vb project and implimentations
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computer science technology
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if you want to get "source code" / project and implimentation report / presentation of these project and implimentation topics please browse through this page topicideaslist-of-computer-science-project and implimentation-ideas
a. Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net VB Net
b. Deployment strategy and performance evaluation of the ipv Home network using the home server
c. An SSL- back-end forwarding scheme in Cluster-based web servers
d. Efficient approximate query processing in peer to-peer networks
e. Pfusion: a pp architecture for internet-scale content-based search and retrieval
f. Distributed database architecture for global roaming in mobile ad-hoc networks
g. Perceptual color correction through Variational techniques
h. A coupled statistical model for face shape Recovery from brightness images
i. High resolution animated scenes from stills
j. Detecting wide lines using Isotropic nonlinear filtering
k. Image super resolution using Support vector regression
l. Digital image tracing by sequential Multiple watermarking
m. Detection and removal of cracks and indigitized paintings
n. OCR recognition for tamil characters
o. Library Management system
p. Windows Management Instrument WMI Net VB Net
q. Provably secure three-party authenticated Quantum key distribution protocols
r. Distributed collaborative key agreement for dynamic peer groups
s. Wallpaper Changer Utility
t. Win Application for Word Processing
u. Screen capture Utility
v. HTML Editor
w. Image Converter
x. Internet History Viewer
y. VB Net Smart Mail Transfer Protocol VB Net
z. Windows Multi File Search utility
aa. Message Digest
bb. Learning and matching of dynamic shape Manifolds for human action recognition
cc. FTP Explorer
dd. Development of a feature-rich, training portal application
ee. Development of a feature-rich, resume builder application
ff. Approximate entropy-based epileptic EEG Detection using artificial neural networks
gg. Morphological granulometric features of nucleus in automatic bone marrow white Blood cell classification
hh. Neural network learning with global heuristic search
ii. Development of a web-based recruitment process system for the hr group for a company
jj. Web based reward points management system
kk. Online discuss-form
ll. Development of a feature-rich, practical online on-request courses coordination system (ors)
mm. Real-estate management system
nn. Design and development of insurance agent.s samurai
oo. Development of a feature-rich, practical online survey tool (ost)
pp. Development of a repository and search engine for alumni of college (rase)
qq. Development of web based document version controller
rr. Adaptive route optimization in Hierarchical mobile ipv networks
ss. Distributed mobility management for target tracking in mobile sensor networks
tt. Efficient broadcasting with guaranteed Coverage in mobile ad hoc networks
uu. Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems
vv. A formal framework for automated round-trip software engineering in static aspect weaving and transformations
ww. An empirical study of test case filtering techniques based on exercising information flows
xx. API-based and information-theoretic Metrics for measuring the quality of software modularization
yy. Software effort, quality, and cycle time: A study of CMM level project and implimentations
zz. Requirement specification Development of a web based meeting scheduler
aaa. Implementation of a simple device mediation application of a network management system
bbb. Multilevel marketing measurement system
ccc. Design and development of equity trading portfolio manager
ddd. Development of a campaign information system
eee. Development of a practical online help desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus
fff. Development of a feature-rich, practical online application for the training and placement dept. of the college.
ggg. Development of a feature-rich, practical resource management system (RMS)
hhh. Database enterprise manager
iii. Online job provider and search portal with online exam maintenance
jjj. Online terminal management system
kkk. Online information on wap
lll. Customer service portal for tourisms and travels management
mmm. Human resource management system
nnn. Global web rating system
ooo. Mails management using SMTP mail server
ppp. Online webmart system for jewellery
qqq. Online material requisition, collection and stock handling management portal.
rrr. BSNL search service system for customers and pillar management for service engineers.
sss. Recursive URL download manger
ttt. Online book shop management system
uuu. E-banking transactions system with portal for bank officials and customers.
vvv. A semantic web-based approach to Knowledge management for grid applications
Hiding sensitive association rules With limited side effects
xxx. Efficient revalidation of xml documents
yyy. Online call logging and customer support system
zzz. Online bug tracking and customer support system
aaaa. Factory management system
bbbb. T-blogger
cccc. Online healthcare system
dddd. Account information system
eeee. A service-oriented architecture for mass Customization.a shoe industry case study
ffff. An assessment of a self-directed learning Approach in a graduate web application Design and development course
gggg. Online matrimonial system
hhhh. Convolution Filter
iiii. Find and Replace utility
jjjj. Apartment Management System
kkkk. Computerized Information Software
llll. Employee Management System
mmmm. Hotel Management System
nnnn. Human Resources Management System VB Net
oooo. Actuarial project and implimentationion system
pppp. Advanced vehicle and highway systems (AVHS)
qqqq. Automatic prayer time via SMS
rrrr. Building construction: cost estimate system
ssss. Client/server computing examination result information system
tttt. Developing IP address management tool (IP manager)
uuuu. Developing port scanning detector program
vvvv. Development of a simple IP subnet calculator tool
w Encryption: secure communication using public key infrastructure via TCP / IP network protocol
xxxx. Financial analysis database system for investment decision
yyyy. Network problem notification via SMS
zzzz. Inventory control management
aaaaa. Voice recognition using neural networks
bbbbb. University admission system
ccccc. Generic project and implimentation management portal
ddddd. Dispensary management system
eeeee. Multi threaded server
fffff. Intranet multi client chatting
ggggg. Finger print based employee attendance system
hhhhh. Image processing
iiiii. Real time nose bridge tracking in presence of geometric changes
jjjjj. Text file hiding in audio(wav) files using low bit encoding stenography
kkkkk. Distributed network processor utilization
lllll. Remote explorer and task manager for controlling nodes in local area network
mmmmm. Backup and recovery scheduler automation management
nnnnn. Network load balancing
ooooo. Multiple files protector with password protection and cryptography security using tripledes algorithm
ppppp. Enhanced license maker for software protection
qqqqq. Cyber eye
rrrrr. DWA TCP - IP based process monitor and controller for both local and remote machines
sssss. Xml code editor with syntax checker and syntax coloring
ttttt. College management system
uuuuu. Medical management system
vvvvv. Payroll information system
ww Hospital management system
xxxxx. Library management system
yyyyy. Tax management system
zzzzz. Digital image processing techniques
aaaaaa. Inventory System
bbbbbb. Membership Management System
cccccc. Patient Care System
dddddd. Send SMS To Cell Phone Through SMTP Mail VB Net
eeeeee. Trainee Management System
ffffff. Hotel Management System
a. ID Project Title Technology
b. Character Recognition System
c. Path Finder- Simulation of Shortest path Algos VB/ AI/ Heuristics
d. SRS(Smart Restaurant System) with RFID VB / SQL/ Hardware
e. Intrusion Detection System / Firewall VB
g. Total Business Solution VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
h. Home Automation System - Speech / Internet/ LAN VB / Hardware
i. Turing Test VB / AI
k. Video Motion Detection VB
l. Sudoku game with AI VB / AI
m. Human Resource Management VB/SQL/ACCESS
n. Police Automation VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
o. Society Automation System VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
p. Jewelry Automation System VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
q. Intranet Mail System VB/ACCESS
r. Construction Management VB/ACCESS
s. Cyber Café Management VB/ACCESS
t. Hospital management system VB/ACCESS
u. Customer Query Management System VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
v. Admission Management System VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
w. Home Automation System with Speech Recognition VB / Hardware
x. Payroll Management & Billing System VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
y. College management system VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
z. Laptop Inventory System VB/ACCESS
aa. Examination Management System VB/ACCESS
bb. Hotel Management Sys VB/ACCESS
cc. Attendance & Leave Mgmt System VB/ACCESS
dd. GIS on Routes (Bus/Train) VB/ACCESS
ee. ICS (Inventory Control System) VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
ff. Library Mgmt VB/ACCESS/Crystal Reports
gg. Medical Store Mgmt
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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1.examination result according to the classes
2.ice cream parlor
3.CD library management
4.admission procedure
5.online passport registration
6.pizza hut - account management
7.college library management system
8.Timetable generation (user will input subjects, faculty times, class room times)
9.bulk renaming application based on some reasons (size,name..etc)
10.salary management system
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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03-11-2011, 12:25 PM

please send me a project and implimentation & Project report(MS Word) on the topic of Placement management system
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to get information about the topic"Placement management system"refer the link bellow

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07-04-2012, 03:42 PM

please send me a project and implimentation character recognition system in visual basic inculding forms and coding
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08-02-2013, 02:24 PM

digital image tracing by sequential multiple watermarking
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04-04-2013, 07:02 AM

guys i need documentation for jewellery management system ... pls mail me at virgo.nuts@gmail.com
thnk you
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To get full information or details of vb project and implimentations please have a look on the pages

topicideashow-to-simple-vb-project and implimentations-for-students

topicideashow-to-free-vb-project and implimentations-for-students

topicideashow-to-visual-basic-project and implimentations-for-students-bca-mca-engg-a-big-list

topicideashow-to-vb-project and implimentations-for-students

topicideashow-to-vb-project and implimentations

topicideashow-to-visual-basic-project and implimentation-ideas

if you again feel trouble on vb project and implimentations please reply in that page and ask specific fields in vb project and implimentations

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