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1. Poor Man’s Hearing Aid
2. MicroController Interfaced to ADC and LCD
3. Norton Theorem Trainer Kit
4. Microcontroller based maximum demand controller for industry
5. Low Cost Automatic Gate LIght With A Musical Bell
6. Image compression using DWT
7. Digital Mains Voltage Indicator
8. microcontroller based electronic voting machine
9. Insect robot
10. Sun Seeker
11. Metal Detection Robot.
12. Automatic Dual-Output Display
13. Digital Modulation and Demodulation using Quadrate Phase Shift Keying
14. Microcontroller based industrial abnormality indicator
15. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Foot Acceleration Sensor
16. Boiler Monitoring And Control System
17. Traffic light with density control
18. Infrared Cordless Headphone
19. Power Supply failure alarm
20. Design analysis of -Gigabit Ethernet media access controller(gemac) core for
21. Airplane Speed Recorder
22. Voice Communication System using Laser Beam
23. Low-Cost PCO Billing Meter
24. Water Level Controller Using 3-Phase Starter
25. 4 Digit 7-Segment Multiplex DISPLAY
26. IC Controlled Emergency Light With Charger
27. Computer controlled multi pattern generation
28. 5-Band Graphic Equaliser
29. Mains Operated Christmas Star
30. Mosfet-Based Preamplifier for FM Radio DXing
32. Atmega based linear displacement control
33. Automatic Car Parking
34. Prepaid Energy Meter
35. automobile sensor interface applications
36. Biopic Heartbeat Monitor
37. Traffic Light Controller using PC
38. DuoPhone
39. Flow Control of Water in Powerplants
40. ALU design (VHDL).
41. Cell phone operated land Rover
42. Dish Position Controlling & Monitoring System Used For Radar &
43. Rc5 Protocol Based Controller Communication And Device Control
44. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Based Speed Control Of Motors
45. Low current high voltage power supply
46. Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock
47. IVRS Microcontrollers Based
48. Flashing Brakelight
49. Solar seeker
50. Hybrid Power system
51. Avoiding pitfalls in applying programmable logic controllers in substation applications Specification, design, and implementation of logic controllers based on colored Petri net
52. Power Steering Using Servo Actuators
53. Fault detection and replacement channel
54. Integrated RF Power Amplifier Design in Silicon Based Technology (VLSI circuit).
55. Fasted Finger First
56. Design of Wind Turbine Generator Control System
57. Implementation of image restoration.
58. Four point quiz game
59. 7MHz CW/AM QRP Transmitter
60. Optimized Software Implementation of a Full-Rate IEEE .a
61. Automatic Plant Irrigation
62. Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System
63. Smartcard Based Vehicle Operated System
64. 7MHz CW AM QRP Transmitter
65. Wireless DC Motor Speed Control Using uC
66. -Band Graphic Equaliser
67. Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
68. Saw Tooth Wave Generator
69. Railway Track Detection and Anti Collision System
70. Design of a 8-bit SAP computer (VHDL).
71. Design Exploration of A Spurious Power Suppression Technique (SPST) And
72. Design and analysis of low density parity check encoder for fixed and mobile
73. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
74. RFID based Vehice Parking Logger
75. OFDM Systems
76. Implementation of a Web-Based Real-Time Monitoring and Control System for a Hybrid
77. Industrial security system.
78. Speed Control Of Ac Motors Using SCR
79. Three-Phase Appliance Protector
80. Microcontroller based Solar charge controller
81. Industrial Monitoring and Control using GSM SMS
82. Ground Pentrating Radar
83. Versatile Zener Diode Tester
84. microcontroller based intruder detection and alarming system
85. Stepper Motor control Via Parallel Port
86. Packaging Industry
87. Water level Controller cum Motor Protector kitAug
88. Computer Controlled OFC based remote control foot climbing robot
89. Voice Scrambler
90. Robot For Garden Maintenance
91. Music On-Hold For Telephones
92. DC Motor Control Using A Single Switch
93. Telephone Amplifier
94. Cell-Phone-Controlled Audio Video Mute Switch
95. Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
96. Electronic Card Lock System
97. PIC microcontroller based Huber craft system
98. Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems
99. Detecting Chains of Vulnerabilities in Industrial Networks
100. encoder and decoder ip for communication applications
102. microcontroller based visitor counter
103. Dc Motor Direction Control
104. Auto Dialer Logic
105. MICRO CONTROLLER BASED Automatic Pressing system
106. Microcontroller Based Fire Monitoring and control System In Industries
107. Versatile Power Supply
108. Uc Based Phase Management
109. Voice And Data Communication Via RF In Multiple Rooms
110. Single-Gate Square Wave Generator
111. RFID Based Automatic Toll Collection
112. Solidstate Auto Power off on Mains Failure
113. Crystal-Controlled Time-Base Generator
114. Weekly Reminder
115. Design an intelligent programmable logic controller with IPLC
116. Multi Tank Level Monitoring & Controlling
117. I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
118. Electronic Candles
119. Prediction and Prevention System to Avoid Train Collision
120. Ding-Dong Bell
121. DTMF Technology
122. Infrared Auto Switch
123. Prototype Of RF Based Station Intimation Using Wireless Communication
124. Water Level Controller
125. Hit Switch
126. Regulate Dual Power Supply
127. Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
128. Microcontroller based density traffic light controller
129. Implementation of heart beat monitoring using DWT
130. Microcontroller based motor angle movement control
131. Floating-point addition (VHDL).
132. Programmable Digital Time Switch
133. Aero plane Direction Indicator
134. ASPECT: industrial self-tuning nonlinear controller on a PLC
135. Low-Cost Hearing Aid
136. Little Door Guard
137. PC Remote Control using IR Encoder/Decoder
138. Implementation of PCM (pulse code modulation) on Speech signals.
139. Multi-Level Automatic Elevator Controller.
140. Count Down Timer Logic.
141. Bi-directional PIPO shift register with enable (VHDL). Mobile control electrical appliances.
142. ADC Kit
143. Wireless Biomedical Monitoring System
144. Microcontroller based highly confidential industrial security alarm
146. Universal High-Resistance Voltmeter
147. Pc based stepper motor controller.
149. VLSI Based Wireless Based DC Motor Contorl (SCH)
150. PIC microcontroller based roller system for industrial heavy load lifting systems
151. networks
152. Remote Operated Wireless Crane Control System
154. Self-Switching Power Supply
155. Development of FPGA based PCI bus arbiter multiprocessor Environment
156. Mobile Phone Operated Surveillance Robot
157. Access Control System
158. Fluid Level Detector
159. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Drilling Machine Speed Controller
160. Design of real time clock on FPGA for portable hand held applications
161. Automatic Multilevel Car Parking System
162. Picnic Lamp
163. Telephone-Operated Calling System
164. Automatic Phase Selection System
165. Fire Alarm
166. Programmable logic controller applied in steam generators water levels
167. Bicycle Indicator
168. Programmable Musical Bell
170. Smart Cellphone Holder
171. Atmega based angular displacement control
172. Sound operated robot manipulation
173. A VHDL Model of IEEE. Smart Sensor: Characterization and application
174. Wireless IR Sensor, DTMF Encoder And Fm Technique
175. Solar Bug
176. Safety assurance in process control
177. Universal Mobile Automatic System (UMAS)
178. Knowledge representation for Petri net based PLC stage program of discrete-event control
179. Electronic Auto Dipper
180. On The Design Of A Multi-Mode Receive Digital-Front-End For Cellular
181. DarkRoom Timer
182. Robotic ARM using PLC
183. microcontroller based soil moisture detection and controller
184. Digital Dice
186. Micro Controller IR Tracking System
187. Auto turn off battery charger
188. Electronics Burglar Alarm Using Passive Infrared Sensors
189. Intelligent Robotic tank
190. Embedded based Electronic Voting Machine
191. microcontroller based metal detection system
192. UPS for Cordless Telephones
193. Design and performance evaluation of multi-rate digital filters
194. Automatic Emergency Light
195. TRIAC Based SPEED Control Of Induction Motor
196. Remote Controlled Switch Board
197. Microcontroller - Microcontroller Communication For Remote
198. Automatic Flow Meter Maintenance
199. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
200. Automatic load sharing of transformers
201. Dice With 7-Segment Display
202. WI- FI Lan Based Process Control & Monitring
203. Under-Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
204. Robot to robot Message Transmission
205. Password Based Automated Room System
206. -Way Remote Control
207. Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries
208. modem on FPGA
209. Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
210. Finger Print Based Access Control System
211. Fire Monitoring System
212. 3-q Dual Converter
213. Opens/Closes Swimming Pool Cover Automatically
214. Flashing Beacon
215. Micro Controller To Ethernet Interface
216. Smart Vibration Sensor
217. Digital Door Bell
218. Dual-Channel Digital Volume Control
219. Integrated Electromechanical Controls Laboratory using Programmable Logic Controllers
220. Stepper Motor Based Valve Controller
221. Frequency measurement using PC
222. Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
223. Micro Controller based washing machine
224. Pc based wireless home automation
225. PWM Based Inverter Using AVR
226. Sensitive Temperature Switch
227. Speed control of 2 DC/AC motor with PC
228. Light sensing Robot
229. Infra Red Illuminator
230. Water level indicator With Alarm
231. DC motor control using PC (pulse width modulation technique).
232. Long-Range IR Transmitter
233. Number Guessing Game
234. Automatic Paper Evaluation System
235. microcontroller based wireless process control system
236. Electrical Equipment Control Using PC
237. Auto Signaling For Train In Level Crossing
238. Implementation of C controller on FPGA
239. Electrical Equipment Control Using PC
240. Design and implementation of Digital Camera System on Chip
242. Solidstate Remote Control Switch
243. High & Low Voltage cutout
244. Smart Vibration Sensor
245. Ultrasonic Based Blind Man Path Guidance & Control Using Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)
246. Teleremote Control
247. Microcontroller based air pressure indicator
249. Wireless Energy Meter with EEPROM Starage for Unit & Wireless & Unit Transmission on PC
250. RFID Based Attendance System
251. Voice Guided Wireless Robot
252. Real time connection of programmable logic controllers to Excel spreadsheets
253. Water Heat Control System with Temperature Monitoring
254. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Heat exchange controller
255. Pc based Automatic time scheduler for electrical loads
256. Voice Transmitter In Power Line And Switching
257. Running Message Display
258. Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation.
259. Seed Sprayer Robot
260. Ultrasonic Based Water Level Controller
261. Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
262. Synchronous FIFO (VHDL).
263. Multi-Switch Doorbell With Indicators
264. Wireless Weather Monitoring Robot Interfaced To PC
265. Home Automation Through PC.
266. Low Cost Transistorised Inverter
267. Bipolar Transistor Tester
268. Robot For Filling Machine
269. Brain tumor detection using region growing method
270. Design Of Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Communication Systems
271. Microcontroller based automatic flush system
272. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation For Control Of Devices Using RF Technology
273. Economical Pump Controller
274. Automatic Bowling Robot
275. Ultrasonic Radar
276. Employee ID Card
277. Automated Ventilation System for Restaurants
278. Safety Guard
279. Rank Display system w/o Race
280. Remote Voting using Telephone/Mobile
281. A method for improving the robustness of PID control
282. Sound Detection System
283. Audio-Visual Extra Ringer For Phone
284. Precision Digial AC Power controller
285. Impedance Meter
286. LPG Detector Alarm
287. Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
288. Baby Incubator
289. Digital Data Transfer Between Two Microcontrollers:
290. microcontroller based bank token number display
291. Transformer Over-Heat Protection With Intimation To EB
292. Mains Manager
293. Hotel power management: control the power of different room with the help of the pc
294. Wireless Energy Meter
295. Wireless Robotic Arm
296. Technique in MATLAB
297. GSM control robotic arm*
298. Automatic Heat Detector
299. Smart Hearing Aid
300. Colour Intensity Measurement (Liquids)
302. PC Based Moving Message DISPLAY
303. Programmable Timer for Appliances
304. Embedded security system (key pad & LCD).
305. Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
306. Wireless Coat Hanger Walker Robot
307. Advanced surveillance fire detecting and alarming robot
308. Control communication using optical fiber with mobile
309. Remote Controlling Of Pc Using Ur Own Remote
310. Green House Automation System
311. Accelerated aging of extruded dielectric power cables. I. Control and monitoring methodology
312. Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
314. PC Multimedia Speakers
315. AC Dimmer
316. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C2051)
317. Current Control System
318. Digital Security Lock
319. Data Logger
320. Clap Switch
322. Digital Fuel Meter
323. Brake Failure Indicator
324. Electrical Billing Calculator
326. Home Automation And Security Control Interface With Telephone
327. Digital Panel Meter (5v)
328. Battery Opeated High Voltage Source
329. RF Based Wireless Text Message Transfer & Display
330. PIC microcontroller based level and temperature control system
331. Gsm based home appliance control
333. School-College Quiz Buzzer
334. Mechanical tolle bridge system.
335. PIC microcontroller based robot motion control through human hand
336. Automatic Bottle filling System using PLC for multinational company.
337. Teleconferencing System
338. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Battery Level Monitor
339. Prep - Paid Energy Meter
340. Accurate Electronic Stop-Watch
341. Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicle’s On High Ways
342. A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADA
343. Automatic Electric Phase Change Over
344. Mobile Phone Controlled Robot
345. Auto Reset Over-Under Voltage Cut-Out
346. Color Sensor
347. With Wireless Camera
348. Micro Controller based wireless automation of Power Substation using GSM techniques
349. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) using programmable logic controller (PLC)
350. Two way /four way Traffic light Control System
351. MicroController Interfaced to four relay
352. Music On-Hold For Telephones
353. Telephone Call Meter
354. No autonomous Elementary Net Systems and Their Application to Programmable Logic
355. Bus Bar Protection from Over Load
356. DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester
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