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The new trend in communication is that everyone needs to be wireless and prefer mobile communication and PDA's. The present service providers fail to provide all type of communication like GPS, INTERNET..etc. Wireless Local Area Network Seamless Voice and Data Solution is a complete end-to-end enterprise communications solution that can lower communications costs, increase user efficiencies and create new capabilities. The solution will converge wired and wireless communications networks, accessed by a single 802.11/cellular phone, providing wireless voice over IP telephony services within the enterprise that seamlessly extends to the wide area cellular network outside the enterprise without dropping calls.
The paper deals with the evolution of new mobile configuration system in the communication environment. The word seamless means that "faultless". The seamless mobility provides faultless network connectivity and great facility to the users. The mail concept is by providing every mobile device an IP address and there by connecting the device to any network through virtual networking.
The mobile device comprises of all facilities and it is more than a PDA thereby, providing the possibility in communication to a greater extinct. The device is commercially effective despite of the facilities.

Submitted by
R. Kaushik IV ECE B.R. Dinesh kumar IV ECE

The market is poised to embrace mobile data services as a way for users to stay connected while on the move. However, success in the mobile Internet is not just about being connected”it is also about delivering desirable content and applications to users. Businesses want to enable mobile virtual-private-network (VPN) access to corporate intranets to access e-learning, e-mail, and workforce optimization applications, to name just a few. Consumers are looking for services such as Web-based shopping and Internet gaming.
To configure seamless mobile system, SIP (session initiation protocol) is the main key in connecting several networks to the device and the switching of the device from network to network. Creating the mobile Internet poses both logistical and technical challenges. The most obvious challenge is reaching a variety of client devices with similar services over different access media.
Subscribers may use General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) with a personal digital assistant (PDA) while on the move and a public wireless-LAN (WLAN) service with a PC while sitting in an airport lounge. No matter how they access public network services, subscribers need a common user experience and a single bill each month.
To enable seamless mobility the device needs a unique nodal point to communicate with the several networks. The Mobile IP is the address given to the device which is unique and used to get connected with the several networks using SIP protocol. In wired networks, routing is based on a stationary IP address, similar to the way a postal letter is delivered to a fixed address printed on an envelope. However, problems occur when an IP device roams away from its home network and is no longer reachable using
normal IP routing. This causes an active session on the device to be dropped.
agent with
V care-of-
II \s address
Mobile with IP
Mobile IP (IETF RFC 2002) enables users to keep the same IP
address while traveling to a different network (which may even be operated by a different wireless provider), thus keeping their session active. This is especially important in enterprise applications that use end-to-end VPNs, because it means not having to reestablish the tunnel and reauthenticate into the enterprise. Mobile IP can be used to allow a subscriber to seamlessly roam between a mobile data service (GPRS or CDMA 1x) and a public WLAN service or to roam between a corporate 802.11 WLAN and a mobile data service.
The SIP protocol enables the connection of the device with the networks. The basic structure has three components,
1. Mobile host.
2. Correspondent host.
3. SIP redirect server.
The general process in SIP protocol is that the Mobile host acquires the IP required dynamically, finds the SIP server through multicast register and updates with the SIP server. The correspondent host is the system to which the host needs connection and the SIP redirect server directs all request from the mobile and thereby getting connected.
The packet gateway is the interface between the mobile radio infrastructure and standard IP networks. A gateway translates between the access-specific protocols of the RAN and the access-independent world of the Internet. Mobile operators transmit IP packets through the air using one of two standards:
The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard, deployed worldwide, delivers data via GPRS protocols through the gateway GPRS support
node (GGSN).
The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) standard found in North and South America and many Asia-Pacific countries delivers data using the 1X RTT protocol through the packet data serving node (PDSN).
Many first-generation packet gateways do not scale to accommodate profitable numbers of users and sessions.
Service selection is a technology that helps service providers to brand their services. It allows them to intervene in data flows and determine particular services that subscribers can access.
Today, the prepaid subscriber base is as high as 70 percent in some markets. Price has traditionally been the driver for attracting and retaining the prepaid subscriber, but through the use of innovative mobile services and billing models targeted at the prepaid market segment, the operator can increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and build consumer loyalty. The coupling of the prepaid subscriber base with mobile services will be an essential go-to-market focus of the mobile operators. Cisco Mobile Exchange provides easy integration with external systems such as pre or postpaid billing for maximum billing flexibility.
Alternatively called content billing, content monitoring examines packets to obtain higher-layer information such as destination IP addresses, URLs, domains, applications, or file names. With this kind of information, a mobile operator has great flexibility in how to bill for services. Multimedia messaging service (MMS) and push-to-talk are both packet data services, but they both offer unique value to the subscriber. With content monitoring, those data streams can be singled out for special treatment in the bill.
Another interesting application for content monitoring is legal intercept, which makes it easier for mobile operators to comply with per-country legal service requirements. For more information on legal intercept, see your Cisco account executive.
Security is a critical function for services targeting the business community. There are several different approaches to supporting security. Most businesses bring the security function in house by using end-to-end VPN solutions based on technologies such as IP Security (IP Sec). In this case, users initiate an encrypted tunnel from their client device (laptop or PDA) all the way through to the remote concentrator behind a firewall in their enterprise data center. They do not rely on the security capabilities of the mobile network operator. The other alternative is for the business customer to outsource security to the mobile network operator. This is done through a combination of over-the-air encryption, tunneling within the mobile operator's network, and a site-to-site VPN from the mobile operator's network across the Internet to the enterprise's data center.
Network cost savings are found in the reduction of networks an enterprise has to manage. Anywhere access through a single device. New applications such as high-speed mobile access inside the enterprise to the corporate business network and its resources such as email and corporate directories and anywhere access to advanced telephony functions such as multiple person conferencing, speech recognition and advanced call coverage features that enable employees to be reached based on their personal preferences.
Dual handset not yet available. Additional boxes/software required in existing network Interoperability with existing cellular/WLAN network Secure IP backbone with QoS guarantees required.
The seamless mobility is the best way to provide better wireless communication in the world. The search for comfort and compactability will give way to the seamless mobility in short. This system delivers a powerful range of products and solutions to mobile operators, enabling them to meet the business challenges they are facing in today's competitive environment.

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