simple electronics project and implimentation
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project topics
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1. Musical 'Touch' Bell
2. Auto Control of three phase Induction motor
3. UC Based Code Lock System
4. Prototype Of RF Based Station Intimation Using Wireless Communication
5. Asynchronous FIFO (VHDL).
6. Technique and FPGA
7. Micro Controller Based Energy Saver Using GSM Technique
8. Contact Us @ -/
9. Electronic Card-Lock System
10. Charge Monitor For 12V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
11. Voice recorder using ADC and microcontroller. (Mat lab)
12. Using Mobile Network
13. Pencil vending machine
14. Automatic Phase Selection System
15. PIC microcontroller based pick and place robot controller
16. Automated & Unmanned Control System Of Railway Crossing Using
17. Number Guessing Game
18. PIC Microcontroller based anti car crash system
19. Line Follower Robot
20. Precision Amplifier With Digital Control
21. Data Transfer Through Address Code
22. Water Level Controller
23. CD-Rom Drive as Digital-Audio CD Player
24. Design and implementation of CAN Controller on FPGA
26. Frame separation and restoration of video signal
27. IRDA (Infra Red Data Communication Protocole Implémentation)
28. Stereo Tape Head Preamplifier For PC Sound Card
29. Equipment Control Using Mobile & Via PC & FM with Fan Speed Control
30. Musical Light Chaser
31. Transistorised Logic Probe for TTL
32. Vertical Distribution of the Modular Local Control Structure using Industrial Ethernet Synchronous Compensators: Models Verified by Tests of Automatic Voltage Regulator,
33. Multi-Functional Digital Watch with School Bell System.
34. Intruder Radio Alert System
35. Heat-Sensitive Switch
36. SMS On Landline
37. microcontroller based fan speed controller
38. Front Door Guard
39. 15-Step Digital Power Supply
40. RF based(wireless) device controlling
41. applications
42. Simple Analogue to digital converter
43. Charge Monitor For 12V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
44. Automatic Heat Detector
45. Ultra Low Drop linear regulator
46. Programmable Digital Timer Cum Clock
47. A Low-Power Multiplier with the Spurious Power Suppression Technique
48. Microcontroller Based Intelligent Glass Break Detector
49. PIC microcontroller based highly intelligent water boat controller with automatic obstacle avoidance robot
50. Electrical Distribution Control System
51. Micro Controller Based Robot.
52. Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector
53. Microcontroller based density traffic light controller
54. Bidirectional Visitor Counter cum Power Management
55. VLSI based Wireless Robot Without Camera
56. Secured Wireless Data Communication
57. Wind-PV-Battery Renewable Energy System
58. Automated Door Locking and Security System in Defence and other areas
59. Railway Accident Monitoring System
60. DC motor control using PC (pulse width modulation technique).
62. Voltage Monitor and Control
63. Input Water Sensing And Overhead Tank Filling System
64. Adjustable Dancing Lights
65. Digital Over Load Indicator For Vehicle
66. Design And Implementation Of Object Counter For Industrial Automation
67. Plant Humidity Controller
68. Microcontroller based highly confidential industrial security alarm
69. Electronic Motor Starter
70. microcontroller based robot navigation by distance locking technique and object avoidance
71. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Object Counter for Industries
72. Detection of Gas Leakage and Alarming System Using PLC
73. DISPLAY The Data On LCD Using Pc (Rs-232 Protocol).
74. Count Down Timer
75. Barrel shifter (VHDL).
76. Heating and Cooling control in a chamber
77. Development of data acquisition and load control system by programmable logic controller for high voltage load customer
78. Microcontroller based solar switch
79. Intilligent car parking controller using AI
80. Magnetic proximity detector
81. Electrical Equipment Control Using PC
82. Wireless Equipment Control Using Voice
83. An FPGA-Based Architecture for Real Time Image Feature Extraction
84. Motorbike Alarm
85. Micro controller based temperature LCD Display
86. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Battery Level Monitor
87. Wireless Security System Using Microcontroller
88. Computer controlled Football robot (wire-less) Dc motor operated
89. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Foot Acceleration Sensor
90. Desktop Power Supply
91. Ultra-Bright LED Lamp
92. Railway Track Crack Detection System
93. Design an intelligent programmable logic controller with IPLC
94. DTMF Receiver IC MT Tester
96. Industrial Automation Using PLC
97. -Line Telephone Sharer
98. Power Monitoring System for Motors
99. implementation
100. Programmable logic controller applied in steam generators water levels
101. Power
102. Temperature monitoring Robot using RF
103. Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
104. Text Message Tx & Rx Using DTMF uC
105. Norton Theorem Trainer Kit
106. Autonomous Robot
107. Frequency Generator
108. Laptop Protector
109. Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch
110. Mobile To Pc Interface For Controlling Of Devices Using DTMF
111. Microcontroller Kit
112. GPS Prototype
113. GSM Controlled Door Latch Opener With Security Autodial-Up
114. Clap Remote
115. A Spatial median filtering for noise removal in digital images
116. Automatic Electric Phase Change Over
117. Electronic Eye With Security System
118. Control communication using optical fiber with mobile
119. Wirelss Multi Channel Zone Alarm System
120. Opens/Closes Swimming Pool Cover Automatically
121. Infrared Cordless Headphone
122. Mobile Electronic Workbench
123. Pulse Generator
124. Voltage sags in industrial systems
125. Desktop Power Supply
126. Extension Phone Switcher
127. Auto drill mechanism for work piece.
128. Green House Enviornment Monitoring
130. Multipurpose Digital Counter
131. Baby Incubator
132. Dual-Channel Digital Volume Control
133. Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios
134. Smart Card For Entry Employees
135. PIC microcontroller based Green House controller of four temperature sensors and its control
136. Properties of Cu: Future ULSI & GSI era interconnect material (VLSI Study).
137. Infrared Interruption Counter
138. Web Based Power Plant Control Using PLC
139. PC Operated Device Control
140. Irrigation control with feedback system
141. PC-Based DC Motor Speed Controller
142. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Accelerometer Mouse
143. Auto Signaling For Train In Level Crossing
144. Seven Segment Display Driver Using Controller
145. CDMA Transceiver
146. Over Current Relay Trainer Kit
147. Pulse Generator
148. AI Based Automatic Traffic Light System
149. Smart Vibration Sensor
150. Digit Voltmeter With Led
151. Leaf Moisture Analyzer
152. Magnetic Proximity switch
153. Finite impulse response filters (VHDL).
154. 0 - 20v Led Voltmeter
155. Remote Process Controlling Using GSM Techniques
157. Categorized Alarm Annunciator
158. Home Automation (Ac/Dc) Using Pc Interface
159. Depth Of The Medium/Liquid Level By Change In Conductance
160. ATC Based Countdown timer
161. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
162. Pc Based Temperature Monitoring And Control
163. Telephone Call Counter
164. Generation Of 1-Sec. Pulses Spaced 5-Sec. Apart
165. Electronics Voting Machine
166. Solar Battery Charger And Shunt Regulator
167. Wireless Switch
168. Conveyer Belt System Design Using Microcontroller
169. Midnight Security Light
170. Mobile Shield
171. Exam Timing Automation with Voice Indication
172. Using Cordic Algorithm
173. MICROCONTROLLER BASED - Channel Water Level Controller
174. Pipelines, programmable logic controllers, and safety
175. Remote Access Control System for Appliances Using Mobile Phone
176. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Implementation For Control Of Devices Using RF Technology
178. Three-Phase Appliance Protector
179. Data Communication using PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication)
180. Home Automation Using Television Remote Control
181. Dancing Lights
182. Low Cost PLC Design using Micro Controller
183. Current Control System
184. Signature analyzer (VHDL).
185. A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADA
186. Micro controlller based Solar Tracher Single Axis
187. Flow Control of Water in Powerplants
188. Electronic Jam
189. VHDL
190. Image Processing Robot
191. Alcohol Sensor Detection For Drivers In Vehicles
192. Versatile Power Supply
193. Ultrasonic Rader.
194. uC based College Management
195. Generation Of -Sec Pulses Spaced -Sec Apart
196. Integrated RF Power Amplifier Design in Silicon Based Technology (VLSI circuit).
198. GSM Based Air Conditioner Controlling System
199. Aquarium Probe
200. Light Fence
201. Capacitance Bridge
202. Microcontroller based intelligent solar charger
203. Temperature on/off controller using thermistor
204. Smart card based Vehicle Operated System
205. Internet based Equipment control
206. Design and prototyping of portable media player asic on FPGA
207. GSM (mobile) based ac motor EWEED control using mobile.
209. DTMF Proximity Detector
210. Low Cost Transistorised Inverter
211. Vehicle Pollution Alert System
212. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Wireless Home security System
213. Stepper Motor Control Using Microcontroller
214. Fire Fighting Robot with Fan as Extinguisher
215. Emergency shutdown system
216. A A PicoBiaze-Based Embedded system for monitoring applications
217. Over-Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical Appliances
218. Electronic Candles
219. Low-Power Voltage Doubler
220. Integrated Immobiliser & RFID for Vehicle Security & Toll Collection
221. dtmf based home automation
222. Robot Based On Microcontroller
223. Design Of Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Communication Systems
224. Green House Automation System
225. Speed control of dc motor ©.
226. PC Power Manager
228. Weighing Control of Alloy Metal for Electric Arc Furnace by Fuzzy System
229. Self Switch power supply
230. Synchronous FIFO (VHDL).
231. Dtmf operated robot
233. Brain tumor detection using region growing method
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