srs document for my project and implimentation.
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16-02-2011, 10:52 PM

sir i need ur help. i need srs document for my college website project and implimentation. can u help me?
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07-04-2012, 10:45 AM

full report of the project and implimentation SRS Documentation has been published in the page

Reference: topicideashow-to-srs-documentation
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11-05-2012, 10:47 AM

SRS Document

.doc   30084577-jeevan-sathi-srs.doc (Size: 637.5 KB / Downloads: 32)


In These Project we basically focus on all the world of people who want to find their life partner. Our site is made for connect the all these from all over the world. In this website we provide facilities for all age of member. We provide different section like matrimonial section,Education section & also gave all the information about activities like events, cultural activities, social activities and all. Here we provide other facilities like News & also upcoming Events.

SRS Document


The purpose of this project and implimentation is providing a platform to people for connecting from worldwide. Still there is no any platform for connect on internet through the website.
We are providing these facilities for people and they can find easily information & news related the different religions. At these time people want information for any kind of thing & here people can also find upcoming events.

Our website provides free services to all people. In this website provide matrimonial section where people can register him/her profile and easily find life partner & also you can see news, events and also connecting to different people to latest information & news.
This Website is based on ASP.NET with c# include 3.5 .NET framework with the securities of managing the accounts and the resources. The Sql Server is used as database. This website in inspired by the websites which are available on the net with the new features included.



Software is developed during this phase and at the end of life cycle the product becomes ready to deliver to customer.

1. Feasibility study
Its main aim is to determine whether it is physically and technically feasible or not. It involves analysis of problems and collection of all relevant information. Collected data are analyzed to arrive at following.

-an abstract problem definition
-format of different strategies for solving problem.
-evaluation of different solution strategies.

Thus during this phase very high level decisions are made.

Requirement Analysis
Its aim is to understand exact requirement of customer and to document them properly. There are two activities involved here.

i. Requirement gathering &analysis
First requirements are gathered and then analyzed. All relevant information is then collected from customers to clearly understand needs. Then analysis is done to remove incompleteness and inconsistency.

Requirement specification
Requirements from above stage are organized into software requirement specification document (SRS).SRS to be reviewed and approved by customer. It forms basis of all carrying out all development activities.

Its goal is to transform requirement specified in SRS into structure suitable for implementation in programming language. In traditional design approach there are two activities.
i. Structure analysis prepares detail analysis of different function to be supported by system and identification of data flow. Each function is sub divided and decomposed into sub function.
ii. Structure design consists of architectural design. Where system is decomposed into structure& algorithms are designed and documented.

Coding &testing
Its aim is to translate software design into source code. To write good programs coding standards are formulated. It indicates standard ways of laying out program codes, communicating naming conventions, templates for function and modules etc. so each component is implemented as a program module.
-next each module is unit tested. Each module is tested from isolation of other modules then debugging and documenting it. The correct working of each module is determined individually.

Integration &System testing
Different modules are integrated in planned manner. This is done incrementally over number of steps. During each steps previously planned modules are added to partially integrated system. It includes 3 kinds of activities

i. α –testing: performed by development team.
ii. β –testing: done by friendly set of customers.
iii. Acceptance testing: done by customer himself

It involves performing following activities.

i. Corrective maintenance
Correcting errors not discovered during developing product.

ii. Perfective maintenance
Improving the implementation and enhance the functionality of the system as per customer needs.

iii. Adaptive maintenance
Required for parting the software to work in new environment.

Functional Requirements
View of Database

This system provides the view of the entire database, or partial view based on the level of the user in the hierarchy. Depending on the database that is selected, the in-built queries might vary. So accordingly the system supports number of reports, graphical analysis, based on the user’s requirement which will be generally needed to check the trend analysis by the product group.
Depending on the database that is selected, the user can search for specific information regarding a particular entity i.e. this entity could be a BE’s progress report database or any internal user for user details database. Accordingly there is a facility through which the different parameter values can be searched for a particular entity.

Depending on the database that is selected, the user can add information of a new entity. Accordingly the system allows for the creation of new entity and takes up relevant related information and save it into the appropriate database.

Depending on the database that is selected, the user can modify some details under certain parameters for an existing entity. Accordingly the system allows for modifying the details of a certain parameter related to an existing entity in a database.

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