simulation project and implimentation ideas
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1. Data Encryption Algorithm for Secure Communication
2. Implementation of Modulation Techniques[QPSK,BPSK,BFSK]
3. FPGA Implementation of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
4. Error Correction and Detection for Binary Codes
5. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
6. Protocol Implementation For Serial Data Communication using RS-232
7. FPGA Implementation of RTC
8. QAM(Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)
9. FPGA Implementation of SPI Controller
10. Interfacing the RTC using I2C Bus
11. FPGA Implementation of I2C Controller
12. Interfacing CAN Controller
13. Implementation of PS/2 Mouse Controller
14. Implementation of Serial Mouse Controller
15. Implementation of PS/2 Keyboard
16. Implementation of Two Fish Algorithm
17. Implementation of RSA Algorithm
18. Implementation of AES Algorithm
19. Implementation of Device Driver for Graphical LCD
1. FPGA Implementation of Mini MIPS Processor Architecture
2. Implementation of 8 Bit Microprocessor
3. Implementation of Booth Multiplier
1. Data Transfer Using Forward Error Correction Technique(Tx)
2. Peripheral Component Interconnect
3. Scrambling and Descrambling for SONET
4. SDRAM Interface
1. Secure Data Communication using RF Modem
2. FPGA Implementation of Automatic Remote Controller
3. Lane Supervision Controller using RF Modem
4. Intelligent Rescue System
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seminar presentation
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1. FPGA Implementation of Robot Controller
2. Automatic Phase Changer
3. FPGA Implementation of Advanced Traffic Light Controller
4. Power Factor Measurement
5. Speed Control of DC Motor Using PWM
6. VLSI Based Inverter
7. Automatic Load Controller
8. Pick And Place Using Robotics
9. Metal Detection Using Robotics
10. Automatic Ticket Reservation
11. Home Automation through LAN
12. Remote control for Home appliances
13. Prepaid Bus Ticketing System
14. Mouse Controlled Automation
15. Prepaid Energy Meter
16. Automatic Toll Collecting System using RF Modem
17. Implementation of Single Phase Half Controlled Rectifier
18. Implementation of Speech Scrambling
19. Implementation of OFDM
20. Image Compression using JPEG
21. Distributed Arithmetic Algorithm in Wavelet
22. Implementation of CORDIC Algorithm
23. Implementation of Invisible Water Marking Algorithm
24. Implementation of Decimation Filter for Audio Input
25. Implementation of IIR Filter
26. Implementation of FIR Filter
27. FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Noise Cancellation
28. FPGA Implementation of MAC unit
29. FPGA Implementation of Electronic Cochlea
30. Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer
31. FPGA Implementation of an Over Sampling Second Order Noise Shaping DAC
32. FPGA Implementation of Fast Discrete Wavelet Transform & Distributed Arithmetic
33. Implementation of I2S Protocol
34. Huffman Encoding in Wavelet
35. Implementation of DPLL
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
seminar presentation
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1. Data encryption using DES/AES/TWOFISH algorithm
2. Data decryption using DES/AES/TWOFISH algorithm
3. Implementation of BPSK modulation
4. Implementation of QPSK modulation
5. Implementation of MFSK modulation
6. Forward error correction technique using VITERBI Algorithm
7. Master Slave communication for SPI protocol
8. Interfacing RTC using I2C protocol
9. Implementation of Frequency hopping spread spectrum
10. Implementation of Quadrature amplitude modulation
11. Master Slave communication for I2C protocol
12. Interfacing PS/2 keyboard with FPGA
13. Implementation of I2S Protocol
14. Implementation of scrambler and De scrambler for SONET
15. Implementation of M-array Phase shift keying
16. Implementation of Direct sequence spread spectrum
17. Implementation of 12 bit ADC and DAC using I2C protocol
18. Advanced traffic monitoring and switching system
19. Remote object controller through RF
20. Home automation through LAN
21. Advanced information annunciator in bus terminals
22. Wireless Robotic controller
23. Wireless LANE monitoring and controlling through RF
24. Implementation of Booth algorithm
25. Implementation of multi rate FIR
26. Implementation of electronic cochlea
27. Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer
28. Implementation of Interpolator
29. Implementation of RISC processor
30. Implementation of MAC unit
31. Peripheral design of Picoblaze controller
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion

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