Fabrication of pneumatic drill jig

ggggg) D & f of automatic lubrication machine

hhhhh) Fabrication pneumatic leaf-cup making machine

iiiii) Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose machine

jjjjj) Fabrication of twin spindle drill holder

kkkkk) Fabrication of pneumatic bearing puller

lllll) Fabrication of marine engine model

mmmmm) Fabrication of coir making machine
nnnnn) Fabrication of semi-circular cutting machine

ooooo) Fabrication of hydraulic hand operated pipe bending machine

ppppp) Fabrication of rotary gear pump

qqqqq) D & f of self primary centrifugal pump

rrrrr) D & f of two stage self primary pump

sssss) Automatic cylinder boring machine

ttttt) Automatic motorized door open/close mechanism
uuuuu) Fabrication of high speed portable pipe cutting machine

vvvvv) Fabrication of pneumatic paper cup making machine

wwwww) Fabrication of pneumatic injection moulding machine

xxxxx) Fabrication of mini hydraulic hand operated zip crane

yyyyy) Fabrication of lamination machine

zzzzz) Motorized focus light mechanism (in all direction)

aaaaaa) Automatic acrylic sheet bending machine (heater control)
bbbbbb) Automatic dam shutter control system

cccccc) Portable pipe cutting machine

dddddd) Fabrication of variable drive gear box

eeeeee) Fabrication of hydraulic disk brake

ffffff) Fabrication of cylinder block boring machine

gggggg) Fabrication of road marking machine

hhhhhh) Fabrication of bottling of sugarcane juice machine

iiiiii) Fabrication of grass cutting machine

jjjjjj) Fabrication of lathe coolant pump with fitting arrangement

kkkkkk) Fabrication of tool post grinder

llllll) Fabrication of concave attachment for lathe

mmmmmm) Fabrication of arbor presses machine

nnnnnn) Fabrication of eccentric press machine

oooooo) Fabrication of fly press machine

pppppp) Fabrication of level operated conical bending machine

qqqqqq) Fabrication of hand operated edge folding machine

rrrrrr) Fabrication of automatic steering mechanism

ssssss) Fabrication of pneumatic belt conveyor

tttttt) D & f of contour turning attachment for lathe
uuuuuu) Robot controlled vacuum cleaner
vvvvvv) Automatic lamination machine

wwwwww) Mini crushing machine

xxxxxx) Electrical spot welding machine

yyyyyy) Automatic plant water moistering system for garden

zzzzzz) Automatic water level indicator and controlling system

aaaaaaa) Aero plane controlling system (glider model)

bbbbbbb) Digital controlled coil winding machine

ccccccc) Fabrication of air leak detector

ddddddd) Temperature controller with cooling system

eeeeeee) Spark plug tester

fffffff) Automatic pneumatic gear changer

ggggggg) Automatic moisture and light controlling system

hhhhhhh) Automatic vulcanizing machine

iiiiiii) Paper counting machine

jjjjjjj) Industrial boiler flame remote adjustment system

kkkkkkk) Fabrication of motorized crane

lllllll) Remote control dish antenna tracking system

mmmmmmm) Fabrication of mosaic polishing machine

nnnnnnn) Fabrication of sensor operated automatic ramming machine

ooooooo) Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose grinder

ppppppp) Pedestal spot welding machine

qqqqqqq) Shocks absorber testing machine

rrrrrrr) Energy saving light arrangement

sssssss) Power saving system for lathe

ttttttt) D & f of pneumatic reciprocating water pumping system

uuuuuuu) Fabrication of electronic hack saw machine

vvvvvvv) Automatic pressure controller cum valve open/close arrangement

wwwwwww) Automatic gate open/close system
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10-02-2010, 10:48 PM

i want project and implimentation report for protection of electricitystealing
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18-09-2011, 03:49 PM

hi plz send me production based project and implimentations, project and implimentations on vacuum cleaners
sir plz send me vacuum cleaner based project and implimentations plz plzzz
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30-09-2011, 04:07 PM

hell sir, i need full details of d) Automatic scrap collecting vehicle ...
pls send to my mail
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to get information about the topic"production based project and implimentations" please refer link bellow

topicideashow-to-production-based-project and implimentations?pid=57381#pid57381

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