safety orientation program full report
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For the proper and satisfactory functioning of work, we need a safety implementation at work sites and offices. Here my seminar and presentation deals with the procedures and principles that should be followed by the employee and employer so as to satisfy their needs and safety. Also this seminar and presentation deals with the psychological and physiological nature of employee and employer. It also deals how we can attain our safety goals and hazards of not being attaining those goals.
For the proper and satisfactory functioning of work, we need a safety implementation at work sites. This paper deals with the common safety measures that can be implemented at any work sites. A common safety program is also made for the implementation of these measures. These safety programs can be used as a foundation for setting any type of safety implementation. Both the employee and employer should be responsible for implementing safety and their work should be correlated. In order provide and maintain a safe place of work for all concerned, employees and employers have legal duties to carry out. Like a coin, duty of care requires two sides in order to be of value.
1) He should follow the employerâ„¢s instructions. The employer will be in a position to give proper technical ideas and he will have experience. This does not mean the blind following of instructions but he can add his suitable ideas.
2) Correctly use the personal protective equipment and clothing provided.
3) Do not misuse or deliberately damage any company equipment.
4) Report all hazards that he cannot fix.
5) Report any injury or harm to his health.
6) Cooperate with the employer.
1) To provide and maintain safe work place, plant and systems of work.
2) Provide employees with adequate information, instructions, training, and supervision.
3) Consult and cooperate with elected safety and health representatives.
4) Provide employees with adequate personal protective equipment.
5) Ensure the safe use of plant and substances in the work place.
6) Report all accidents involving fatal or major injuries to the corresponding company.

We can explain this program with the example of working on lathe.
IDENTIFY THE TASK: We have to identify our task, that means we have to operate a lathe. We should be in a position to manage.
ASSESS THE RISK: We should take consideration of speed, safety measures, eye-hand coordination, etc. Speed should not exceed within certain limits.
ESTABLISH THE MINIMUM STANDARD: Every lathe has its own standards. So work is performed according to those standards. Speed should be maintained, proper electric supply to operate on the machines and take consideration of direction of motion.
DEFINE ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY: Employer should be responsible to do his work. He must only concentrate in his proposed duties.
ESTABLISH PROCEDURES: The employer should work according to the procedures. He must perform his duties in an orderly manner.
IDENTIFY THE HAZARDS: Common hazards in operating lathe that we experience are;
1) Danger of working speed increment.
2) Irresponsibilty in his duties.
3) Improper eye-hand coordination.
MEASURE PERFORMANCE: Performance can be measured by self inspection or by an external inspection team. If it is not performed in the right way, he must do his work all again from scratch. The employer and employee should be ready to face any consequences they may overcome.

To perform a work, there need to be a combination of above four elements.
PEOPLE: To make things safer, the employer should provide safe equipments which employee can handle it without any problem. If any accident occurs in the process, the employer should be ready to provide insurance, compensation, etc. The employer should also need to provide bonus, health inspections. The employer should see that the employee has a very good environment to work without any such calamities.
ENVIRONMENT: The environment should be basically safe without pollution, no vibration, adequate noise, enough number of plants should be grown so as to make things safer.
EQUIPMENT: Basically the machines should be maintained in a well furnished way, at needed times the machine should be lubricated correctly and if there is any problem concerned to an equipment, they have to be replaced in time.
MATERIAL: The raw material should be purchased in an adequate manner without purchasing it earlier by which the material can be damaged or it can undergo corrosion. Useful chemicals have to be stored in a very good place depending on its reactivity nature.
To reach our target, i.e., safety orientation we need the following essential contributions to make it.
1. Follow work procedures: The procedure of work should be followed correctly without any delay.
2. Clean up after job: After job with the machine is completed, do not forget to clean up the waste materials around.
3. Identify, fix and report hazards: If there is any hazards in sight, then do not forget to identify, fix and report to the higher authority of the organization.
4. Conduct regular inspections: Regular inspections need to be conducted.
5. Donâ„¢t cut corners: Everything should be done in a frank manner and we need to cut down short cuts if anything as such rises.
6. Actively participate in training: All the workers in the company irrespective of the designation, should participate actively in the training periods which the organization come up with.
7. Encourage others to train: Encouragement is an important factor that keeps the employee at their best. So encourage others to train.
1. No one is hurt in the process.
2. The equipment which we use for working is not damaged.
3. As far as money is concerned, the company can save much of it.
4. These procedures always leads the company to be job secured.,
5. Automatically the image of the image of the company arises by which the business operations increases as the days pass by.
If the above told procedures are not followed in a proper manner then we can come across the following dangers.
1. Injuries occurs which directly impact on earnings and home life.
2. The company can lose money for replacement, maintenance, etc.
3. The company can lose lifetime customers because of the bad image.
4. The company can lose their own workers, individuals and reputation.
Now let us consider an example of taking a laborious work. Improper and irresponsible handling of work can cause damage to the spine, back muscles and ligaments. Over straining causes muscle strains and joint wear which affects the normal body movements. Improper handling of the wheel can cause crushed limbs due to the falling weights. Continuous and over work can cause amputations to the palms. So our mind should be better tuned so as to satisfy the health of the workers. Different hazards can cause accidents. So keep the place clean, safe, odourly and watch our steps carefully as hazards arise when things are left unattended.
Sometimes the employees are reluctant to report accidents because
1. Fear of being blamed.
2. Fear about the name being reported.
3. Peer pressure not to report.
4. Fear of supervisors negative reaction.
5. Not wanting to lose time on job.
6. Failure to understand the significance of the incident.
We should report the accidents of incidents immediately to the company. Report all facts as well as you can and convey the truth as your evidence is admissible to in court. We should make a statement.
Its really we who decide want to implement and want not to implement. So I concentrate mainly on the common procedures and programs of safety. These programs can be implemented in any work site. We should have the attitude, skill and knowledge so as to accept the basic safety foundations. Like a coin, duty of care requires two sides in order to be of value.
4. Psychological Nature of Human Beings by Wilfred Owell.

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