telephone call recorder
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Today telephone has become an integral part of our lives. It is the most widely used communication device in the world. Owing to its immense popularity and widespread use, there arises a need for call recording devices, which find application in call centers, stock broking firms, police, offices, homes, etc. Here we are describing a call recorder that uses very few components. But in order to understand its working, one must first have the basic knowledge of standard telephone wiring and a stereo plug. In India, landline telephones primarily use RJ11 wiring, which has two wires”tip and ring. While tip is the positive wire, ring is the negative one. And together they complete the telephone circuit. In a telephone line, voltage between tip and ring is around 48V DC when handset is on the cradle (idle line). In order to ring the phone for an incoming call, a 20Hz AC current of around 90V is superimposed over the DC voltage already present in the idle line. The negative wire from the phone line goes to IN1, while the positive wire goes to IN2. Further, the negative wire from OUT1 and the positive wire from OUT2 are connected to the phone. All the resistors used are 0.25W carbon film resistors and all the capacitors used are rated for 250V or more. The negative terminal of ˜To AUX IN™ is connected to pin 1 of the stereo jack while the positive terminal is connected to pins 2 and 3 of the stereo jack. This stereo jack, in turn, is connected to the AUX IN of any recording device, such as computer, audio cassette player, CD player, DVD player, etc. Here we shall be connecting it to a computer. When a call comes in, around 90V AC current at 20Hz is superimposed over the DC voltage already present in the idle line. This current is converted into DC by the diodes and fed to resistor R1, which reduces its magnitude and feeds it to LED1. The current is further reduced in magnitude by the resistor R2 and fed to the right and left channels of the stereo jack, which are connected to the AUX IN port of a computer. Any audio recording software, such as AVS audio recorder (available at: avs4youAVSAudio- Recorder.aspx), Audacity audio recorder (audacity.sourceforge. net/), or audio recorder ( audio-toolaudio_recorder_for _free.html), can be used to record the call. When a call comes in, one needs to launch the audio recording software and start recording. For phone recording, simply connect the stereo jack to the AUX IN port of the PC. Install the audacity audio recorder (different versions are available for free for different operating systems at audacity. sourceforge) on your PC. Run the executable audacity file. In the main window, you will find a dropdown box in the top right corner. From this box, select the AUX option. Now you are ready to record any call. As soon as a call comes in, press the record button found in the audacity main window and then pick up the telephone receiver and answer the call. Press the stop button once the call ends. Now go to the file menu and select the ˜Export as WAV™ option and save the file in a desired location. You may change the value of resis- tor R2 if you want to change the output volume. you can use a variable resistor in series with R2 to vary the volume of the output. The recorded audio clip can be edited using different options in the audacity software. You can assemble the circuit on a general-purpose PCB and enclose it in a small cabinet. Use an RJ11 connector and stereo jack for connecting the telephone set and computer (for call recording). Telephone cords can be used to connect to the phone line and the circuit. Use of a shielded cable is recommended to reduce disturbances in the recording. These can also be reduced by increasing the value of R2 to about 15 kilo-ohms.

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telephone call recorder

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Telephone is one of the most widely used communication device in the world.they are preferred to be efficient and convenient.By the increased use of telephones,there arise a need for call recording hardwares. It has many applications in call centres,stock brocking firms,police control rooms,Households,offices,etc…

The Telephone Call Recorder(TCR) is an electronic device which can be used for recording incoming as well as outgoing calls for desired time.It uses a simple and cheap circuit having certain components like resistors,diodes,RJ-11 connector,stereo Jack ,etc..


There are plenty of reasons to record a telephone conversation. One of the most fun may be recording a call to customer service for purposes of maintaining your own quality assurance. A more popular reason for recording a phone call is to save both sides of the call as a recorded performance or interview. The podcasting craze brings a flood of questions about call recording to my inbox on a regular basis, so it's time to address the idea of call recording in a way that outlines both the recording options and the methods for recording a call.


There are many applications associated with Call Recording Techniques.More Efficiently they are used in Call Centres and Stock Broking Firms,Households,Offices
Police Control Rooms,Reservation Stations, Booking Offices ,etc.

Some of them are briefed as;

• Banking: Record wire transfers for verification and security purposes.Here in Banking offices there are call recording devices so as produce security measures.These security measures includes Proper authorization of account Holders and delegates of the desired Bank and also for security locks for safe locks,etc.


• Improve customer service
The great benefit of recording calls in a customer service situation is to allow the sharing of the telephone experience across the customer services team. It may be that one particular team member has a better closure ratio or is better at up-selling than the others. It may be that one team member has better empathy with a customer complaint and therefore convinces that customer to stay or even buy more as a result of being satisfied. There are many varied situations where positive sharing of best practice is very beneficial

•Record transactions of value
We may not all appreciate it, but most of us undertake important high-value transactions over the telephone. It may vary from a simple in principal gentlemen's agreement, the giving of professional advice or the formal placement of an order using our credit card.
You may also simply wish to pass on a message without writing it down, in which case, record the message and email it!.

Comply with industry regulations
A growing number of financial services industries are mandated to record calls. Medical and legal advice lines are also primary targets due to the high levels of compensation involved where 'professional advice' given is reported to be at fault. Insurers who provide professional indemnity insurance may insist calls are recorded in order to lower insurance premiums. Premium rate telephone services are regulated in many countries as the caller needs to be aware of the growing cost of extended calls and generally cannot be seen to be encouraged to stay on the call for an extended period.


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