smart materials
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sir i require some ppt type on this topic,regarding its introduction,uses n its applications in mechanical field....
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Smart materials

Smart materials are materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, temperature, moisture, pH, electric ormagnetic fields.
There are a number of types of smart material, some of which are already common. Some examples are as following:
- Piezoelectric materials are materials that produce a voltage when stress is applied. Since this effect also applies in the reverse manner, a voltage across the sample will produce stress within the sample. Suitably designed structures made from these materials can therefore be made that bend, expand or contract when a voltage is applied.
- Shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers are materials in which large deformation can be induced and recovered through temperature changes or stress changes (pseudoelasticity). The large deformation results due to martensitic phase change.
- Magnetostrictive materials exhibit change in shape under the influence of magnetic field and also exhibit change in their magnetization under the influence of mechanical stress.
- Magnetic shape memory alloys are materials that change their shape in response to a significant change in the magnetic field.
- pH-sensitive polymers are materials which swell/collapse when the pH of the surrounding media changes.
- Temperature-responsive polymers are materials which undergo changes upon temperature.
- Halochromic materials are commonly used materials that change their colour as a result of changing acidity. One suggested application is for paints that can change colour to indicate corrosion in the metal underneath them.
- Chromogenic systems change colour in response to electrical, optical or thermal changes. These include electrochromic materials, which change their colour or opacity on the application of a voltage (e.g. liquid crystal displays), thermochromic materials change in color depending on their temperature, and photochromic materials, which change colour in response to light—for example, light sensitive sunglasses that darken when exposed to bright sunlight.
- Ferrofluid
- Photomechanical materials change shape under exposure to light.
- Self-healing materials have the intrinsic ability to repair damage due to normal usage, thus expanding the material's lifetime
- Dielectric elastomers (DEs) are smart material systems which produce large strains (up to 300%) under the influence of an external electric field.

Applications of Smart Materials
There are many possibilities for such materials and structures in the man made world. Engineering structures could operate at the very limit of their performance envelopes and to their structural limits without fear of exceeding either. These structures could also give maintenance engineers a full report on performance history, as well as the location of defects, whilst having the ability to counteract unwanted or potentially dangerous conditions such as excessive vibration, and effect self repair. The Office of Science and Technology Foresight Programme has stated that `Smart materials ... will have an increasing range of applications (and) the underlying sciences in this area ... must be maintained at a standard which helps achieve technological objectives', which means that smart materials and structures must solve engineering problems with hitherto unachievable efficiency, and provide an opportunity for new wealth creating products.


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