protection of transmission lines against lightning using arrestors
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27-03-2010, 04:09 PM

i want the report on transmission line protection against lightning using arrestors. its urgent
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Please visit the below given threads for more details

topicideashow-to-lightning-protection-using-lfa-m-seminar and presentation-report

Overview With the development of national economy and the growing electricity demand, electricity production more and more prominent safety issues. For the transmission line in terms of, Lightning has been the impact of high tension power line reliability an important factor. The activities of atmospheric lightning randomness and complexity of the world on the transmission line of Lightning understanding there are still many unknown elements. Overhead transmission lines and the Lightning have been plagued safety of power supply is a problem, Lightning accidents tripping accidents account for almost all lines 1 / 3 or more. Therefore, the search for more effective line lightning protection, electrical workers has been a subject of concern.
Tonglu grid in northwestern Zhejiang mountain terrain, rolling hills, lightning trip is an important reason why the entire network trip, trip often account for the total number of 80% to 90%. Reduce the rate of lightning trip line equipment for the daily operation and maintenance personnel who will be greatly reduced labor intensity, and efficiency is not just money can be measured.
Current transmission line lightning protection measures mainly rely on their own set up in the tower to the top of the overhead ground wire, its operation and maintenance work, mainly for tower grounding resistance testing and modification. Due to its lightning protection measures of uniformity can not meet mine requirements. Implemented by the installation of ground coupling, enhance the line insulation level of lightning protection measures, subject to certain conditions and can not be effectively implemented, such as commonly used to increase Insulator Replace the large number of pieces or climb away from the composite insulator used to improve the wiring insulation on top of the tower to prevent lightning counter-voltage is better, but is less effective to prevent the attack around, and the increase in the number of insulator films by the tower head insulation gap and the wire on the ground a safe distance from the restriction, the enhanced line insulation is limited. The installation of ground coupling is generally applicable across the stalls in the hills or mountains, can play an effective shield wire protective effect, with such attack is reduced from the principles of the exposure wire arc. But its intensity by the tower, on the ground a safe distance, cross-cross, and the bottom line impact of such factors as transport, so set up the old line coupling ground is difficult to conduct. Therefore not subject to conditions of the line of Lightning Protection is very important. Line surge arresters will be installed to reduce a comprehensive analysis of grounding resistance of tower use to prevent lightning from their starting forms of targeted, practical and truly can achieve any concrete result.
Lightning Line Tripping High voltage transmission lines being struck by lightning accidents and four major factors: 50% of the line insulator discharge voltage; whether the overhead ground wire; lightning current intensity; tower grounding resistance. High-voltage transmission lines of various lightning protection measures has its specific, therefore, conducting high-voltage transmission line design, we chose the first way to clear mine high tension power line struck by lightning Tripping.
1. High Voltage Transmission Line Shielding Causes. Under high tension power line operating experience, field measurement and simulation experiments have proved, lightning shielding failure rate and the grounding wire on the side of the protection of wire angle, tower height and high-voltage transmission lines of the terrain, topography and geological conditions.
Mountain high voltage transmission lines around the hit rate is about flat high-voltage transmission lines 3 times. Design of Transmission Line Mountain inevitably occur when a large cross, large elevation span, which is Line in Shenzhen weaknesses; lightning activity was relatively strong in some areas, so that a section of the line than Other Lines more vulnerable to lightning strikes.
2. Causes of high voltage transmission lines of counterattack. Lightning rod, lightning tower at the top or the line, the lightning current flows through the tower and grounding to tower potential rise, while the induced phase voltage wire. If the higher tower voltage and phase voltage wire synthesis induced potential difference over high tension power line insulator flashover voltage, wire and tower flashover occurs between, this is counter flashover flashover.
Theoretical analysis can reduce the tower grounding resistance, increased coupling coefficient and reduce the diversion factors to enhance high-voltage transmission lines can be insulated high-voltage transmission lines to improve withstanding level. In practical implementation, we focus to consider lowering the tower grounding resistance and improve the coupling coefficient of line as to improve the level of the primary means of mine-resistant.
3, Lightning Protection of High Voltage Transmission Line Transmission clear the causes lightning trip, we have focused on the transmission lines through which the different sections, corresponding to different geographic locations Lightning Tower measures. There are now several lines lightning protection measures:
1. Strengthen the high voltage transmission line insulation level. Insulated high-voltage transmission lines is proportional to the level of withstanding level, to strengthen the detection of zero value insulators, high voltage transmission lines to ensure adequate insulation strength is to improve the Line in Shenzhen an important factor.
2. Reduce the tower's grounding resistance. High Voltage Transmission Line Lightning grounding resistance level and inversely proportional to the soil under the base resistivity tower case, as far as possible to reduce the tower's grounding resistance, which is to improve the high-voltage transmission lines based on the level of resistance to mine, is the most economical and effective means.
3. According to rules of order: the strong lightning activity areas and frequent lightning strikes the tower and site failures, you can add ground coupling. As the coupling ground lines and wires can make lightning between the coupling coefficient increases, and to the flow passing through the tower's lightning on both sides of diversion, thereby enhancing the high-voltage transmission lines withstanding level.
4. Appropriate use of high voltage transmission line arresters. As the installation of towers and wires arrester makes the potential difference over the action voltage arrester, the arrester will join the diversion, to ensure non-occurrence of insulator flashover. Based on actual operating experience, more frequently in high-voltage lightning trip wires on the road to send selective install lightning arresters can achieve good results. Currently in use across the country have a certain number of high-voltage transmission line surge arrester, to reflect better run, but the installation of surge arresters investment is large, the design of small amount of the special circumstances we can only use.


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I want complete project and implimentation for amie please sent it
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to get information about the topic protection of transsmission line by using gps full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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27-10-2012, 06:11 AM

I am sure the author of this piece is fully competent and knows what he wishes to convey. Unfortunately the English into which his paper was translated is not adequately comprehensible at least to me. It deserves proof reading by some one more fluent and still as knowedgeable of the subject. I would like to revisit this page if it can be ammended. W. Miller

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