seminar or presentation on solar power generation
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please sent seminar and presentation on solar power generation
seminar project
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hi friend you can refer these pages to get the details on Solar Power Generation

seminar flower
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Power Generation

.pptx   Power Generation.pptx (Size: 319.18 KB / Downloads: 28)


Rana pratap sagar dam is a hydraulic power plant and it is the first power generating utility in Rajasthan state, it comes under RRVUNL. It is located on the Chambal River. It is a Canadian power plant. The construction of this power plant starts in year 1953 and had completed in year 1970. This power plant is officially declared open on 9 Feb. 1970 by Indira Gandhi the prime minister of India. The cost to construct this Canadian power plant is near about 4065 millions. It is the scheme of the government to cascade four dams on Chambal River to developments in rural areas.
The cascaded dams are following:-
Gandhi sagar dam (M.P.)
Rana pratap sagar dam (Rajasthan)
Jawahar sagar dam (Rajasthan)
Kota barrage (Rajasthan)
After these dams the water which is came out and used for irrigation purpose in Rajasthan.
That was the one utilization of this power utility. The another one is that, it is generating 172 MW energy with 4 units of 43 MW each for over 40 years. The power of this power plant is distributed in the Rajasthan, M.P and it gives an auxiliary supply to the other states.

Mechanical systems:-

In this portion we discuss about the mechanical works in this power plant. Huge turbines are used to make the generator to rotate. Generally there are two types of turbines,
Reaction turbines:-
Kaplan turbines
Francis turbines
Bulb turbines
Impulse turbines:-
Pelton turbines
Impulse type turbines are generally used for very high head.
Whereas reaction turbines are used for medium or very low head. We use a sequence to make it easy to remember PFK, here abbreviation for PFK is Pelton-Francis-Kaplan. So reaction turbines are used in most hydraulic power plants. In Rana pratap sagar dam we are using Francis turbine due to average head (189 ft.) of dam.
Every turbines has a separate panel to operate and to show readings like pressure of water on vanes, RPM, opening and closing of wicket gates etc. each unit has also a governing system which is described below.

Electrical systems:-

This section includes the electrical equipments like power transformers, generators, protection systems. Generator’s rotor rotates through the turbine by water power. In this power plant we have four self excited generators. Exciter excites the field winding of generator and due to lenz’s law an emf is induced in the winding coils and electric power generates.
As we know that generator is the device which converts mechanical power to electrical power. In Rana pratap sagar HEPS 11kv or 11000 volts are generated in four units.

Communication system(PLCC):-

PLCC is the abbreviation for power line carrier communication.
This completely electronic system which is used to communicate between two power plants. As we know that this station is the part of cascaded arrangement. So to communicate between them we need to use a medium. This PLCC system used as a medium. This system consists of various parts like RTU(Remote terminal units), Rectifier, PLCC sets etc.
Here we are talking about communication system, it is definite that we are using electronic devices so to make them work we should connect them to low voltage DC. The complete communication system works on 42 Volts DC in this power plant.
To convert the ac power supply rectifier is used. PLCC sets are subjected on every feeder which is connected to the other station. Here we are connected to our neighbor power plants or GSS through PLCC systems.
Here we are connected to following stations:-
Gandhi sagar dam (MP)
Kota Barrage
Jawahar sagar dam
Bhilwara GSS.

Governing system:-

This governing system is the main part of the power plant. This governing system is used in every power plant therefore it has a great significance.
Governor is the device which makes the speed of turbine constant. The governor consists of many mechanical parts.
Let us assume if the load demand increases or decreases incidentally then the load on the turbine sudden increases or decreases and there are chances of damage. Increased load try to decreases the speed of turbine while decreased load try to increase the speed of the turbine. But we should have to maintain the speed at 125 RPM. For this purpose governor moves the wicket gates and maintain the pressure of the water at 25 Kg or 26 Kg. this will maintain the speed of turbine at 125 RPM and we gets regulated voltage supply from it.

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